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It’s fair to say it’s supposed to be summer now and even though the weathers not amazing, it is still loafer season. In the spirit of loafer season a couple weeks ago I bought some loafers from Zara and last Thursday I wanted to wear them to work with my blue pin stripe trousers. I took seven or eight steps out my door and realized my foot was flipping out the back of the loafer like sandals. Then it hit me, I bought the wrong size.

blue loafers cover photo

I’m a size 8 in every shoe and trainer except loafers. It’s important when buying anything that you try on a small size first to see if you can wear that size comfortably. If you can without feeling like you’re about to burst out your clothes and shoes, then go for it.

Everything looks better a size smaller and that is definitely true when it comes to loafers. Don’t ask me why, it’s just how it is. Size 10 shoes look better than size 11.

Next time you go shopping online or in-store, try goes a size down, if it doesn’t fit well you can always return it.

Continue reading if you want to hear how my returning experience went this weekend. I took my loafers back to return them and found that they were now £39.99 down from £59.99. Good news, to swap a size 8 for a size 7, I had to return the size 8’s for a full refund and then buy the size 7’s. I’m now £20 richer.

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Pay Day – Shopping List June 2015

selfridges every man needs these things

I’m in London for the weekend visiting my parents and considering it was just pay day, obviously I had to do some shopping. After spending all day on Oxford Street, I decided I would compile a list of all the great clothes and accessories I saw throughout the day. Most of this list, I either already own or just bought today and I’m hoping you will find as much joy and benefit from these products as I do.

Things Every Man Needs


1. Easy To Carry Cufflinks

On my trip down to London I realised I left my cufflinks at home in Birmingham, considering the only shirt I brought with me was double cuffed, I was screwed. Thankfully the weather on Saturday was fantastic so I just rolled my sleeves up and went shopping. I found myself in TM Lewin looking at cufflinks and then I remembered they sold those silly pretend cufflinks and figured for £4 – why not? So these are now my easy to carry cufflinks.

Navy Pink Knots TM Lewin
Navy Pink Knots – TM Lewin – £4.00


2. The Perfect Undershirt

If you wear a dress shirt to work then you know how useful undershirts are, not only do they stop your shirt from being ruined by your sweat in the summer, they keep you warm on those not so hot days. The problem is if your undershirt is too loose fitting or not long enough, it can cause your shirt to look cheap and baggy. This is easily solved with the best undershirt I’ve ever owned and seen. Uni-qlo’s undershirt is literally the thinnest item I own, its so comfortable and tight fitting I barely know I’m wearing it. The length is amazing dropping right down pass my boxers meaning it will never become un-tucked no matter what I do. I bought mine in white but it’s available in about eight different colours.

MEN AIRism V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt white
MEN AIRism V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt – £9.90

3. Loafers

With Summer basically here you really have no excuse now not to be rocking some dapper loafers. I’d definitely go for a slip-on loafer with the tassels. Loafers are fantastic for looking casual in a suit, especially when worn without socks. On Saturday I grabbed myself some decent loafers for £60 from Zara.

Blue Zara Loafers
Blue Zara Loafers – £59.99

4. Replacement Collar Stays

Us gentleman that wear shirts all the time and look after them properly know that you have to take out your collar stays whenever you wash or iron your shirt. Just incase you don’t know, if you don’t then you will ruin your collar and possibly melt your collar stays into your shirt. So since we are constantly removing our collar stays it is very possible that we may lose them. I’ve lost about five in the last three months. As an aspiring gentleman you should look after your clothes and buying some replacement collar stays is a great insurance item for you.

Collar stays - above the ankles
Collars Stays – £ 1.95

5. Base London Black Base Power Gibson Shoes

Black shoes are few and far between. Many men just wear any sort of black shoes and just expect them to go un-noticed. Your shoes are ridiculously important and every that cares about you will notice them. This June it is probably best you put away those battered black shoes and get yourself a new professional pair. Schuh is a great company to buy from, they have some good brands under their belt and are definitely a great retailer to check out. Base designed these shoes and they are both comfy and very stylish with a slight bump along the front of the shoe to create that perfect work look.

mens base london black base power gibson shoes 2
Base London Black Base Power Gibson Shoes – £68.00

6. TM Lewin Shirts

Buying a new shirt is something you should do every so often, at least once a year. I love shopping and summer is a great excuse to buy a new shirt. As it heats up you spend more time with your jacket/blazer off and more time showing off your shirts. Since people are going to see it a lot more the next couple months, it makes sense to wear fresh shirts. TM Lewin is a heavyweight in the luxury shirts industry and definitely without a doubt my favourite shirt retailer. Grab your next shirt from them, you will not be disappointment- I promise.

Slim Fit Light Blue Stripe White Cutaway Collar Shirt
Slim Fit Light Blue Stripe White Cutaway Collar Shirt – £29.95

The Science Of Shoe Trees

shoe trees set abovetheankles

I say this all the time and I will continue to mention it constantly, look after yourself, your clothes and your shoes. If you don’t care about how you look, how your clothes look and how your shoes look then you should go play on The shoes you wear are so imperative towards looking dapper that they can actually ruin your whole outfit. Seeing a guy in nice fresh shoes brings a smile to everyones face. You love nice clean shoes and so does everyone else in the world. Look after your shoes and people will notice.

To be fair to some of you, I know you don’t really care what others think which is fair enough. So I’ve got another reason why you need to take care of your shoes…

Looking after your shoes means that they will last longer. Longer lasting shoes means you will buy less shoes over a period of time. Less buying of shoes means more money for you. Sounds good? Definitely.

