How To Buy An Expensive Suit For Cheap

how to buy a cheap suit

Today I wanted to share a personal trick of mine that not many people know about it and I really think this will be extremely helpful to all of you. The other day I bought a £130 suit for £42. Obviously £130 isn’t an expensive suit but I’m just going to run you through my trick by using this suit as an example for you guys to understand.

Sales and clearance items are great because the suits go from £250 down to £85, however they are usually really annoying to go shop through. Even if you manage to find a blazer your size, it’s impossible to find trousers that fit.

The trick is to find a trousers that are too long for you and get them cut to fit you. I managed to find a slim fit blazer 38S, which is my exact size, then for the trousers I had to buy a 34L which is about 4 inches too long for me. So very simply, I took the trousers to the tailors and got the 4 inches cut off for me. It cost me £10 to get them cut which meant in total the suit cost me £52. Not bad eyy?

One final tip, when you go to the tailor, if you have other things needed, like dry cleaning or another alterations, always try and pitch them for a discount.

Remember buying something for cheap isn’t always a bad thing.