Ted Baker Spotted Print Umbrella

ted baker spotted umbrella

So it’s pay day, and in the spirit of spending money for no logical reason what so ever, I have the perfect buy for all of you. What’d you think about Ted Baker? Love it right? Well, ever thought about owning a designer umbrella?

Sometimes buying designer socks, scarf’s, hat’s and other accessories including umbrellas can be cheesy and tacky. I absolutely hate when people wear designer clothing or accessories that are just plastered in the designer’s label or logo. Gucci or Louis Vuitton are great quality products yes, but when their items are covered in the LV badge or the Gucci ‘G’ it just looks cheap. There are other designers that aren’t as expensive but look better with their simplistic look. Obviously you want people to know you are wearing something designer, so you still want the brand to be visible enough for everyone to know just not too obvious. Ted Baker are great at doing that and this umbrella is a great example of it.

Ted Baker Umbrella

So guess what? £20 for a designer Ted Baker Umbrella, what’d you think?

Well the umbrella isn’t anything flashy, it’s just a simple compact umbrella that closes up into one of those pouches combined with a basic plastic handle. So as you can imagine it’s pretty easy to carry around and you can just leave it in your draw at work for that unexpected shower at 5pm on your way home form work.

To keep things simple and elegant; the umbrella is plain black with a Navy/Purple Ted Baker logo on one side. On the inside lining are light purple polka dots.

If you own some nice shirts, some decent shoes and some dapper suits then this umbrella is for you. It completes you!

However, if your wardrobe isn’t up to scratch yet, then don’t waste £20 on an umbrella, go invest that on the necessary items like suits, shirts & ties.

Ted Baker Spotted Print Umbrella

ted baker spotted umbrella
ted baker spotted umbrella

Moss Bros 20% Off Code

Moss bros discount on accessories

Accessories make the outfit, we all know that but not many of us are actually bothered to add the different accessories. So to give you a bit of motivation to go out and get some pocket squares and ties Moss Bros are giving 20% off all accessories. To get this deal all you need to do is enter AST20 at checkout and you’re winning. Expires on 03/03/2015!

Here’s the link; Extra 20% Off Accessories & Ties

My Recommendations

I’d recommend going for some of the simple accessories like pocket squares and bracelets.

Moss London Navy Stitch Border Handkerchief – £7.00

DKNY Black Full Grain Leather Logo Buckle Belt – £40.00

Moss 1851 Wine Velvet Bow Tie – £30.00

Moss 1851 Black 2 in 1 Braces – £22.00

Moss London Silver Playing Cards – £20.00

Moss London Teal Skinny Tie With Tie Clip – £20.00

Moss 1851 Silver Metal Collar Stiffener – £15.00

Moss London Black And White Houndstooth Bow Tie – £12.00

Moss London Black 3 Loop Braided Leather Bracelet – £12.00

Moss London Navy With Red Border Knitted Handkerchief – £12.00

Remember to enter the code: AST20 at checkout. Expires on 03/03/2015!
Moss bros discount on accessories

Collar Stays/Bones

tm lewin collar bones abovetheankles

Maintaining the appearance of your clothes should be a top priority for all of us. Looking after our clothes is often so simple to do yet so many of us slack in it. Little things like brushing our clothes, using a lint roller or shoe trees can really make all the difference. One thing that many people miss out on is collar bones. Collar bones are the hard things in your shirt collar that stop your collar from loosing it’s shape. Many of you won’t actually need these because your shirts won’t actually have the space in your shirt collar for it. If you have a quality shirt from TM Lewin, M&S or Hawes & Curtis then you will definitely know about collar bones.

The important thing to know is; always take out your collar bones before putting your shirt in the wash. Collar bones come in either metal or plastic, I prefer the plastic ones but both are equally as good really.

Ensure your shirt collar stays flat and crisp with this set of collar stays. Designed to slot into the specially-made pockets on the underside of the shirt’s collar. Not every shirt is fitted with these pockets, so best check your shirt beforehand.

collar bones abovetheankles shirt and tie 2
collar bones abovetheankles shirt and tie 3
collar bones abovetheankles shirt and tie
collar bones abovetheankles
tm lewin collar bones abovetheankles

Where To Buy Them?

I personally would recommend eBay, you can get them for like £2-5 but I know some of you aren’t really big fans of eBay so if that’s the case then here’s some other links.

Moss Silver Metal Collar Stiffener – £15

John Lewis Rhodium Collar Stay – £18

M&S Collar Brass Stiffeners – £9.50

Classic Collar Bone Gift Set – £25

Get The Look #3

get the look issue 3 above the ankles cover

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I don’t know about most of you but I definitely do not have more than 20 minutes to get dressed. If I take any longer than 20 minutes I’m definitely going to be late to work. Are there ways around this? Of course! I could wake up earlier or I could get my outfit ready the night before but let’s be honest here, I’m not going to do that. So the easiest way round it is to have outfits that are simple yet look fabulous. Here’s why I chose this picture for this weeks get the look; simple suit, bright tie and stand out accessories – love it!