Quality shoes are no doubt, expensive and as with everything expensive we own, we want to look after them properly. A good pair of quality shoes should ideally last you 5 years or so, some even last and look good for 10-15 years.

This is where shoe trees come into the picture nicely. If you want to look after your shoes and keep them looking fresh, there are a few different tips to do so. The most important tip that outweighs all other tips is the use of shoe trees.

shoe trees set abovetheankles 2

What’s The Logistics Behind It

Most shoes are made from leather and as with leather or leather lining they absorb moisture from the sweat from our feet throughout the day. They also absorb the moisture from the rain and other bad weather. Over a period of months or years you will see the quality and look of your shoe begin to fade rapidly. Generally the lining of the shoe will start to rot, your shoes might start to smell and the leather will crack over time.

The shoe trees aid in drying out the shoe correctly by forcing the shoe into its proper shape and holding it there. It keeps the leather from cracking and get rid of the moisture. 90% of shoe trees are made from wood so that they absorb the moisture from within the inside of the lining to stop them from rotting from inside the shoe.


Are shoe trees expensive? Some are, some aren’t but at the end of the day a pair of shoe trees are always going to a lot cheaper than a new pair of shoes. Not to mention your shoes will just look better for much longer.

You can choose to buy cheap shoe trees or expensive shoe trees, it’s up to you really. You just need to avoid plastic shoe trees at all costs and get yourself some good cedar wood that have not been varnished. If your shoe tree looks ugly and isn’t shiny – perfect!

The better of the shoe trees will have ventilation slots at the toe and they should also have a longer heel and have more wood. Remember, the more wood the better the drying will be. If it has a knob or a handle, great, you can easily polish your shoes as well.

How Many?

You won’t need more than one pair of shoe trees realistically because you only need to put a shoe trees into shoes you just finished wearing. You should leave your pair of shoes for 24 hours after wearing them but if you only have one or two pairs of shoes then try to rotate as much as you can.

Buy These

Grab yourself a bargain by buying one of these.

1. John Lewis Sprung Shoe Tree, Amber2. John lewis Men's Medium Shoe Strether3. House Of Fraser Ecco Cedar Shoe Tree

John Lewis Review

john lewis store logo
John Lewis is a weird store for me to talk about. (Warning – I’m going to rant for two paragraphs in this John Lewis review) Now I am going pretty sure most of you will disagree with me here but I absolutely hate shopping in department stores. Selfridge’s, House of Fraser, Debenhams and even TK Max – I hate them. Selfridge’s is perhaps the only one I can bear, Harrods is not too bad as well.

You’re probably wondering why I don’t like them. It’s pretty simple really. The layout of the stores themselves are pretty annoying. I’m looking at boss suits and then somehow I’m in Primark. Aside from the layout, the mini-stores inside department stores just don’t know what they’re selling, they never carry a lot of stock so sizes are very limited. My main problem however is just the lack of variety of styles as they generally try to have a little bit of everything.

John Lewis is a little bit different. I actually only buy Ted Baker & John Lewis Suits from John Lewis, I generally just don’t find the rest of their suits that special. The suits I do buy from them are pretty unique though. My favourite thing about John Lewis is being able to buy last seasons Ted Baker suits for almost half the price it was originally being sold.

I know I went on about the negatives of a department store but at the same time you can also get some great shirts, ties, socks and shoes from John Lewis. What I generally do is to go into the store and try on a whole outfit, regardless of whether I’m looking to get just a suit or a suit plus accessories.

Below are some of my favourites from John Lewis.

Kin by John Lewis Slim Fit Stamford Tonic Suit Jacket, Midnight Blue

Bertie Aston Leather and Suede Brogue Derby Shoes, Black

Dune Runway Patent Loafers, Black

Kin by John Lewis Mercer Knitted Tie, Navy

Gant Dot Diamond Silk Scarf, Midnight Sky

John Lewis Fleece Lined Leather Gloves, Black

Kin by John Lewis Reversible Belt, Black/Red

GANT Review – Menswear

gant review mens suits chinos

My GANT review is a difficult one, it is an absolutely amazing store, the products are of top quality, but they are definitely expensive. GANT is a luxury clothing brand of American heritage launched in 1949. You can buy GANT clothing from the many signature GANT stores around the world or from different outlets like John Lewis. They sell clothing for men, women, boys, girls and babies.

GANT is one of those stores that I just admire, I feel great in the store and I feel even better walking around the shopping center with a GANT shopping bag. The quality of GANT is amazing, all you have to do is select one of the links below. When you wear a shirt from GANT you can really feel the difference. I would recommend pretty much everything from this store, it is an absolute top quality store that really goes above and beyond most stores.

Cost wise, it is up there as one of the most expensive stores around. The average shirt price is around £80, which is obviously more than we are used to paying. However, with the price in mind, I still very much recommend them.

gant review mens suits chinos

My Favourites From GANT

GANT Beige Cotton Chinos
GANT Beige Cotton Chinos
GANT Window Pane Blazer- Light Blue
GANT Window Pane Blazer
Gant Checked Oxford Shirt
Gant Checked Oxford Shirt

Hopefully my GANT review helped you get a bit more of an understanding of GANT. If you’re considering purchasing something from GANT, it will set you back quite a bit of money, but it will last, I can guarantee you that.

gant review mens suits chinos

GANT Review