Argan Oil – My Best Buy From Morocco

argan oil set

After seven days in the beautiful Moroccan weather I find myself back in London soaking in all this cold wet weather. I’ve opened up my suitcase, pulled out all the stuff I bought and its clear to me what the best thing I bought was. I started using it a few days into my trip and the benefits are clear. I paid twenty dirhams which equates to around £1.30 for 100ml of pure argan oil. I don’t have much hair on my head at all but I got a lot on my face.

Still life of argan fruit and oil
Argan fruit, seeds and oil, used for cosmetic and alimentary products

I’ve been applying it twice a day and my beard has become darker, thicker, shinier and softer. I must admit, I have no clue how long this will last for but what I do know is I look a lot better with it in my beard than without.

I’ve used beard balms before and I know for a fact they all have argan oil in them but I’ve never thought about actually using pure argan oil by itself. The only negative I have come across so far is that when you initially apply it, it smells kinda funky but that smell goes after 15 minutes or so.

Should I Use Argan Oil?

If your hair is tough, or brittle or even itchy then yeah I suggest using it. I’m usually caught, pulling out my beard because its itchy but in the last week I haven’t pulled out any.

If you have nice soft hair then there isn’t a need for you to use argan oil, just go enjoy life. (I’m jealous of you.)


As you can imagine the price from a Moroccan night market is going to be a lot different to a UK retailers price. It may be worth having a look around but make sure you go for the 100% pure argan oil. I trust Boots and Holland and Barrett with this kind of products but your welcome to have a look around, you’ll probably get a good deal on sites like eBay as well.

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Good luck on your journey to nice shiny hair, wherever you choose to apply the oil. Apparently its good for massages too (wink wink.)

How Often Should Men Shave? – Grooming Routine

grooming kit

Everyone talks about having a good suit, a crisp shirt, a pair of well polished shoes etc etc. These things are great and we understand their importance but we also know looking after our hair (all of it) is equally as important. I have already written about “How often should men get a haircut?”. If we exclude the hair on our head, there is still a lot of hair elsewhere, leaving a few unanswered questions.

– How to shave?
– When to shave?
– What to shave?
– Should men shave at all?

should men shave

Grooming Routine

The answers are different depending on you, some of us men grow hair at crazy speeds and some of us grow an inch every 18 months. Having a routine, no matter the duration, is imperative as there are somethings that as men, we just can not afford to let happen. I can’t afford to let my mustache grow for more than four days without shaving it. I literally look like a homeless bum with my unshaven mustache. Selecting a day and having a set routine that you go through each time will guarantee you constantly look your best. People will notice if you stop grooming yourself and they will be quick to tell you about it.

Unanswered Questions

How to shave?

Shaving is not the easiest thing to do, trust me I cut myself often. However, saying that, I have improved massively over time. The best advice I can give; practice makes perfect and while you are on your way to perfection, I have some tips that will help you out.

1. Wash whatever you are shaving with hot water. Hot water opens up your pours, meaning you will get a closer shave and you are less likely to cut yourself. If you do manage to nick yourself, splash your face with cold water once you are done as this causes your skin’s pores to close and the blood will also move away from the surface of your skin.

2. Get a cutthroat blade. They look scary but they are perfect. Once you get past the first couple times, you will realize that you can now shave everything with ease. The normal razors are really easy to use and not to mention, they are a lot safer. None the less the cutthroat blade trumps them all. You can get one for really cheap on eBay, I added it into my store – click here.

3. Use shaving foam or some sort of soap/oil. There is nothing worse than shaving somewhere on your body or your face and it feeling like its on fire and about to explode. I use shaving foam, I buy mine for around 30 pence from Tesco and it stops me from removing the top layer of my skin when shaving. This means I get a better shave and I don’t get a super red mustache (eww).

What to shave?/Should men shave at all?

Should men shave? Of course, how often? Depends how hairy you are. Me – I’m quite hairy so I shave a lot. Never shave his legs or arms, everything else is open for you. I personally shave all my pubic hair, my underarm hair, my back, the back of my neck and I trim my mustache. I hear you asking, what about my chest? Yes I do grow hair on my chest and stomach and I do get rid of the hair there. How? Hair removal cream my friend. It works wonders and when the hair grows back, it doesn’t itch at all.

beard science

Grooming is important and how ever you choose to groom yourself, just make sure that you get into a routine and do it often. My routine is every Friday without fail. Don’t forget to cut your nails as well. Cleanliness is part of being a gent, so get used to it.

How Often Should You Get A Haircut?

The answer that isn’t really an answer is; it depends on how long your hair is. To keep it simple follow this rule.

If your hair is short, you need a haircut once a month. If it’s medium length where you can actually gel your hair, then once every three months. Any long hair also needs to be cut every six months to a year.

If you follow this rule you will be alright. Now I got a question for you, are you ok with just being alright? I don’t want to be known as the guy who dresses alright. So what else do you need to do?

Between haircuts things will start to grow in different places depending on how hairy you are. For me, I have an M shape hairline and the back of my neck also gets really hairy. So every three to five days I pick up my cut throat blade (I recommend you get one) and I shave off the hair myself. Just because you got a haircut four days ago doesn’t mean you still look nice and neat now.

If you aren’t sure if you need to touch places up with a razor just ask a friend if your beard or your hairline looks messy. Staying on top of this five minute job will make people look at you like someone who just always looks great.