Pay Day – Shopping List June 2015

selfridges every man needs these things

I’m in London for the weekend visiting my parents and considering it was just pay day, obviously I had to do some shopping. After spending all day on Oxford Street, I decided I would compile a list of all the great clothes and accessories I saw throughout the day. Most of this list, I either already own or just bought today and I’m hoping you will find as much joy and benefit from these products as I do.

Things Every Man Needs


1. Easy To Carry Cufflinks

On my trip down to London I realised I left my cufflinks at home in Birmingham, considering the only shirt I brought with me was double cuffed, I was screwed. Thankfully the weather on Saturday was fantastic so I just rolled my sleeves up and went shopping. I found myself in TM Lewin looking at cufflinks and then I remembered they sold those silly pretend cufflinks and figured for £4 – why not? So these are now my easy to carry cufflinks.

Navy Pink Knots TM Lewin
Navy Pink Knots – TM Lewin – £4.00


2. The Perfect Undershirt

If you wear a dress shirt to work then you know how useful undershirts are, not only do they stop your shirt from being ruined by your sweat in the summer, they keep you warm on those not so hot days. The problem is if your undershirt is too loose fitting or not long enough, it can cause your shirt to look cheap and baggy. This is easily solved with the best undershirt I’ve ever owned and seen. Uni-qlo’s undershirt is literally the thinnest item I own, its so comfortable and tight fitting I barely know I’m wearing it. The length is amazing dropping right down pass my boxers meaning it will never become un-tucked no matter what I do. I bought mine in white but it’s available in about eight different colours.

MEN AIRism V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt white
MEN AIRism V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt – £9.90

3. Loafers

With Summer basically here you really have no excuse now not to be rocking some dapper loafers. I’d definitely go for a slip-on loafer with the tassels. Loafers are fantastic for looking casual in a suit, especially when worn without socks. On Saturday I grabbed myself some decent loafers for £60 from Zara.

Blue Zara Loafers
Blue Zara Loafers – £59.99

4. Replacement Collar Stays

Us gentleman that wear shirts all the time and look after them properly know that you have to take out your collar stays whenever you wash or iron your shirt. Just incase you don’t know, if you don’t then you will ruin your collar and possibly melt your collar stays into your shirt. So since we are constantly removing our collar stays it is very possible that we may lose them. I’ve lost about five in the last three months. As an aspiring gentleman you should look after your clothes and buying some replacement collar stays is a great insurance item for you.

Collar stays - above the ankles
Collars Stays – £ 1.95

5. Base London Black Base Power Gibson Shoes

Black shoes are few and far between. Many men just wear any sort of black shoes and just expect them to go un-noticed. Your shoes are ridiculously important and every that cares about you will notice them. This June it is probably best you put away those battered black shoes and get yourself a new professional pair. Schuh is a great company to buy from, they have some good brands under their belt and are definitely a great retailer to check out. Base designed these shoes and they are both comfy and very stylish with a slight bump along the front of the shoe to create that perfect work look.

mens base london black base power gibson shoes 2
Base London Black Base Power Gibson Shoes – £68.00

6. TM Lewin Shirts

Buying a new shirt is something you should do every so often, at least once a year. I love shopping and summer is a great excuse to buy a new shirt. As it heats up you spend more time with your jacket/blazer off and more time showing off your shirts. Since people are going to see it a lot more the next couple months, it makes sense to wear fresh shirts. TM Lewin is a heavyweight in the luxury shirts industry and definitely without a doubt my favourite shirt retailer. Grab your next shirt from them, you will not be disappointment- I promise.

Slim Fit Light Blue Stripe White Cutaway Collar Shirt
Slim Fit Light Blue Stripe White Cutaway Collar Shirt – £29.95

10% Off TM Lewin – March

tm lewin 10% off

I do not remember the last time I bought an item for full price, the only time I would ever do that is out of desperation. Why would you? There are discount codes and vouchers all over the internet. Although to be honest some companies like TM Lewin are pretty good at keeping them hidden. Luckily for you guys, I’m here.

Just Enter MARCH10 at checkout and you got yourself 10% off anything online.

Click Here – TM Lewin

tm lewin 10% off

50p & £1 Coins Cufflinks – 10% OFF

£1 coins cufflinks in the UK

I found these a couple weeks ago and instantly fell in love. I love money, I’m pretty sure that you all do too. What better way to show your love of money by wearing a £1 or 50p coin on your cuff. My absolute favourite thing about the cufflinks is they are actually made from real coins. Designed by a guy called George Sebastian in London they really look and feel like they have been tailored made for you.

Code for 10% Off

Enter ATA10% to receive 10% off your order. This is available for any orders you place from the coin collection of cufflinks.

Here’s the link; Order Here.

