GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt

gant pink shirt

When you’re buying something from GANT you have to expect the best of quality and so you should, you’re paying for it. When it comes to shirts, obviously the way it looks is essential but in my opinion even more important than appearance is comfort.

Comfort is something that I know a lot of my friends and colleagues that wear suits usually give up. To be honest, I’m not exactly rich myself so I understand that you do have to generally choose how you look over how comfortable you are just because we can’t afford hugo boss suits.

gant pink shirt

Here’s the official GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt description:

“The GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt in cotton with a slim fit, featuring a spread collar, a locker loop on the back, and GANT’s signature tri-color buttons on the back collar, sleeve placket, as well as the first button on the front placket.”

GANT Shirt’s

The GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt is definitely one of the more classy and comfortable shirts, it looks absolutely amazing, feels nice and soft – only downside is its single cuffed which unfortunately I’m not a fan of at all. I own maybe three or so single cuffed shirts.

My favourite thing about the GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt is the colour and quality of the shirt. When looking at it you can see the shirt is a thick quality shirt and the colour of the pink is amazing. It’s a strong pink which definitely suits my personality. The shirt can even be worn normally as you would with a blue or navy suit and tie or you can leave the blazer off and roll up the sleeves as shown in the GANT pictures.

gant pink shirt

Sizing & Price

The price of the GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt is normally at a very steep price of £85 which is very typical of GANT. Luckily with some vouchers I didn’t pay that much and thankfully being this time of the year neither do you. The shirts currently on sale from £85 down to £42.50.

Sizing with GANT shirts are a little bit different to your conventional shirts, they come in S, M , L sizes. Luckily they have a size fitting guide here which shows exactly how it fits.

gant shirt sizing guide

Other Colours

There are a few different colours you can get the shirt in, just click the link below and select the colours.

GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt

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