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I was out shopping on the bank holiday just gone, it didn’t go very well, I was looking for some loafers and couldn’t find anything decent enough. I found myself in Moss Bros glancing at some ties and I asked the saleswoman if any of the ties were polyester. She looked at me a bit confused and then her manager recommended I have a look at Slaters. Thankfully I did and I’m now the proud owner a beautifully made light blue tie, which damaged my bank account by a whopping £5. I now have another pink paisley tie on the way.

If you don’t know much about Slaters, they are a nationwide menswear store which is run by the Slater family. The unique thing about them is each of their stores actually have tailors and offer free alterations on most of the stuff they sell. I actually used to call them the “backstreet shop” as they only have their stores on side-roads and back-streets. Here’s a snippet from their site;

Can we let you into a little secret? We don’t have main High Street stores. There, we’ve finally
said it. There is a good reason to this decision – we don’t want to pay extortionate rents and then
have to pass on the costs to our customers

In the middle of writing this post my pink tie arrived in the post and I was quite excited. I do feel like I bought two fantastic ties for only £10. These are my first two purchases from Slaters ever so I can’t comment much over the rest of their products. However, I’m very happy with the company and definitely will be ordering again so I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.

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Slaters above the ankles



My Four Shirts – 10% OFF

Do you ever just look at someone and think wow they are basically wearing the same thing as me but they look so much better, why? Or that guy looks great but he’s dressed so simplistically. Sometimes it can just be their complexion or their body shape just looks great with their outfit but 9/10 times it will just be the fact that they are wearing quality clothes.

TM Lewin doesn’t fall short in terms of quality. People notice you when you wear a TM Lewin shirt. Your white shirt is leagues above the other guys white shirt. I went into TM Lewin a few times in the last month, trying to match four shirts for £80 but I could never find three shirts I actually liked, let alone four. The problem with TM Lewin is the retail stores are more expensive than the online stores and they have such a small selection in store. The know that the fit of the shirt is the most important thing.


Try It On

Go into the store and try on the different sizes, find your perfect size, ignore the sales reps and walk out. Jump online and order all the shirts you love. Not only are the shirts online cheaper; they have more colours, more designs and you can mix up the sale items with the non sale items.

My Order & Vouchers

I ordered four shirts and two socks online in the exact colours and fit I wanted when I was in the store. Not only did I find my perfect size/design I also ended up paying less for four shirts and two socks than I would have if I just would have bought four shirts in store. When shopping online you have the opportunity to add in discount codes and coupons that you can’t do in store. I used a voucher for 10% off which brought my order from £92 down to £82.80. I sometimes get emails with them offering me 20 or 30% off so you should definitely sign up to their mailing list.

If you want me to send you any voucher codes I get for TM Lewin leave a comment below, I’ll gladly share.

It get’s better…

My order came with £50 wine voucher with Virgin wines, which I threw in the bin as I don’t drink wine. Better than the wine voucher, they sent me two vouchers with £10 off any order over £75.

Want My TM Lewin Shirts

Want to order the same shirts/socks as me, I definitely recommend them. Enjoy…

Fitted Plain White Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt

London Fitted White Curved Cutaway Collar Shirt

Fitted Blue Poplin Double Cuff Shirt

Fitted Plain Pink Luxury Twill Double Cuff Shirt

Navy Blue Stripe Socks

Navy Pink Stripe Socks

Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks

Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks

We all own double cuffed shirts and we love them dearly, so it’s no surprise that we love cufflinks. Cufflinks are great for our ego, they are that little piece of our outfit that usually go un-noticed. The best thing about cufflinks is definitely the fact they are so simple and often overlooked. Cufflinks are elegant and the Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks is definitely a fine elegant thing.

Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks

As we all know, Ted Baker is a marvellous brand and they definitely come up with fine pieces of clothing. Ted Baker is a brand known to be different and do it with amazing style. I love wearing cufflinks, especially my Aston Martin pair, as they grab so much attention from others. When people look down at my wrist and notice something different, something out of the ordinary – they love it.

Quality & Price

Made mostly out of brass and then finished off with your standard button for that really authentic look. These Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks were originally priced at £55, which I would never pay for cufflinks. Thankfully as with everything I buy, these are are on sale for £25. The price is pretty decent but still more expensive than probably all your over cufflinks.

Should You Buy Them?

If you’re like me and you enjoy; wearing named brands, receiving compliments and wearing things that are conversation starters… Then yes you need these! If you’re into grabbing a bargain, then what better bargain than a named and branded Ted Baker item. However, if you don’t really care about cufflinks, then get some £5 ones from eBay or Amazon.

Plus they come with this amazing gift box which basically means you should buy two pairs and give one to a dear friend.

Here’s The Link.

Ted Baker Buttin Cufflinks

GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt

gant pink shirt

When you’re buying something from GANT you have to expect the best of quality and so you should, you’re paying for it. When it comes to shirts, obviously the way it looks is essential but in my opinion even more important than appearance is comfort.

Comfort is something that I know a lot of my friends and colleagues that wear suits usually give up. To be honest, I’m not exactly rich myself so I understand that you do have to generally choose how you look over how comfortable you are just because we can’t afford hugo boss suits.

gant pink shirt

Here’s the official GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt description:

“The GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt in cotton with a slim fit, featuring a spread collar, a locker loop on the back, and GANT’s signature tri-color buttons on the back collar, sleeve placket, as well as the first button on the front placket.”

GANT Shirt’s

The GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt is definitely one of the more classy and comfortable shirts, it looks absolutely amazing, feels nice and soft – only downside is its single cuffed which unfortunately I’m not a fan of at all. I own maybe three or so single cuffed shirts.

My favourite thing about the GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt is the colour and quality of the shirt. When looking at it you can see the shirt is a thick quality shirt and the colour of the pink is amazing. It’s a strong pink which definitely suits my personality. The shirt can even be worn normally as you would with a blue or navy suit and tie or you can leave the blazer off and roll up the sleeves as shown in the GANT pictures.

gant pink shirt

Sizing & Price

The price of the GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt is normally at a very steep price of £85 which is very typical of GANT. Luckily with some vouchers I didn’t pay that much and thankfully being this time of the year neither do you. The shirts currently on sale from £85 down to £42.50.

Sizing with GANT shirts are a little bit different to your conventional shirts, they come in S, M , L sizes. Luckily they have a size fitting guide here which shows exactly how it fits.

gant shirt sizing guide

Other Colours

There are a few different colours you can get the shirt in, just click the link below and select the colours.

GANT Pinpoint Oxford Shirt