Stores Every Man On A Low Budget Should Shop At

low budget stores

I’ve decided to do a post for men who just want to look good but don’t have the money. The last thing I’d ever advise you to do is spend your last £200 on a suit. Make sure you stay in your financial lane, even if that means building an outfit for £60 – it is possible trust me. Always be on the lookout for low budget stores or the next sale at your favourite brand and sign up to newsletters. I know shopping on a budget can be frustrating and annoying but it is what it is, try to remain patient and it will get easier.

All of the stores mentioned in this post are specific to the United Kingdom unless you intend on getting them delivered to you. With that being said there will be near identical stores in your country, exact same products and prices with a different name so be sure to check them out.

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next shopping centre

I must admit I consider myself to be on a modest income so I definitely am not above shopping in these low budget stores – sometimes.


poundland store

As the name suggests, Poundland is a piece of land in which anything and everything on that land is priced at £1. It’s well known in the UK and in recent years has grown from strength to strength, with stores popping up everywhere. They once sold ties, still do sell some underwear and all their stores definitely sell socks. Obviously due to the price, it’s seen as a poor mans store so beware before you brag that your boxers only cost £1.

As mentioned previously, I’m pretty sure every country has their own kind of stores in which everything is sold at the same really cheap price – so be on the look out.


primark store

Primark is well known in the UK for being the huge cheap shop no one wants to admit they shop at. They are averagely good at everything, you can’t expect too much of their products. They are pretty much everyone’s go to place for underwear and socks. My favourite thing about Primark is their incredibly cheap suits, it’s a well made suit with cheap material sold at around £40 for a two piece. This is no exaggeration when I say you could pick up a full two piece suit, with shirt, tie and some black office shoes all for £60.

Please note that on the weekends the ques in here are ridiculous so I advice going there during the week.


next store

Next is definitely one of the biggest retailers there are, they sell everything, men’s clothes, women’s clothes, children’s clothes and even home furniture. Truth be told, their menswear range is the very opposite to my taste, I find them very basic and standard. They have a very small range of shoes, definitely not their forte. Their clearance is the best time to shop there, you can pick up some amazing blazers for dirt cheap. Usually this is because the trousers would sold out or only have really huge or slim waist sizes. Next also have a really good online store, it’s pretty spot on and they have massive stock.

TM Lewin

tm lewin store

TM Lewin might come as a surprise inclusion on this list as it looks like a very expensive store, well it is. TM Lewin is mainly aimed at corporate lads with navy suits and pink shirts on huge salaries. The average suit here will cost you around £250, with shirts costing £35 and ties costing around £25. With that being said they have earned the right to those price points as without a doubt, they have lead the way in the last 100 years and have almost become the benchmark for quality. If you’re reading this wondering why I would include such a brand on my list, the answer is simple; their change of season discounts. Between the months of April to June and October to December they start to dump all their stock that didn’t sell as they expected and £40 shirts are sold at £15 – bargain!

After shopping here for five years, I’ve loved every purchase except their socks, they lost elasticity within a month, wasn’t impressed.

My Best Buy From Each Store


This is going to sound funny but I’m being serious, I picked up three pairs of black socks for £1. I’m actually wearing them now. They are comfortable, have a decent colour and they are cheap as chips, or even cheaper.

3 pairs of black socks low budget stores


In 2010 I picked up a suit for a work event I went to. Cost me a whopping £35 for a two piece black suit. I also picked up some black shoes for £8. Not bad right?


I have had over fifteen suits from Next, no exaggeration, many of which I still own and its hard to pick an out and out favourite. For the sake of this, I’ll go with one of my go-to suits when I need to impress – the blue pin stripe suit. The suit is a poly-blend suit, nothing special, but looks fantastic, has great colour, I’ve owned it for three years and it cost me a modest £110 for the jacket and trousers.

hamed adefuwa next pin stripe suit

hamed adefuwa next pin stripe suit

TM Lewin

I have and always will rant about my twill pink oxford shirt from TM Lewin, I’ve had it for over two years and it’s served me well. However it cost £35 so you would expect it too. For that reason my favourite shirt from TM Lewin will have to be my non-iron summer shirts I bagged in the winter of 2015. I remember seeing these online and thinking “what the hell – £15.” Since it was November and no one wanted to wear summery colorful shirts they were on sale from £35 to £15. I grabbed three . Without a doubt; a brilliant bargain, brilliant quality and my favourite buy.

tm lewin summer shirts sale men on low budget

tm lewin summer shirts sale men on low budget

tm lewin summer shirts sale men on low budget

Low Budget Stores

Wherever you live and whatever shops you have available to you, you can apply some of these tips to suit you. When the season changes as it is now, have a look at all the winter clothes, the jackets, scarves, gloves, wool or denim shirts. No one wants to buy thick clothes now when they’re expecting hot sunny days, I’m in England so I wouldn’t bet on it too much.

