Moss Bros Summer Suits Sale

moss bros summer suit

I try not to be one of those bloggers that just writes about a bunch of stuff that I don’t like just for the sake of “content.” This can result sometimes in me going through websites and just thinking; “blah – I hate all this stuff.” For that I do apologise for not writing as much as I normally do. Thankfully Moss Bros came to the rescue with some really nice suits at a really decent price.

Moss Bros is one of those companies that seem to always have a sale, which can get a little annoying because I usually can not be bothered to flick through the racks in store or search through the online catalog. Especially because most of the time you find the perfect suit colour, style and fabric but then they don’t have it in your size. Thankfully I did manage to find four suits I would definitely own and wear regularly, one I’m actually buying.

I don’t really agree with owning “summer suits” just because in UK, its only really summer a couple days a year. If you don’t believe me it’s rained twice this week and it’s now 8th of July. Although you could certainly wear all four of these suits throughout summer pretty much anywhere in the world, I would not label them as summer suits. They are all season suits which is great for us normal lads that can’t afford to own fifteen different suits.

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Moss 1851 – Tailored

Each suit is from the Moss 1851 Tailored Fit collection, which probably doesn’t mean much to you but I’ll shed some light on it. Negatives first; each of the suits come with a fixed size trouser waist which is based on the size jacket you select. Generally waist is six inches smaller than our chest and that’s how they work it out. If you are oddly shaped like me then you can get the trousers tailored or it might be best to opt for their mix and match suits.

Please also note that although I normally post slim fit suits, these are tailored fit meaning they will be a bit more loose fitting. I think as I’m getting older, I’m slowly moving away from tight fitted suits and more into a nice tailored cut.

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Wrong Size – Returns

Moss Bros are quite good in regards to returns, I’ve returned and swapped a few things before and they never have any problems. There are two return policies, one 28 day return period for any non-sale item and you can return it for any reason, even if you don’t like it.

Their second policy is a 14 days return policy on all sale items. This is perfect and something I use often. I buy something even if it’s a bit of a gamble and then if it doesn’t fit, go into the store and get them to order me another one in a size up/down and get that delivered to my house or if they have one in store, even better.

Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Linen Suit

Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Linen Jacket

With the weather heating up and people walking around in t shirts its only befitting that now all the bright colours are coming out. In line with that I wanted to show you guys a classy summer suit you could wear pretty much anywhere from work, to the beach to a wedding.

Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Suit

The Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Suit is made from mostly from Linen mixed with polyester which is perfect for summer, it’s nice a light and breathable so you won’t be sweating buckets, at least not because of your suit. Due to the notched lapels, the suit would more suit a day out or an event rather than work but then I guess it depends what you work as and how casual work is. If everyone at work wears a suit and tie, then this isn’t the suit you want to wear to work, you’ll look far too laid back.

To add to that smart-casual look, the blazer has one button fastening, which looks great. If you paired this with a nice crisp white t-shirt during the day and then put on your spanking white dress shirt at night, you literally have the perfect summer outfit.

Moss isn’t known to be as expensive as other retailers and this suit fits well to that reputation, priced at £139.00 it is part of the lower end suits in high street retailers – although you probably couldn’t tell it was under £150.00.

Should You Grab This?

If you have winter suits, summer suits and all year round suits, then yes you have enough suits and this one will fit nicely into your collection. However, if you get by with 2-3 suits, then I wouldn’t advise this bad boy, summer suits are great but only last a couple of months.

Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Suit

Two Moss Bros Chinos For £30

chinos display pic cover

So not all of us wear suits to work, I know some of you actually don’t dress smart at all for work. So I figured I’d do a post for you. Whether you wear suits to work or you dress smart/casual or just casual then chinos are absolutely fantastic for that look. Chinos go perfectly with a tucked in shirt and no tie, a polo shirt or a normal crew neck t-shirt. Which ever way you want to wear them, go for it.

Moss Bros are normally known for their quality in suit tailoring but they do make a few mean pairs of chinos. There currently is a sale on, two for £30 or one pair for £20.

These Moss London Slim Fit Chinos are pure cotton and feature side slant pockets, a ticket pocket, two back pockets and a stripe lining. They are available in a variety of different colours for you to pick from. My personal favourites are the dark red chinos.

Enjoy & let me know how you will wear them.


Moss Bros 20% Off Code

Moss bros discount on accessories

Accessories make the outfit, we all know that but not many of us are actually bothered to add the different accessories. So to give you a bit of motivation to go out and get some pocket squares and ties Moss Bros are giving 20% off all accessories. To get this deal all you need to do is enter AST20 at checkout and you’re winning. Expires on 03/03/2015!

Here’s the link; Extra 20% Off Accessories & Ties

My Recommendations

I’d recommend going for some of the simple accessories like pocket squares and bracelets.

