ASOS Oxford Shoes in Leather

ASOS Oxford Shoes in Leather - Above The Ankles

We all, without exception own a pair of plain black shoes that are absolutely essential to our wardrobes. One thing more important than owning a plain pair of black shoes is keeping them looking fresh and clean. There’s probably nothing worse than having muddy shoes or scuffed tips of your shoes. Keeping them looking brand new and shiny isn’t always as easy as people make out and if you are anything like me then you will probably need to buy a new pair of shoes every 2-3 months. Looking for the right pair can be a little annoying.

Here’s where I come in;

Shoes are just as important for men as they are for women. You want something classy and simple. With black shoes you want them to have that solid black look with a slight shine. The ASOS Oxford Shoes in Leather have that shine and much more. Oxford shoes are a timeless classic with great shape and great colour.

You want a 100% leather shoe and once again the ASOS Oxford Shoes fits the shoe perfectly. Complete with an almond toe finish you are probably thinking this shoe will cost in the region of £60-70. Well you would be wrong on that account. Designed by the ASOS team these bad boys are being sold for £36.00. Bargain? I think so.

ASOS Oxford Shoes in Leather

Patent Moss

black patent moss bros shoes

So I’m out shopping the other day, pretty much the same as everyone else nowadays. Anyways I went into Moss Bros looking for brown suede loafers, did I find them? No I didn’t, however I did find some absolutely sexy shoes that I will need to save for the perfect occasion. Now we all know black patent shoes are amazing, you’ve all probably seen the Ted Baker ones thats in loads of stores. You’re probably thinking why are these any different? Well they aren’t. These Moss Bros black patent shoes are exactly the same in quality and appearance, I suppose you could say the only difference is they are significantly cheaper at £80. I do understand that the Ted Baker ones have a blue trim and a different sole but we don’t worry about that.

When To Wear Them

Now normally you would only wear these shoes at a specific event, i.e. a black tie dinner but I’m all about going against the mould. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying we should wear these to work, calm down that would be social suicide. With that being said you can wear these with all of your dark suits. I wear these on any nights out to the restaurant with the Mrs or to any event that’s out of the ordinary where I know I’m going to be out during the night. I don’t know why but black patent shoes just don’t look that good during the day.


Now I am aware that primark sold their own black patent shoe for £15 and I’m sure there’s other black patent shoes you could grab for £20-£30. Regardless of the company selling it, if you’re going to get black patent shoes make sure they are real leather. Everyone on the planet can tell if your wearing decent patent’s or not. Don’t be that guy trying to look rich.

Have a look yourself.

black patent moss bros shoes