GANT Brown Leather Gloves SALE

GANT brown leather gloves 2

We all love sales, well I hate sales when I have to go in store, the manic of people trying to save money is ridiculous. With that being said, online sales are amazing! So I know a lot of you, like me love GANT so I’m sure you’ll be happy to know they have a sale which covers pretty much everything they have in store. On Instagram I’ve had a lot of you ask me where’s the best place to buy leather gloves, well here they are.

GANT Brown Leather Gloves!

GANT brown leather gloves 2

Fit & Colour

I find these gloves fit perfectly, I have small hands so they are a little big for me but they still look great regardless. The brown leather is that perfect shade of brown, not too light and not too dark, it gives you that lee-way to wear it with a slightly different shade of brown shoes.

GANT also have these leather gloves in three other colours – I’ll put pictures of them at the bottom of this post.


They were being sold at £80 and now at almost half price being sold for £48, which being 100% leather is definitely a bargain.


GANT brown leather gloves 2

When it comes to anything from GANT you have to know your paying for the label, these gloves are no different. They have this little GANT logo embedded into the brown leather on the wrist part of the glove so it will be very easy for you to flick your wrist and show people you mean business.

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