The Gekko Shirt

wolf of wall street above the ankles

Every man loves wolf of wall street, why? I suppose for various different reasons. Maybe we all want to be in the movie because of the money, the cars, the girls or the fame. Whatever the reason, none of us can deny the outfits in the movies or on the actual wall street. These guys dress pretty well, my favourite look is definitely without a doubt the ‘Gekko’ shirt. For those who don’t know what the gekko shirt is, it’s basically a shirt that has a collar and cuff colour that contrasts the colour of the shirt. [See Below]



Wearing the Gekko Shirt is a statement, the moment you put it on you get that banker feel. Makes me feel like I need to make more money. So the question is; should you buy one?

Well it depends on your job and where you plan on wearing it. Contract shirts are great with navy suits, especially pin stripes so if where you work its acceptable to look that dapper, then go for the contrast shirt. Unfortunately my Gekko shirts don’t have a place in my workplace so I’m only able to wear them on a weekend.

Grab A Bargain

So to actually buy a quality contrast shirt like Gekko then you’re going to get set back £40 or £50. Luckily for us we don’t have to pay that kind of money. Thanks to Moss Bros I have found three variations of the Gekko shirt that are absolutely stunning.

Two of these shirts are £12 each and the other £15 so you know you’re getting a great bargain.

Blue & White Double Cuff Contrast Collar & Cuff Shirt

This regular fit Moss Esq. shirt has a special non iron treatment and taped arm seams means that only a minimal run over with the iron is needed to ensure a crisp, smart look.

60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Double Cuff
Non Iron
Regular Fit

Blue & White Double Cuff Contrast Collar & Cuff Shirt

gekko moss 1

Single Cuff Stripe Contrast Collar Shirt

This Moss London slim fit shirt with single cuffs is ideal for everyday work wear. Team with a skinny ties and a tie pin for an on trend, stylish look.

100% Cotton
Single Cuff
Slim Fit
White Contrast Collar

Single Cuff Stripe Contrast Collar Shirt

gekko moss 2

Tailored Fit Navy Double Cuff Striped Shirt

This Moss 1851 tailored fit shirt is made from 100% cotton. This shirt is great for either work wear or for special occasions.

100% Cotton
Double Cuff
Tailored Fit

Tailored Fit Navy Double Cuff Striped Shirt

gekko moss 3

Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks

Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks

We all own double cuffed shirts and we love them dearly, so it’s no surprise that we love cufflinks. Cufflinks are great for our ego, they are that little piece of our outfit that usually go un-noticed. The best thing about cufflinks is definitely the fact they are so simple and often overlooked. Cufflinks are elegant and the Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks is definitely a fine elegant thing.

Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks

As we all know, Ted Baker is a marvellous brand and they definitely come up with fine pieces of clothing. Ted Baker is a brand known to be different and do it with amazing style. I love wearing cufflinks, especially my Aston Martin pair, as they grab so much attention from others. When people look down at my wrist and notice something different, something out of the ordinary – they love it.

Quality & Price

Made mostly out of brass and then finished off with your standard button for that really authentic look. These Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks were originally priced at £55, which I would never pay for cufflinks. Thankfully as with everything I buy, these are are on sale for £25. The price is pretty decent but still more expensive than probably all your over cufflinks.

Should You Buy Them?

If you’re like me and you enjoy; wearing named brands, receiving compliments and wearing things that are conversation starters… Then yes you need these! If you’re into grabbing a bargain, then what better bargain than a named and branded Ted Baker item. However, if you don’t really care about cufflinks, then get some £5 ones from eBay or Amazon.

Plus they come with this amazing gift box which basically means you should buy two pairs and give one to a dear friend.

Here’s The Link.

Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks

TM Lewin 4 Shirts Offer

I’m sure there’s not many of you who don’t own TM Lewin shirts, I can only imagine my non UK/US readers not owning shirts from this amazing store. Then again, even if you’re not from UK/US, you still should grab yourself a couple of these shirts. Very rarely will you be able to find a shirt at around twenty or thirty pounds at the quality and consistency of TM Lewin.

We all know about their 4 shirts for £100 promotion which is on all year round, well as you probably know this time of the year is the perfect time for offers and saving some money. TM Lewin thankfully is no different and they currently have their shirts on sale.

4 Shirts For £80

I have nothing but praise for TM Lewin’s shirts, I generally don’t but their ties or cufflinks from them as they’re usually more expensive than the shirts themselves and I know I could get similar ties from other stores for a much lower price. I definitely will be ordering my TM Lewin shirts online this week, make sure you do as well.

My Recommendations

I have owned two of these shirts in the past which I lost (don’t ask how), my close friend also bought the other two a few years ago and still wears them regularly so I highly recommend these four.

Slim Fit Plain White Luxury Twill Shirt

Slim Fit Plain White Twill Non-Iron Shirt

Slim Fit Navy Bengal Stripe Poplin Shirt

Slim Fit Plain Pink Luxury Twill Shirt