Also be on the look at in the sales section of your favourite websites. Check in your local “pound shop” and see what they have to offer. Enjoy the budget shopping and if anyone asks; you paid top dollar for it.

Get The Look – #2

above the ankles get the look

This is by far my favourite pic of the week, I can also see that you guys loved it just based on the sheer amount of likes on Instagram. I guess we all liked it for different reasons, mine personally was the bag, I’m actually shopping for a bag now so that could be why. Some of you said you liked the check suit, others the colour and the fit. Whatever your reason here’s how to get the look..

The Look

Comprised of Blues & Blacks this look is simple, yet complex. We all love blue in our outfits, it’s an easy colour to work with, we just understand it. Yet when take that navy blue suit; turn it into a double breasted suit and throw over some checked patterns, you get a whole new ball game. Worn with a simple white shirt, a plain black tie and a simple black leather strapped watch, some might say this look is a little too plain and simplistic but then again that person would be stupid. Combine all of the above with some killer black brogues and a sexy mens black holdall bag – you are a winner!

The Suit

Moss Bros London Slim Fit blue Check Suit

Asos Sisley Tartan Suit Jacket In Slim Fit

Asos Vito Check Suit Jacket In Slim Fit

Premium Grey Check Skinny Fit Suit

Voeut Navy Check Three Piece Suit

F&F Navy Prince of Wales Check Slim Fit Suit Jacket

The Shirt

Next Plain White Small Collar Shirt

TM Lewin Fitted Plain White Luxury Twill Shirt

TM Lewin Fitted Plain White Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt

ASOS Smart Shirt with Stripe Tie and Pocket Sqaure

ASOS Smart Shirt In Long Sleeve With Cutaway Collar

Gant Pinpoint Oxford Shirt

The Tie

Burton Black Tie & Pocket Square

Next Black Plain Tie And Pocket Square Set

Next 2 Pack Black Spot And Plain Ties With Pocket Square

M&S Spotted Tie

M&S Plain Tie with Stain Resistance

M&S Plain Textured Tie

Kin by John Lewis Mercer Knitted Tie, Black

Black Brogues

ASOS Oxford Brogues in Leather

ASOS Brogues in Leather

ASOS Oxford Brogues in Leather

River Island Smart Brogues

Moss London Black Brogue Shoe

Holdall Bag

Ted Baker Melbor Holdall Black

Fred Perry Classic Barrel Bag

House Of Fraser Howick Leather Holdall

ASOS Leather and Nylon Holdall

Next Signature Black Leather Holdall

Topman Black Premium Doctors Holdall

Calvin Klein Black Gym Duffle Bag

Next Burgundy Suit

next burgundy suit

I know a few of you bought the burgundy loafers and brogues that I posted last week so I wanted to give you something that will really complete the outfit. Burgundy is a very special colour because it used to be very unique and rare to find someone in a burgundy suit, nowadays it’s pretty normal, although they still has that kind of wow factor about them. This Next suit is a standard slim fit suit with two buttons and twin back vents its pretty much what you would expect from Next.


This is not a suit of high quality so if you do buy it then expect “floating pieces of fluff” to get stuck to your suit jacket. Be sure to carry a lint roller in your bag or keep it at your desk. Made out of mostly polyester, Next states that this suit is machine washable but I personally would stay away from sticking your blazer or trousers in the washing machine.


This suit is really cheap at a retail price of £79 for the jacket and blazer and an extra £29 for the waistcoat its like the perfect back up suit. This burgundy suit perfectly matches the brogues and loafers I wrote about earlier, which if you bought one, you could have a full burgundy outfit for £100 – bargain!

Here’s the link – Next Burgundy Suit

My Newest Wool Addition

The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit

So I was out shopping the other day for shoes and I decided to pop into Next to check the sales and as always I hated it completely. So I decided to skip past the sale section and just head over to the normal bit where it’s a bit more civilised. So I decided to walk around all the normal section where I would normally get my suits from and they all just looked a bit off. So then it came to me that I actually don’t actually own a wool suit. So literally as soon as I thought that, I saw the perfect suit.

