Ikon Black Stardust 2 Shoes


Ever heard of the company Ikon? No, me neither to be honest. I was just shopping around online and found myself on the Schuh website having a look at some shoes for work. Ikon shoes is a pretty unknown company to me so I did some research as I hate cheaply made shoes and before I spend money on my outfit I need to know who I’m buying from. I already know Schuh pretty well so I spent some time on google. I found out a bunch of stuff I don’t care about like that they started in the 1990’s. But the good news is they have their shoes being sold in many different retail stores which is always a good sign in a brand. What’s more important than that, are the reviews written by other customers. It was good to see the Ikon Black Stardust 2 Shoes have fantastic reviews online.

Here’s a few;

Neil McDonald
3 Stars
Really nice looking shoes, but a very narrow fit. I’m a size 11, but they were way too tight for me. I exchanged for a 12, but the extra length looked odd. I don’t think I’m cut out for pointed toe shoes!

4.5 Stars
This is my second pair of these shoes, the first ones wore out after a year as the heel broke off but i had to get another pair as it is so comfy and stylish.

Daniel Crampton
5 Stars
Great shoe. One thing i’ve learnt though. Always buy a size above. I know this sounds daft as i’m a Size 11 normally but these are way too small in your normal size. Great shoe and have bought time and time again. Very happy.

Ikon Black Stardust 2 Shoes

These stardust Ikon shoes are quite basic in the fact that they are pretty much just standard black pointed shoes. Made from 100% leather and finished off with a nice polished look. I’m not going to say these shoes are any different to what else you could get on the shelf but priced at £55.00 with free delivery you can’t really go wrong.


Apart from the standard things you would expect from any shoe, there are some unique things about the Ikon Black Stardust 2 Shoes that really grab my attention. The back of the shoe has an embossed Ikon logo and the sole has this amazing graffiti spray on the bottom, even though no one will see it.

Ikon Black Stardust 2 Shoes