Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Linen Suit

Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Linen Jacket

With the weather heating up and people walking around in t shirts its only befitting that now all the bright colours are coming out. In line with that I wanted to show you guys a classy summer suit you could wear pretty much anywhere from work, to the beach to a wedding.

Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Suit

The Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Suit is made from mostly from Linen mixed with polyester which is perfect for summer, it’s nice a light and breathable so you won’t be sweating buckets, at least not because of your suit. Due to the notched lapels, the suit would more suit a day out or an event rather than work but then I guess it depends what you work as and how casual work is. If everyone at work wears a suit and tie, then this isn’t the suit you want to wear to work, you’ll look far too laid back.

To add to that smart-casual look, the blazer has one button fastening, which looks great. If you paired this with a nice crisp white t-shirt during the day and then put on your spanking white dress shirt at night, you literally have the perfect summer outfit.

Moss isn’t known to be as expensive as other retailers and this suit fits well to that reputation, priced at £139.00 it is part of the lower end suits in high street retailers – although you probably couldn’t tell it was under £150.00.

Should You Grab This?

If you have winter suits, summer suits and all year round suits, then yes you have enough suits and this one will fit nicely into your collection. However, if you get by with 2-3 suits, then I wouldn’t advise this bad boy, summer suits are great but only last a couple of months.

Moss London Slim Fit Sky Blue Suit

Moss London Slim Fit Grey Check Suit


The Moss London Slim Fit Grey Check Suit is one of those suits I’m not a big fan of. Is it unique? No! Is it something new and fresh? Not really. Could you wear this to a special event? Please don’t!

So why would you buy a grey checked suit. Well..

Grey checked suits stand out in an amazingly subtle way. Grey suits can pretty much be worn every day of the week, whether worn to work with a tie or on the weekend with a bow tie. People love checked suits and grey ones are no different. I don’t know why but everyone just assumes a checked suit is an expensive suit. The Moss London Slim Fit Grey Check Suit is a normal single breasted slim fit suit with one button fastening.

For some reason Moss decided not to allow us to pick our own trouser size and actually just design the trousers to be six inches smaller than the chest size. Although I find this extremely weird for a company to force you into wearing a certain trouser size, it does however make sense as most people generally are 6 inches smaller in their waist. I’m actually a size 40 chest in slim fit and 34 waist so well done to them. If you find the trousers don’t fit you could easily send it back or take it to your local Moss Bros.

Made from 100% polyester, its just a normal quality retail suit really. As you would expect in a retail suit, the Moss London Slim Fit Grey Check Suit is priced at £99.

So I don’t know if you have been convinced by all of this, I personally havent. I love checked suits, I like grey suits, I’m not the biggest fan of one button fastening and don’t like the fact I can’t pick my own trouser length. If you don’t mind these things and just want the suit.. Here you go..

Moss London Slim Fit Grey Check Suit