The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit

When I initially walked into the store I was only looking to spend about £50, so I find myself holding a £130 suit and still intending to also get the waistcoat as well. At this time I didn’t even know how much the waistcoat was but decided to ask. After a very long wait (long queues) I finally got to the checkout to find the waistcoat came in at £40. Since I originally only intended to spend £50, looking at spending £170 on the till was a bit much for me so I decided to skip the waistcoat this time.

This wool suit is fantastic, it is a warm suit which is obviously great for winter, the wool makes it really comfortable and the detail within the stitching of the fabric is beautiful. The only issue with wool is when you wear the suit jacket with a short-sleeve shirt you can feel the wool on your arms which is uncomfortable but with a long-sleeve shirt it’s completely fine.

Wool suits can generally be a problem to clean and brush off but thankfully this suit isn’t 100% wool – if it was I would have paid probably well over £200 for it so this suit only requires a simple dry cleaning, the same as the rest of your suits.

One little extra is it comes with a pocket square that matches the lining on the inside of the suit which is fantastic obviously.

next wool suit above the ankles

Here’s the specifics – 52% wool 38% polyester 6% nylon 4% acrylic. Lining 100% polyester

Here’s the link – The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit
The suit is also available in brown – Click Here

Next Trench Coat

So as many of you who follow me on Instagram know that I always post pictures about wearing a nice jacket/coat with your suit and not ruining your outfit by wearing any random jacket. Well if you don’t follow me on Instagram you should know that generally the first thing people see you in is your coat, if it’s an ugly one then your outfit has failed.

When I walk into work or into an event people notice my jacket first then my suit so make sure you have a good one. There are many different types of coats and jackets you can wear but I very strongly recommend a trench coat for three main reasons.

Trench Coats..

  1. Keep you nice & warm.
  2. Look amazing over suits.
  3. Come in so many different styles and colours to suit your personality.

Navy Single Breasted Coat With Faux Fur Collar

My most recent and probably my favourite trench coat is the Navy Single Breasted Coat With Faux Fur Collar from Next. I really love this coat, probably because I get five to ten compliments a week about my coat. I have even been told I look like Denzel Washington in American Gangster with it on. Not to mention the wool and the fur keep me ridiculously warm while walking to work and getting rained on or the wind tries to blow me away. This is definitely one of my favourite purchases this year and considering its the 28th of December, that’s a pretty good achievement.

You are probably wondering how much it costs, it’s a wonderful £99 well you could probably get a cheaper lower quality trench coat from Topman for £50 but I’m hoping you won’t do that to yourself.

Please note this coat is slim fitted so if you’re a big guy I would definitely suggest trying on it on first, it fits almost the same way a suit fits.

59% wool 33% polyester 8% other fibres. Lining and collar 100% polyester.

UPDATE: I’ve had some people ask if you can take the fur off – No you can’t & why would you want too?

Navy Single Breasted Coat With Faux Fur Collar

Navy Single Breasted Coat With Faux Fur Collar
Navy Single Breasted Coat With Faux Fur Collar
Navy Single Breasted Coat With Faux Fur Collar

Next Review – Menswear

next menswear review mens suits

A Next review is well overdue, they are after all, one of the biggest brands in the UK. Next is one of the biggest retailers in UK, I’m not sure where they stand across Europe but in terms of my favourite retailer of any kind, they are definitely top five. They’re not a luxury brand, you’re not going to find really expensive top class products but that’s why I love them – I know what I’m getting.

Next give you a great everyday suit you can wear for six to eighteen months to work, depending on how many suits you own. If you wear the suit three or four times a week it will probably last you six months. Wear it once a week and you’ll get two years out of it.

Suits from Next are generally sold between £100 to £200. In holiday periods or when they have limited sizes you can easily bag a £159 suit for £50. Its always worth checking their clearance section to see if they randomly have your size.

The only negative I have about their suits is the fabric between your thighs wears away quicker than other suits if you walk around a lot. Early on in my sales career I was a door to door sales guy so my next suit trousers would last me 3 months at max.

When buying a suit from Next, my advice is go into a store near you and try on some suits in regular fit, slim fit and skinny fit. Find what fit and size matches your style, then jump online and find the perfect suit for you.

next menswear review mens suits

I generally only buy online at Next, as their online store has much more to offer as apposed to their retail stores. I’m also more likely to get my size as well as being able to get a discount. Usually you can find voucher codes online that will give you 10-25% off, which in some cases can be £50/60.

Happy shopping at Next.

Hope you enjoyed my Next review, leave a comment below if you have anything to add. 🙂