To Primark Or Not To Primark


That is the question, well at least one that I have been asked a lot recently. It would be very easy for me to brush off this question and just simply say; no don’t go to Primark . That would definitely be a contradiction on my part, as I was in Primark yesterday, I did only buy a towel and a washing basket but none the less, I’m “technically” a Primark shopper.

There are some things that you can buy from Primark that are completely fine and acceptable, such as; homeware and underwear. Primark is fantastic for essentials like bedding, socks and t-shirts and I would definitely go there to buy them. I’m not really one to buy a plain blue t-shirt for £30, but I am happy to pay £4 for one at Primark.

Things You Must Not Buy From Primark

Apart from underwear and things for the house, you should not really be stepping foot in Primark . Items to avoid are the ones that stand out in your outfit such as a suit or a shirt that people would notice often. With Primark you can really see the low quality in items like suits, shirts and ties. When you compare a Primark suit to a suit from anywhere else you get the feeling something is wrong, it looks like the Primark suit has been stuffed into a box and shipped from Turkey to Britain. Take a closer look at the shirts and ties and you will see threads hanging off everywhere and they lack massively in colour.

Avoid: Suits, Shirts, Ties, Shoes, Jackets & Casual Clothing Like Chinos

primark menswear

Unemployed Or A Teenager?

If you are either of the above, then scrap everything I wrote previously in this post. Not having any money spare to have an expensive or quality wardrobe is not a bad thing, it’s just a part of life that most of us have been through. Primark can be a great place to build your wardrobe on a tight budget so feel free to spend the little money you have available on a Primark suit or shirt.


Next Review – Menswear

next menswear review mens suits

A Next review is well overdue, they are after all, one of the biggest brands in the UK. Next is one of the biggest retailers in UK, I’m not sure where they stand across Europe but in terms of my favourite retailer of any kind, they are definitely top five. They’re not a luxury brand, you’re not going to find really expensive top class products but that’s why I love them – I know what I’m getting.

Next give you a great everyday suit you can wear for six to eighteen months to work, depending on how many suits you own. If you wear the suit three or four times a week it will probably last you six months. Wear it once a week and you’ll get two years out of it.

Suits from Next are generally sold between £100 to £200. In holiday periods or when they have limited sizes you can easily bag a £159 suit for £50. Its always worth checking their clearance section to see if they randomly have your size.

The only negative I have about their suits is the fabric between your thighs wears away quicker than other suits if you walk around a lot. Early on in my sales career I was a door to door sales guy so my next suit trousers would last me 3 months at max.

When buying a suit from Next, my advice is go into a store near you and try on some suits in regular fit, slim fit and skinny fit. Find what fit and size matches your style, then jump online and find the perfect suit for you.

next menswear review mens suits

I generally only buy online at Next, as their online store has much more to offer as apposed to their retail stores. I’m also more likely to get my size as well as being able to get a discount. Usually you can find voucher codes online that will give you 10-25% off, which in some cases can be £50/60.

Happy shopping at Next.

Hope you enjoyed my Next review, leave a comment below if you have anything to add. 🙂