Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit

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As we all know the main part of a man’s outfit is his trousers & jacket/coat. The suit you wear is obviously the most important thing, if your suit is quality, chances are you can get away with a cheap shirt. However, I doubt you could wear a Primark suit, a Rolex and a TM Lewin tie and look that good.

As many of you know I only just recently found out about Suit Direct and since then I have been shopping on their website non-stop. It’s a great site, not filled with top quality Prada & Boss suits but just normal suits like Ben Sherman and similar brands.

Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit

Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 7
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 6
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 7
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 2
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 3
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 4
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 5

We all know Ben Sherman, they aren’t Tom Ford but they are definitely good quality products. I think it’s fair to say you can imagine that considering the Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit is designed by them we can expect a certain level of quality in the suit.

Priced at £129.00 for the whole suit.. Totally worth it!

The ‘Kings Fit’ may not be a term you are used too but to simplify it for you, it’s basically a slim fit suit but not too slim. It’s generally designed for men moving up in their career and not really for an 18 year old starting out in suits. However if you want to be taken serious in your role, then I definitely advise this fit.

Single Breasted Two Button Jacket • Slim Fit • Notch Lapel • 4 Button Cuff • Slanted Pockets • Side Vents

Made from 100% wool this suit is guaranteed to last you 5-10 years. Most ‘wool’ suits you find in retails stores are generally a poly-wool blend, meaning a mixture of polyester and wool. What you can expect from a suit that’s 100% wool is a soft thick feel. Not ideal for summer but absolutely perfect for spring, autumn or winter.

The check design of this suit is perfect for standing out and looking dapper whether at the office or at a special occasion. The check design on the suit is quite large and clear, this design is often known as window pane. Window pane checked suits go amazingly well with bow ties and look perfect with some nice hi-shine oxford shoes.

Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit

grey checked suit abovetheankles
grey checked suit abovetheankles

Over Your Shirt & Under Your Suit – Ben Sherman

When it comes to wearing dressing smart and looking dapper, without a doubt you are going to need a few different pieces of clothing. It’s just not enough to have one £150 suit from M&S and a couple of ties. As humans we love change, how nice is it to see your girl change her hair colour? We love seeing different things and different styles, even if you own 5 suits but wear them all the same way people will get bored of your outfits. Here’s where jumpers come into play; people want to see that you can dress well with different styles. Jumpers can look amazing over a shirt with no tie and some dark jeans or they can be worn under your suit with your sharp shoes and perfect tie.

We know Ben Sherman, we expect quality from them and the Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman is one of my favourites. Finding a quality cotton jumper that won’t stretch or wear out is difficult nowadays, especially because you can easily buy a jumper from H&M for a tenner.

This jumper is made from a lightweight cotton, which will keep you cool in the summer and adds an extra layer to your outfit during the winter. The whole jumper has a ribbed hem and ribbed cuffs along with elbow patches made visible from stitching which contrasts the general stitching of the jumper.

V-neck jumpers are really not my thing, it doesn’t really suit my character, however with this jumper comboed with a shirt it looks great and even suits me. Whether you want to go for the casual weekend look or add to your work outfit, the Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman is perfect for you.

Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman

ben sherman v neck 6
ben sherman v neck
ben sherman v neck 5
ben sherman v neck 4
ben sherman v neck 2

My Top Picks From Ben Sherman

I’m a shopaholic, I really am, I love it, it gives me an amazing feeling. Thankfully I’m in a position in my life where I can afford to shop where I like, however I don’t have a thing for suits that cost £400 – I’m more into the typical retail stores. Would you call Ben Sherman a typical retail store? Well probably not, but I will show you in this post a few products that will probably open you eyes to Ben Sherman and show you how you can actually shop here for a decent price.

I just picked out some random things like/recommend from Ben Sherman, there are many more things that I could have picked but that’s for you to do some digging through their website.

Black Enox Derby Shoes

These impeccable lace-ups are the ideal accompaniment to formalwear. Constructed from rich calf leather with durable neolite sole and scotch grain details their sleek appearance adds refinement to your tailoring.

• Leather derby formal shoe
• Scotch grain detailing
• Neolite sole with UK map detail
• Leather lining
• Subtle contrast laces
• Bronze foil branded insole
• Low heel with rubber top

Have you seen the sole of the shoe? Amazing.

Black Enox Derby Shoes – Was £75 Now £30


Check Tie

I don’t know anything about this tie, I have no idea what it’s made out of or its dimensions but I love it. I like checked ties already and this one just looks perfect. Considering its a checked tie made by Ben Sherman, it must be pretty good, right?

Check Tie – Was £30 Now £15

check tie blue ben sherman 2
check tie blue ben sherman 3
check tie blue ben sherman

Black Denim Belt

A casual plain belt with a crisp Ben Sherman twist, crafted from premium leather. Features a contrast leather keeper with centred emboss branding and a metal centre bar buckle.

• Plain leather denim belt
• Contrast leather keeper
• Embossed branding
• Metal centre-bar buckle

Black Denim Belt – Was £25 Now £15

black denim belt 2
black denim belt 3
black denim belt

Blue Canvas Herringbone Watch

With an understated on-trend look our Canvas herringbone watch reflects a clean, modern approach. With a streamlined profile this fashionable timepiece features minimalist dial details, a herringbone canvas strap with leather backing and a classic three hand function.

• Blue canvas herringbone watch
• Round dial
• Fully polished stainless steel case
• Canvas strap with leather backing
• Contrast colour dial details
• Three hand function
• Pin and buckle clasp
• Case width 41mm
• 2 year warranty

Blue Canvas Herringbone Watch – £60

Blue Canvas Herringbone Watch 2
Blue Canvas Herringbone Watch 3
Blue Canvas Herringbone Watch

Black Iconic Flight Bag

A modern classic, our Iconic flight bag is as stylish as it is functional. Features an exterior pocket, adjustable shoulder strap and a zip closure to the main compartment. Our signature brand stripe webbing and a subtle foil pressed logo finish off this year-round carrier.

• Flight bag
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Foil pressed logo branding
• Iconic stripe webbed trim
• Exterior pocket
• Zip closure

Black Iconic Flight Bag – Was £40 Now £24

ben sherman flight bag
ben sherman flight bag 2
ben sherman flight bag 3
ben sherman flight bag 4

Three-Pack Polka Dot Socks

Make a striking style statement this season with our Mini polka dot socks available in a variety of colours. The three-pack includes one plain pair. The cotton-blend with elastane component makes for a more comfortable fit.

• Polka dot socks
• Three-pack including single plain pair
• Coloured toe, heel and hem
• Ben Sherman printed branding
• Elastane component for added stretch

Three-Pack Polka Dot Socks – £12


Pine Green Leather Gloves

Our smart Leather gloves are a dapper cold weather investment. Crafted from 100% leather featuring a knitted wool lining and embossed branding.

• Plain leather gloves
• Knitted wool lining
• Embossed front branding
• Stitch detailing

Pine Green Leather Gloves – Was £45 Now £18