The Look

get the look issue 3 above the ankles cover

Looking at the picture you can tell from the get-go that everyone including you and me instantly noticed the tie which is absolutely fantastic. Outfits that have one stand out thing about excite me. These kind of outfits can often earn you nick names and get you noticed by some people who used to just look past you. The outfit is really simple and easy to replicate; it starts off with a plain navy blue 2 buttoned tailored fit suit with normal width lapels. Pair that with a plan white double or single cuffed shirt (I prefer double) and you have 99% of the suit wearing worlds outfit.

Here’s the fun part; grab yourself a brown woven belt & a nice medium width bright coloured polka dot tie. The great thing about wearing a plain navy blue suit, pretty much any other colour apart from blue fits perfectly. You can throw down a bright red polka dot tie or yellow striped tie, it wouldn’t matter much because it would just look fantastic either way. Once you decided on the tie, grab yourself a matching coloured flower pin, add some beaded bracelets and don’t forget your watch. Outfit done, probably in all under 20 minutes as well.

Blue/Navy Suit

TM Lewin Jackman Navy 1-Button Skinny Suit – £149.00

TM Lewin Bale Plain Blue 1-Button Skinny Suit – £149.00

Moss London Slim Fit New Blue Mixer Suit – £129.00

Moss 1851 Tailored Fit Bright Blue Mohair Look Suit w/Waistcoat – £199.00

M&S Blue Puppytooth Slim Fit Suit – £134.00

M&S Ultimate Performance Wool Blend Slim Fit 2 Button Suit – £149.00

White Shirt

TM Lewin Fitted Plain White Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt – £34.95

Moss Esq. Regular Fit White Single Cuff Twill Shirt – £25

Two Pack Plain White Shirts – £24.00

ASOS Smart Shirt with Stripe Tie and Pocket Sqaure – £26.00

M&S Pure Cotton Slim Fit Shirt – £45.00

Bright Tie

M&S 2 Pack Striped Ties with Stain Resistance – £16.00

M&S Machine Washable Striped Tie – £9.50

Debenhams Pink Textured Paisley Tie – £10.00

Burton Light Blue Textured Slim Tie – £4.00

Debenhams Thomas Nash Light Blue Plain Tie – £8.00

Jaan J Textured Thin And Thick Stripes Tie – £13.00

Jaan J Bright Pink Cotton Tie – £16.20

Jaan J Purple Cotton Tie – £16.20

Jaan J PETA Elephant Tie – £25.70

Flower LApel Pins

Moss Bros Savoy Taylors Guild Navy Flower Lapel Pin – £3.00

ASOS Flower Lapel Pin In Sparkle Fabric – £6.00

Etsy Carnation Mens Lapel Flower – Black Tie Lapel Pin – £8.02

ASOS Flower Lapel Pin – £6.00

The Belt

Charles Smith Brown Leather Woven Belt

Charles Smith Brown Leather Woven Belt – £22.50

get the look issue 3 above the ankles cover

Charles Smith Brown Leather Woven Belt

Charles Smith Brown Leather Woven Belt

Some people call them woven, others braided, whatever you want to call them they are amazing belts. The Charles Smith Brown Leather Woven Belt is no different. The belt comes with a simple silver buckle connected onto a beautiful brown woven leather braid. These belts are the same as your conventional flat piece of leather belts with holes punched in except they are better.

With the Charles Smith Brown Leather Woven Belt you can slip the tongue of the belt buckle between any two strands of the belt. This means you can make the belt fit you perfectly, no need to ever punch in holes yourself using a knife or anything else you’ve tried in the past.

Colour & Price

The colour of the belt is amazing, it goes amazingly well with my shoes and attracts a great amount of compliments my way. If you own a pair of good brown shoes then this is definitely one to go for. It’s currently on sale by Gentlemans Shop for £27 down from £45.

Grab it here.

Mens Suspenders/Braces

mens suspenders above the ankles 3

So it’s fair to say; no-one needs suspenders (braces) anymore, neither women nor men. So as with most things we own, we use them as a stylish accessory instead of an outfit necessity. To start this I’m going to answer three questions and I think you will all agree with me on these.

Do you need suspenders? – No not at all.
Are suspenders in fashion? – No they’re not.
Will you stand out in them? – Yes absolutely.

mens suspenders above the ankles 6

In the interest of standing out and being unique I’m going to talk you through why you should be looking to get yourself some suspenders and also some do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing them.

Firstly they are definitely not for everyone so I would advise trying them on and seeing how comfortable you feel in them. The main thing here is confidence, you need to quite sure in yourself to be able to pull off your suit jacket and attract all those eyes over to what you’re wearing.

Do’s & Don’ts

When wearing suspenders with a suit, always wear wide suspenders, thin suspenders look silly with a suits (unless it’s a skinny fit suit) and should only be used with casual outfits. Stick to thick!

mens suspenders above the ankles

Choose one or the other – either wear a belt or suspenders, never both at the same time. It’s one of those fashion suicide things.

