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My Burton Review

Burton as a whole is a good company.

The above statement is generally what most people would say about Burton, it’s also my opinion. It is a good company that sell good clothes at a good price. Once upon a time, 80% of my wardrobe was Burton branded, that’s now declined to 2%. To sum up my Burton review simply, as mentioned, Burton sell good clothes but after awhile good just doesn’t cut it.


I can’t say this is my Burton review without mentioning it’s history. The company has some amazing history, ever heard the phrase, “the full monty”?

Montague Burton founded Burton in 1904. After World War II, Montague Burton was one of the suppliers of suits to the British government. They supplied the jackets, trousers, waistcoats, shirt and underwear. Thus the phrase, “the full monty” was born.

As nice as that is, history is history and nowadays Burton are known as the little brother to Topman. I mean that in the un-cute way. Burton is cheaper than Topman with very similar quality and lightly chubbier. Topman is generally marketed towards skinny fit men while Burton is aimed more generally towards everyone. The issue then falls onto Quality – which both brothers lack unfortunately.

Burton is one of the cheapest options on the high street to buy a suit, usually ranging from £79 to £150. They fit the description of “off the rack” perfectly. Generally all are polyester or a polyblend with wool and usually come out quite thin. Their suits are not designed for an active man who enjoys walking or occasionally messing around. Try jumping onto a bench and it’s very likely you’ll rip the trousers at the crotch.


They have a few collections designed for everyone. I must admit, the difference between them is not much. I myself have owned a suit from every collection, as you can guess the best suits are the most expensive. The difference between the best and worse suits is very minimal.

£79 Machine Washable Suits

Supposedly Burton’s worst suit, this machine washable suit comes as a two piece suit, a jacket & trouser for £79. I’d never recommend machine washing your suits, even if they are machine washable. Out of all their collections, this suit is by far my favourite. All of the £79 suits come in default colours, black, grey & navy with no patterns or designs. They are simple, with very small lapels, usually forcing you into wearing a slim tie. They’re all a mix of polyester and viscose, which will often give them that shiny look to the suit, usually quite visible in the bright sun light. They way I see it, a suit for £79 – you can’t go wrong. Definitely the perfect suit for those starting out and building up their wardrobe.

burton machine washable suits

For an extra £30 you can grab a waistcoat to spice things up, totalling to £109.

Wool Suits

Wool suits from anywhere are pretty much guaranteed to be a good buy. The fabric wool is very reliable and comfortable. All their suits in their wool collection are 100% Italian wool. The quality is impressive, it feels good and looks better. The fit isn’t bad either.

The wool suits have been created with work in mind. Designed in five colours you could wear to work, all year round. Black, Blue, Navy, Dark Grey & Grey.

burton menswear wool suits

For some strange reason, they only do wool suits in slim fit. If you happen to fit into a slim fitted suit, enjoy. Everybody else, jog on.

Standard Skinny/Slim/Tailored Fit

Burton design their suits in three different fits. They’re most successful line is their slim fitted suit. I wore Burton’s skinny fit suits for awhile but I found they just didn’t fit me comfortably enough and I ripped too many suits at the crotch. Slim fit was definitely my favourite fit in their suits, I found their slim fit suits the most comfortable and best quality. The tailored suits just felt a bit.. slim fit.


Burton review menswear

Burton is without a doubt one of the best hight street retailers in the UK. Unfortunately that doesn’t say much for the high street retailers. Burton is really good for price but the honest truth is, there are cheaper options with similar quality. As 75% of Burton’s suits are made from polyester and viscose, literally the cheapest option possible – you can get similar suits everywhere. Matalan is a great cheaper alternative to Burton if you’re on a low budget. Obviously it’s much more reputable to have Burton on the inside of your suit jacket than Matalan.

Overall a good company for anyone just starting to buy suits. I’d definitely avoid Burton if you don’t wear slim fitted suits. Tailored just aren’t there thing.

Hope you enjoyed my Burton Review.

25% Off Burton

Whether you like Burton as a company or not is irrelevant, why you ask? Well if you use the code “STYLE25” at checkout you get 25% off. Now I don’t know about you but 25% off anything in store regardless whether its on sale or not, is an absolute bargain to me. I just bought a new purple polka dot tie and a new suit last night, all three adding up to £42. I’m excited!

Burton is not the greatest company in the world for clothes but considering they are definitely one of the cheapest, chuck in an extra £25 off a £100 suit, you are definitely winning.

So as mentioned above, enter “STYLE25” at checkout to get 25% off your entire basket.

Also if your basket total reaches above £30, enter “FREEDEL” at checkout to recieve free standard delivery as well.

Here’s the tie I bought;

Red Geo Print Tailored Tie

Red Geo Print Tailored Tie

Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat

Here’s a great reason why you should sign up to your favourite retailers newsletters so you get notified of all their sales. Burton at the moment have 25% off literally everything! All you have to do is enter “STYLE25” at checkout. So as I always do when a sale is on, I went through loads of their products and found a really nice trench coat.

Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat

When buying a trench coat you have two options really, either you get a nice thick warm one that kind of works as a blazer at the same time or you get a lightweight trench that is just a throw over your outfit. In this case with the Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat it is a smart lightweight black coat that’s waterproof and perfect for all seasons.

I love lightweight trench coats as I can wear it during summer or winter and it’s really easy to carry around. Trench coats are generally priced quite highly as they everyone wants them. This one is no different, normally priced at £70. It’s now on sale for £49 and if you buy it today you get an extra £12 off.

The jacket has those extra buttons to create that double breasted look, along with the smart black belt to make the jacket look professional, both done up or open. Made from a mixture of polyester and cotton this jacket should last you a couple of years at least.

Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat

Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat
Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat 2
Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat 3
Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat 4

Prince Of Wales Check Tie


While I was writing one of my other post’s I was scrolling through the many different items on the Burton website and then I came across this Prince Of Wales Check Tie. I can’t really explain why I like this tie but I suppose it is just my kind of tie. You can wear it with so many different outfits, whether to work with your normal suits or on a weekend with a blazer and some jeans. It has that vintage look, which as everyone knows – vintage = dapper.

Priced at only £6.. Can you have any complaints.

Buy It Here

Delivery is usually £3 but you can get it delivered for free by using this code: FEBDEL

Bright Blue Tonic Slim Fit Suit


Summer’s coming and let’s be honest, we miss it. When it comes to what to wear in summer, its obvious, we all wear bright colours. All the pink shirts come out, all the extremely bright ties are pulled out of the draw. We do it every year and this year will be no different. I’ve got a tip when it comes to summer shopping; buy all your bright summer clothes in winter. They are all on sale for silly prices because no one wants super thin and incredibly bright suits in january.

Which brings me to this Bright Blue Tonic Slim Fit Suit from Burton. Blues are great, everyone loves them and tonic blues are sharp and they very much grab everyones attention. I have had a few issues with buying suits from Burton in the past, many times the suit has just worn away ridiculously fast. On the other side, I have had a few good suits that lasted me awhile from Burton so I wouldn’t totally rule them out.

The bright blue on this suit is just perfect – It just looks like the suns shining. You can definitely wear this suit with all other bright colour accessories, whether it be a yellow pocket square, a pink tie or green socks.

Since it’s not yet spring the sale of these bright coloured suits are still going on. The Bright Blue Tonic Slim Fit Suit Jacket suit is on sale from £99 to £79.20.

Bright Blue Tonic Slim Fit Suit Jacket

Bright Blue Tonic Slim Fit Suit Trousers


Get The Look – #2

above the ankles get the look

This is by far my favourite pic of the week, I can also see that you guys loved it just based on the sheer amount of likes on Instagram. I guess we all liked it for different reasons, mine personally was the bag, I’m actually shopping for a bag now so that could be why. Some of you said you liked the check suit, others the colour and the fit. Whatever your reason here’s how to get the look..

The Look

Comprised of Blues & Blacks this look is simple, yet complex. We all love blue in our outfits, it’s an easy colour to work with, we just understand it. Yet when take that navy blue suit; turn it into a double breasted suit and throw over some checked patterns, you get a whole new ball game. Worn with a simple white shirt, a plain black tie and a simple black leather strapped watch, some might say this look is a little too plain and simplistic but then again that person would be stupid. Combine all of the above with some killer black brogues and a sexy mens black holdall bag – you are a winner!

The Suit

Moss Bros London Slim Fit blue Check Suit

Asos Sisley Tartan Suit Jacket In Slim Fit

Asos Vito Check Suit Jacket In Slim Fit

Premium Grey Check Skinny Fit Suit

Voeut Navy Check Three Piece Suit

F&F Navy Prince of Wales Check Slim Fit Suit Jacket

The Shirt

Next Plain White Small Collar Shirt

TM Lewin Fitted Plain White Luxury Twill Shirt

TM Lewin Fitted Plain White Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt

ASOS Smart Shirt with Stripe Tie and Pocket Sqaure

ASOS Smart Shirt In Long Sleeve With Cutaway Collar

Gant Pinpoint Oxford Shirt

The Tie

Burton Black Tie & Pocket Square

Next Black Plain Tie And Pocket Square Set

Next 2 Pack Black Spot And Plain Ties With Pocket Square

M&S Spotted Tie

M&S Plain Tie with Stain Resistance

M&S Plain Textured Tie

Kin by John Lewis Mercer Knitted Tie, Black

Black Brogues

ASOS Oxford Brogues in Leather

ASOS Brogues in Leather

ASOS Oxford Brogues in Leather

River Island Smart Brogues

Moss London Black Brogue Shoe

Holdall Bag

Ted Baker Melbor Holdall Black

Fred Perry Classic Barrel Bag

House Of Fraser Howick Leather Holdall

ASOS Leather and Nylon Holdall

Next Signature Black Leather Holdall

Topman Black Premium Doctors Holdall

Calvin Klein Black Gym Duffle Bag