Remove The Label

I can’t believe I’m actually writing about this one but it’s something I’ve seen a few times in my short life and I must say, it is annoying! Those temporary brand labels left on the sleeves of suits as if they are supposed to be permanently part of the suit. I’m going to guess most people do it out of ignorance.

I do however get how they make the mistake; they go to the store, grab themselves a bargain on a quality suit from a big brand and they want to show it off. Well there’s many ways to do that, they could take a picture of the inside label of the jacket so everyone knows they have an DKNY suit. Another option would be to tell everyone they come in contact with. Whatever way they choose I don’t mind but one way no-one should ever do, under any circumstance is leave that label on the jacket sleeve on.

The moment you get home with your new suit, remove all labels! Don’t think about it just do it. It’s cringy and really weird to leave it on. Unless of course you are planning on returning the suit and getting a full refund. Which is a bit weird, why buy the suit in the first place?

Next time you see someone with a label on their sleeve, let them know that it’s tacky, please.

Shake my head.


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