Check your trousers, some trousers have buttons on the side of the waist for suspenders to be attached to, others don’t have this so you will need to buy clip on suspenders in order to clip them onto your waist.

When initially starting to wear suspenders choose neutral colours that go with everything, such as black or grey. Once you’re comfortable then move onto the browns and reds.

My Recommendations

MOSS 1851 clip-on braces

MOSS 1851 clip-on 2 in 1 braces

NEXT Black Braces

NEXT Grey Puppytooth Braces

M&S Self Cross Checked Adjustable Braces

M&S Adjustable Braces

JOHN LEWIS Narrow Braces, Black

My Favourite

These stylish and quirky braces from John Lewis feature an interesting polka-dot print which is sure to jazz up any suit. The braces also feature metal clips and adjustable straps.

John Lewis Men Spot Patterned Braces

John Lewis Men Spot Patterned Braces

Zara Review – One Of The Greatest Highstreet Stores

zara store - zara review menswear

Zara Review

This is by no means an exaggeration when I say Zara is 100% the best men’s retailer in the UK. I Suppose that’s the Zara review over.

You won’t be buying many suits and shirts from Zara as they don’t sell work wear. They do blazers and shirts but they’re for smart/casual occasions. Not only is Zara a fairly cheap company to shop at, it’s also a fairly expensive one. It accommodates for both the rich and the poor. They sell different types of clothes, generally ranging from smart tracksuits (that you wouldn’t work out in as they look too good) to £200 trench coats with white fur.

zara review inside store

What Makes Them Unique?

You know what you’re going to get in Zara, they change their stock every season, yet if you walk in, everything looks the same. Sounds like a bad thing right? Once you walk around you realise every item is different. It’s definitely a work of art.

Why I Love Zara?

1. Zara is a non judgmental brand – your friends who have millionaire fathers shop at Zara & so do your council estate buddies.
2. You look classy – Zara don’t do baggy and they don’t do cheap. I bought H&M jumpers recently and they literally fell apart with thread flying out left, right and centre. In all my years of buying from Zara, not once have my threads come out (none that I’ve noticed anyways.)
3. They pretty much only sell Black, Blue or Grey clothes which works out perfect me!
4. They have unique clothes you wouldn’t find in most stores – no lie. I recently bought these amazing chinos that feel like their made out of the softest carpet, absolutely perfect.

What I Buy From Zara

Whenever I need a jacket or coat of any kind I stop off at Zara first. Usually after 15/20 minutes of looking I’ll find the perfect jacket/coat for under £80.

Whenever I need trousers that are smart but not too smart like suit trousers, I ONLY go to Zara. Very rarely will I venture out and buy chinos from somewhere else. I can usually get a pair of really nice trousers or chinos for around £25. What an absolute bargain!

What They Sell

Smart Clothes – Mainly either smart casual clothes or dinner/evening wear.

Go to the Zara website.

Zara Mens

Zara is definitely one of the best places on the high street, they don’t need a review but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed our Zara review. I’ll be adding more to this in time to come as well. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Moss Bros Review

moss bros review

If I was to sum up this Moss Bros review in one word, it would be ‘brilliant’. What can I say, without a doubt I absolutely love Moss Bros Great company, great retail stores, great staff. Moss Bros know just what they’re doing. It’s almost like walking into a privately owned tailor for a bespoke suit. Obviously it’s not as good as going into a tailor’s for a bespoke suit but you get my point.

If I judge them based on their diversity of suits they would do very well. They have everyday work suits, evening wear and casual suits. Sometimes however, their diversity of suits lets them down as they have some crazy silver and gold suits – yuck.

The quality of their suits is pretty much standard as you’d expect from any standard high street retailer. Moss Bros’s designer suits are of a much better quality than the rest though. I bought my first suit from them 4 years ago, and so far, I am yet to rip or wear away any of the fabric in my suits.

moss bros review inside store

If you’re anything like me, (I have a weird body shape), the majority of the suits you buy wont fit you (perfectly) as most suits are shaped for “normal body shaped people.” Great thing about Moss Bros is they 99% of the time have a qualified Tailor to make the suit YOURS!

Moss suits are consistent, they have very strong stand out suits and very nicely fitted suits. You know what you’re getting from them. You have the choice of hiring a suit or buying it, I have never hired a suit in my life but I know some people are into that so go for it if you need an emergency suit.

They have some luxurious brands such as Calvin Klein, Ben Sherman, French Connection, DKNY, Ted Baker, Canali, Zegna and Cerruti, these are all available in store and online. Not only do they offer fantastic suits at great prices, they also have extremely nice accessories and shoes. I will be selecting a few to write about in the future so stay tuned.

Moss Bros – Suits

Moss Bros – Accessories

Moss Bros – Shoes

If you sign up to their newsletter they send amazing deals, I received a 50% off voucher this morning!

If you enjoyed my Moss Bros review and would like more of these, please share with your friends and drop me a comment below with which company I should review next.