Get The Look – Issue 1

get the look #1

Since this is the first issue of get the look I thought I would start off with something simple yet beautiful. I will provide three to five different links to products that similar to what the model is wearing in the picture. This should give you enough options to buy things within your price range and also from companies you prefer.

The Look

get the look issue 1 above the ankles

This look is beautifully dapper, the colours are a variety of different blues. The shirt is a cutaway contrast colour, which provides that modern gekko shirt look. The paisley pattern on the tie is simple but goes perfectly well with the shirt. The navy braces are nice and thick, removing that casual look and creating that “ready for work” look.

The Shirt

ASOS Smart Shirt In Long Sleeve With Curve Collar – £22

John Lewis Contrast Collar Stripe Tailored Shirt, Blue/White – £20

John Lewis Fine Stripe Contrast Collar Shirt, Blue – £40

M&S Pure Cotton Winchester Shirt – £45

TM Lewin Slim Fit Plain Blue End-on-End Double Cuff Shirt – £29.95

The Tie

John Lewis Made In Italy Dot Print Wool Tie, Teal – £17.50

TM Lewin Khaki Paisley Print Slim Tie – £20

The Suspenders/Braces

M&S Self Cross Checked Adjustable Braces -£19.50

TM Lewin Navy Pink Spot Braces – £29.50

TM Lewin Navy Braces – £29.50

ASOS Braces – £8

get the look issue 1 above the ankles

Do You Know Your Shirt Collar Styles?

different types of shirts

When it comes to buying a shirt, it’s not just about picking up the first white shirt you see or looking for the cheapest packet of three shirts. Now I’m not saying you should spend tons of money on a shirt but you just can’t buy shirts for less than £20. Some places like Marks & Spencer sell shirts for £35 to £45, which is normal for most people but I’d never pay that much. You can get great shirts for £20 from TM Lewin, Moss Bro’s & Next.

It’s not just price you need to look at when shopping around for a shirt, you need a whole bunch of things. You need to consider; the fit of the shirt, how the shirt cuffs are going to be, the colour of the shirt, the patterns on the shirt and what type of collar.

The Different Types Of Collars

different types of shirts

The Cutaway collar

This is a classic style perfect for business, whether you’ve got a day catching up in the office, or an important presentation to deliver. The cut away collar leaves a large space for a tie to be knotted into, mirroring the line of your shoulders. This is perfect for traditional ties to be worn in a Windsor Knot, giving ample room for that perfect triangular fold and wrap.

The Button Down Collar

The button down collar has evolved over time, with its heritage being in workwear as a practical solution to preventing the dreaded curled up collar. You now find button down collars more commonly in social environments. They’re perfect to wear teamed with a v-neck sweater or cardigan since the buttons help to control the collar, drawing the lines of the outer garment and shirt together. T.M. Lewin have recently started to bring the button down collar back into a more formal environment, applying the detail to shirts with a classic semi-cut away collar. This works well when coupled with a slim tie, tie clip and pocket square – adding great features to your look.

The Contrast Collar

Up until a few years ago, when you saw a contrast collar on a shirt (usually a white collar with a plain blue or pink shirt body), you’d think; 1980’s yuppies like in the picture above. This style has turned full circle since then and is now a prominent feature in many modern day shirtmakers collections. We’d always suggest wearing a tie with this type of collar, helping to draw the contrasting colours together, using the collar as the focal point.

The Round Collar

The round collar has been making a return to both work and social environments in a big way for the past couple of years. The collar itself will be rounded at the tips creating a less formal image, perfect for work Christmas parties and corporate entertainment. Round collars look great when they carry contrast to the shirt body, helping to accentuate the features of the collar. You can combine this style with a slim knitted tie and a plain silver tie clip to complete the look.

The Collar Pin

The pin is another way to add detail to your image. Shirts with collar pins will have a fairly tight area in which to slot a tie, so make sure you pick out a slim or skinny tie. Collar pin shirts don’t always have to be formal, however. A slim fit shirt buttoned up to the top and finished with a pin can look great with a pair of dark slim fit jeans and a well-tailored jacket for the party season.

The Wingtip

Form is temporary, class is permanent, and that can certainly be said of the wingtip. The collar is tunic in style with triangular tips placed at the fastening ends. This style of shirt has stood the test of time – team it with a sharp dinner suit and black bow tie for that James Bond appearance. If you want to look even cooler, untie your tie, let it drape around your neck, and unbutton your top button. How did you want that Martini again sir?

If you are looking to get a shirt then I will always recommend TM Lewin, they look expensive, some things are expensive in there but ultimately they are a cheap store with top quality stuff. My absolute favourite for shirts of different styles.

different types of shirts

Fitted Plain White Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt

crisp white shirt

I put on my new wool suit, my standard white shirt and went out today for some shopping and a meal, it turns out I hate my current white shirt that I thought I loved.

Standing inside Mark’s and Spencer, under the sharp white light I noticed my shirt wasn’t as good as it once was. The natural creases that happen throughout the day didn’t look natural anymore, they looked like they had been there for years.

Maybe I’m making this sound more dramatic than it needs to be but if your going to keep your suit jacket on all day everyday then maybe you can get away with an old shirt. Me however, I take my suit jacket off all the time and although no one would say anything I would hate for someone to think; “That shirt used to be white lol”.

So once the day was done and my suit’s in the wardrobe its time to make a change. When it comes to buying shirts there are many different retailers to choose from depending on your budget. If you need any help then give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help you choose a shirt.

My solution

TM Lewin Fitted Plain White Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt

Fitted Plain White Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt - Above The Ankl