Moss London Navy Stitch Border Handkerchief – £7.00

DKNY Black Full Grain Leather Logo Buckle Belt – £40.00

Moss 1851 Wine Velvet Bow Tie – £30.00

Moss 1851 Black 2 in 1 Braces – £22.00

Moss London Silver Playing Cards – £20.00

Moss London Teal Skinny Tie With Tie Clip – £20.00

Moss 1851 Silver Metal Collar Stiffener – £15.00

Moss London Black And White Houndstooth Bow Tie – £12.00

Moss London Black 3 Loop Braided Leather Bracelet – £12.00

Moss London Navy With Red Border Knitted Handkerchief – £12.00

Remember to enter the code: AST20 at checkout. Expires on 03/03/2015!
Moss bros discount on accessories

Moss London Slim Fit Silver Tonic Mixer

moss bros silver tonic suit

Silver suits are a favourite of mine, definitely not a suit you would wear to work, I know some people do but hey, each to their own. The Moss London Tonic Mixer suit was my favourite suit 3 years ago before I eventually managed to buy a tuxedo. The suit goes great with everything and you really can stand out if you wear it to the right place. I have worn mine to weddings, award ceremonies, parties and even on a night out a few times. It’s one buttoned with notch lapels and single breasted, it really suits the slim fit style nicely. It comes with the normal two pockets and breasted pocket which I’m hoping you will keep the pockets closed and not ruin the shape of the jacket!

When I bought this it was known as the Ventuno21 suit but now it’s called the Moss London but I’m pretty sure it’s still the exact same fit as the one I had. The new Moss waistcoats are low cut so they only have three buttons as opposed to the normal five or six. The trousers on this suit are really thigh hugging so if you have quite big thighs I wouldn’t suggest this suit unless you know your measurements, and make sure you check the sizing guides.

When I initially bought this suit I remember it being around £150+ for the whole set but thankfully now it’s on sale;

The Blazer – From £99.00 To £59.00
The Trousers – From £60 To £20
The Waistcoat – From £49.00 To £39.00

The Total Price – £118.00

I would highly recommend the Moss London Slim Fit Silver Tonic Mixer as long as you’re not planning on wearing it for daily use, keep it only for events and times when you’re planning on really showing off.

moss bros silver tonic suit

Moss London Slim Fit Silver Tonic Mixer

Patent Moss

black patent moss bros shoes

So I’m out shopping the other day, pretty much the same as everyone else nowadays. Anyways I went into Moss Bros looking for brown suede loafers, did I find them? No I didn’t, however I did find some absolutely sexy shoes that I will need to save for the perfect occasion. Now we all know black patent shoes are amazing, you’ve all probably seen the Ted Baker ones thats in loads of stores. You’re probably thinking why are these any different? Well they aren’t. These Moss Bros black patent shoes are exactly the same in quality and appearance, I suppose you could say the only difference is they are significantly cheaper at £80. I do understand that the Ted Baker ones have a blue trim and a different sole but we don’t worry about that.

When To Wear Them

Now normally you would only wear these shoes at a specific event, i.e. a black tie dinner but I’m all about going against the mould. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying we should wear these to work, calm down that would be social suicide. With that being said you can wear these with all of your dark suits. I wear these on any nights out to the restaurant with the Mrs or to any event that’s out of the ordinary where I know I’m going to be out during the night. I don’t know why but black patent shoes just don’t look that good during the day.


Now I am aware that primark sold their own black patent shoe for £15 and I’m sure there’s other black patent shoes you could grab for £20-£30. Regardless of the company selling it, if you’re going to get black patent shoes make sure they are real leather. Everyone on the planet can tell if your wearing decent patent’s or not. Don’t be that guy trying to look rich.

Have a look yourself.

black patent moss bros shoes

Moss Bros Review

moss bros review

If I was to sum up this Moss Bros review in one word, it would be ‘brilliant’. What can I say, without a doubt I absolutely love Moss Bros Great company, great retail stores, great staff. Moss Bros know just what they’re doing. It’s almost like walking into a privately owned tailor for a bespoke suit. Obviously it’s not as good as going into a tailor’s for a bespoke suit but you get my point.

If I judge them based on their diversity of suits they would do very well. They have everyday work suits, evening wear and casual suits. Sometimes however, their diversity of suits lets them down as they have some crazy silver and gold suits – yuck.

The quality of their suits is pretty much standard as you’d expect from any standard high street retailer. Moss Bros’s designer suits are of a much better quality than the rest though. I bought my first suit from them 4 years ago, and so far, I am yet to rip or wear away any of the fabric in my suits.

moss bros review inside store

If you’re anything like me, (I have a weird body shape), the majority of the suits you buy wont fit you (perfectly) as most suits are shaped for “normal body shaped people.” Great thing about Moss Bros is they 99% of the time have a qualified Tailor to make the suit YOURS!

Moss suits are consistent, they have very strong stand out suits and very nicely fitted suits. You know what you’re getting from them. You have the choice of hiring a suit or buying it, I have never hired a suit in my life but I know some people are into that so go for it if you need an emergency suit.

They have some luxurious brands such as Calvin Klein, Ben Sherman, French Connection, DKNY, Ted Baker, Canali, Zegna and Cerruti, these are all available in store and online. Not only do they offer fantastic suits at great prices, they also have extremely nice accessories and shoes. I will be selecting a few to write about in the future so stay tuned.

Moss Bros – Suits

Moss Bros – Accessories

Moss Bros – Shoes

If you sign up to their newsletter they send amazing deals, I received a 50% off voucher this morning!

If you enjoyed my Moss Bros review and would like more of these, please share with your friends and drop me a comment below with which company I should review next.