Look Good Feel Good

look good feel good above the ankles

I have had a lot of people ask me about why I dress the way I dress and I’ve answered this before but I figured this time I’d explain something I usually leave out. I think we all dress good and look good so that we feel good. Or is it just me? I mean ultimately we spend time and money picking the right items of clothing and building the outfits we love so that other people see us looking good. Which sounds a bit self centered but none of us get dressed at home in our best clothes and then just sit around, take no pictures and then get changed again into our shorts.

Feeling good comes in many different formats when it comes to clothing. The main two are; are you comfortable in what you’re wearing & do you think you look good. Once we answer yes to both of those then we have the perfect outfit.

This all sprung to my mind today while I was wearing my Next wool suit. No word of a lie wool suits are extremely comfortable and soft. They are so much nicer to move around in compared to the normal polyblend suits I normally wear.

More important than how comfortable my suit is or how nice it is to walk in brogues, ultimately I care about one thing – what do others think of it? Now I don’t mean, I’m going to cry if I get no compliments, but in fact I mean, do I blend in or do I stand out? Do I get a second look or do people see through me? The compliments are just an added bonus.

Whether you prefer comfort over looks in your outfit, ultimately if you could get both, wouldn’t you want it? Get to know what suits, shirts and shoes are comfortable and look great. The feeling when you got two in one – perfect!

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