Blue Gingham Flower Lapel Pin


The vast majority of people believe looking great involves spending a lot of money, they have a right to think that as it is often very true. However, to say that spending money is the only way to look great is completely false. Accessories are a great way for you to look dapper without actually spending too much money, whether its a collar bar or a lapel pin they work great.

Obviously everyone knows how great pocket squares are but to be fair they are getting old. So if pocket squares are old, what’s new? Flower lapel pins. They come in so many different materials ranging from silk, cotton, chiffon, wood and metal. This accessory is great for adding some colour to your outfit. You can buy them from so many different retailers.

A flower lapel pin is a small flower pin worn on your blazer on the left lapel (close to your heart.) Lapel pins can be ornamental or can indicate wearer’s affiliation with an organization or cause. Flower lapel pins however are used for only two reasons. Real flowers for weddings and cotton flowers for looking dapper.

The Blue Gingham Flower Lapel Pin is made from 100% cotton, costing only £6 and coloured with white and different shades of blue. The great thing about this lapel pin is, due to the colours it is pretty neutral and will go with pretty much all your outfits.

Grab yours from River Island here; Blue Gingham Flower Lapel Pin