Kin by John Lewis Mercer Knitted Tie

knitted tie - above the ankles

I’m pretty sure we all know what knitted ties are by now, thanks to knitted ties many people are now leaving their silk ties, which have now become “bland” and “normal”, left at the back of the draw. Knitted ties are different; they usually will attract some attention from average Joe’s. Their loosely woven look allows a nice and friendly persona.

Also known as the sock tie, the knitted ties usually have a blunt straight end as opposed to the conventional pointed end. Almost all knitted ties can be used both for smart and casual. They are usually made from silk but I prefer the polyester ones.

The Kin by John Lewis Mercer Knitted Tie comes in a variety of colours, from navy to black to gold and red. It’s only 5cm in width making it pretty much the perfect fit.

These are being sold by John Lewis for £19.50 – you could probably get them online cheaper maybe for £10 or so.

John Lewis Review

john lewis store logo
John Lewis is a weird store for me to talk about. (Warning – I’m going to rant for two paragraphs in this John Lewis review) Now I am going pretty sure most of you will disagree with me here but I absolutely hate shopping in department stores. Selfridge’s, House of Fraser, Debenhams and even TK Max – I hate them. Selfridge’s is perhaps the only one I can bear, Harrods is not too bad as well.

You’re probably wondering why I don’t like them. It’s pretty simple really. The layout of the stores themselves are pretty annoying. I’m looking at boss suits and then somehow I’m in Primark. Aside from the layout, the mini-stores inside department stores just don’t know what they’re selling, they never carry a lot of stock so sizes are very limited. My main problem however is just the lack of variety of styles as they generally try to have a little bit of everything.

John Lewis is a little bit different. I actually only buy Ted Baker & John Lewis Suits from John Lewis, I generally just don’t find the rest of their suits that special. The suits I do buy from them are pretty unique though. My favourite thing about John Lewis is being able to buy last seasons Ted Baker suits for almost half the price it was originally being sold.

I know I went on about the negatives of a department store but at the same time you can also get some great shirts, ties, socks and shoes from John Lewis. What I generally do is to go into the store and try on a whole outfit, regardless of whether I’m looking to get just a suit or a suit plus accessories.

Below are some of my favourites from John Lewis.

Kin by John Lewis Slim Fit Stamford Tonic Suit Jacket, Midnight Blue

Bertie Aston Leather and Suede Brogue Derby Shoes, Black

Dune Runway Patent Loafers, Black

Kin by John Lewis Mercer Knitted Tie, Navy

Gant Dot Diamond Silk Scarf, Midnight Sky

John Lewis Fleece Lined Leather Gloves, Black

Kin by John Lewis Reversible Belt, Black/Red