Slim Fit Double Breasted Jacket By Antony Morato

Slim Fit Double Breasted Jacket In Blended Viscose

It was only a few months back that I discovered Antony Morato and it turns out that not many people actually know about this wonderful brand based in Italy. So considering its summer time and everyone keeps asking me where they can buy a quality double breasted suit from I figured I’d show you one of my favourite blazers from Antony MoratoThe Double Breasted Jacket In Blended Viscose.

The Double Breasted Jacket In Blended Viscose.

The reason why this suit is my favourite is due to that it is notably a simplistic and well crafted suit. I am not a fan of over exuberant outfits for myself although I love them on other people. This suit is designed with fantastic italian tailoring and look top dog – good job to Antony Morato. The material used is a blend between polyester & viscose, which is not a top quality material but will last you a couple years. The viscose material will give the suit a slight shine to it making it look more expensive than it is.

The sizing with the suits designed by Antony Morato are done in EU sizes so please check this size guide before you order yours. Even though there is free returns you don’t want to be sending things back and forth.

antony morato size guide

The double breasted design is perfect for work or play and can be worn either as a full suit or with some chinos/dark jeans. If you don’t already own a double breasted suit then this is definitely a great starter to your wardrobe. The blazer will set you back £149.90 with the trousers adding £69.90 on top of that, totalling £219.80.

The Double Breasted Jacket In Blended Viscose.

Get the matching trousers here – Blended Viscose Trousers.

ASOS Antony Morato Check Suit Jacket

Antony Morato Check Suit Jacket in Slim Fit

Blazers are the main talking point for any outfit and this Antony Morato blazer is no different. There’s so many different fabrics to choose from, everyone should really own a variety from wool to cotton. This blazer is made from 100% cotton meaning it’s useless for winter but perfect for summer.

Really, every man should own some blazers that he never wears to work. A Blazer that’s unique, that not many people own. That piece of clothing that can be thrown over a white t shirt and black trousers and make it look like you spent an hour getting dressed this morning.

Antony Morato Check Suit Jacket in Slim Fit 4

Priced at £140 , I’d say the Antony Morato Check Suit Jacket in Slim Fit does a pretty good job at all of the above mentioned areas. I suppose £140 is kind of a lot of money but it wouldn’t exactly break the bank.

I’m not going to say this blazer is special because it’s not. I could pick out a few different blazers you could buy that would be unique and not many people would own. So whether you buy this one or not is up to you. However, make sure you get one. What ever blazer it is, this summer you will need a quality checked blazer that is neutral, can be worn with different outfits and looks fantastic.

Come to think of it again; you should probably just get the Antony Morato Check Suit Jacket in Slim Fit.

Please note: This brand’s slim suits are cut slightly larger than average, for a close fit it may be advisable to buy a size down.