Manchester United Player Of The Year Awards

herrera and falcao

As a big Manchester United fan I was not going to miss an opportunity to watch all my favourite players dressed up for a black tie event. Thankfully it was a delight to watch, I won’t bore you with the details of who won what but the players looked great. You can really tell that their talents are on the pitch and not in the wardrobe. Their outfits were really plain but they all had their haircuts, they all wore decent suits and their shoes were pretty dapper as well (especially Falcao’s.)

If you are someone who doesn’t really wear suits, why you reading my blog? Ha I’m joking, if you don’t really wear suits then even just owning a quality black suit with some black shoes will mean you can shock people will your dapper style scrub up. Have a look at some of the players;


Manchester United Players

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