TM Lewin Clearance Shirts – £15 Each!

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Like everybody else, I’m strapped for cash at this time of the year. I’ve dug way too deep into my pockets and spent way to much money on way too many things I shouldn’t have. However, it’s time for me to dig a little deeper.

tmlewin sale

TM Lewin are truely a great company. Hawes & Curtis are doing well to compete with them but outside of these two, it becomes hard to name another brand doing so well in Men’s shirts. Realistically £40 for a really good quality shirt is not bad. Yes you can definitely get decent shirts from places like Next or Burton for half the price. However they lack the quality of TM Lewin & it’s like.

This sale is the perfect opportunity for you and I to bag a few quality shirts, beautifully tailored for only 38% of the original price. Why? Simply because they didn’t sell enough over last season – even after all the silly 4 for £100 sales they had. Here’s where we come in and grab a bargain.

Be quick to order yourself a pair before they run out of your size. I’d recommend collecting from store, save yourself £5 delivery charges.

I just ordered myself the London Fitted Navy Teal Check Twill Shirt. I’d personally recommend these three shirts for the wonderful year we have ahead of us.

London Fitted Navy Teal Check Twill Shirt
London Blue Slim Stripe Twill Pin Collar Slim Fit Shirt
Light Pink Oxford Relaxed Fit Casual Shirt

Moss Bros Summer Suits Sale

moss bros summer suit

I try not to be one of those bloggers that just writes about a bunch of stuff that I don’t like just for the sake of “content.” This can result sometimes in me going through websites and just thinking; “blah – I hate all this stuff.” For that I do apologise for not writing as much as I normally do. Thankfully Moss Bros came to the rescue with some really nice suits at a really decent price.

Moss Bros is one of those companies that seem to always have a sale, which can get a little annoying because I usually can not be bothered to flick through the racks in store or search through the online catalog. Especially because most of the time you find the perfect suit colour, style and fabric but then they don’t have it in your size. Thankfully I did manage to find four suits I would definitely own and wear regularly, one I’m actually buying.

I don’t really agree with owning “summer suits” just because in UK, its only really summer a couple days a year. If you don’t believe me it’s rained twice this week and it’s now 8th of July. Although you could certainly wear all four of these suits throughout summer pretty much anywhere in the world, I would not label them as summer suits. They are all season suits which is great for us normal lads that can’t afford to own fifteen different suits.

[products ids=”3234,3228″]

Moss 1851 – Tailored

Each suit is from the Moss 1851 Tailored Fit collection, which probably doesn’t mean much to you but I’ll shed some light on it. Negatives first; each of the suits come with a fixed size trouser waist which is based on the size jacket you select. Generally waist is six inches smaller than our chest and that’s how they work it out. If you are oddly shaped like me then you can get the trousers tailored or it might be best to opt for their mix and match suits.

Please also note that although I normally post slim fit suits, these are tailored fit meaning they will be a bit more loose fitting. I think as I’m getting older, I’m slowly moving away from tight fitted suits and more into a nice tailored cut.

[products ids=”3221,3215″]

Wrong Size – Returns

Moss Bros are quite good in regards to returns, I’ve returned and swapped a few things before and they never have any problems. There are two return policies, one 28 day return period for any non-sale item and you can return it for any reason, even if you don’t like it.

Their second policy is a 14 days return policy on all sale items. This is perfect and something I use often. I buy something even if it’s a bit of a gamble and then if it doesn’t fit, go into the store and get them to order me another one in a size up/down and get that delivered to my house or if they have one in store, even better.

How To Buy An Expensive Suit For Cheap

how to buy a cheap suit

Today I wanted to share a personal trick of mine that not many people know about it and I really think this will be extremely helpful to all of you. The other day I bought a £130 suit for £42. Obviously £130 isn’t an expensive suit but I’m just going to run you through my trick by using this suit as an example for you guys to understand.

Sales and clearance items are great because the suits go from £250 down to £85, however they are usually really annoying to go shop through. Even if you manage to find a blazer your size, it’s impossible to find trousers that fit.

The trick is to find a trousers that are too long for you and get them cut to fit you. I managed to find a slim fit blazer 38S, which is my exact size, then for the trousers I had to buy a 34L which is about 4 inches too long for me. So very simply, I took the trousers to the tailors and got the 4 inches cut off for me. It cost me £10 to get them cut which meant in total the suit cost me £52. Not bad eyy?

One final tip, when you go to the tailor, if you have other things needed, like dry cleaning or another alterations, always try and pitch them for a discount.

Remember buying something for cheap isn’t always a bad thing.

Top Quality M&S Blue Super Slim Fit Suit For £79

wall street suit cover photo

So if you are at a stage where you don’t really have a lot of suits and you read my blog looking for bargains and grabbing some cheap but quality suits – I’ve done a post you are going to love! Well to be fair I don’t know if you will love the post but I know you’ll love the suit.

Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 2
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 3
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 4
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 5
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 6
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 7
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 8
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit

Blue Super Slim Fit Cross Hatch Suit

So when it comes to buying suits from retail stores, it doesn’t really get better quality at a lower price than Marks & Spencer. When buying a suit, there are so many aspects that come into play and it’s pretty fair to say M&S have most of the boxes ticked.

The Blue Super Slim Fit Cross Hatch Suit comes with a one button, slim lapel suit jacket. The colour of the suit is a navy blue that looks dark but professional at the same time. If you have less than five suits then you need this suit in your life. It’s priced at £99, which is an absolute steal.

This suit isn’t one of those cheap suits you can only wear a few different ways. Because of the style and colour you could wear this suit with black or brown shoes, you could also throw on polka dots, or different coloured ties and pocket squares.

Blue Super Slim Fit Cross Hatch Suit

Monday (02/03/2015) M&S have a 20% off sale which would last 24 hours. That knocked off £20 dropping the price down to £79 from £99 for a M&S suit, I’ve seen shirts more expensive than that in M&S.

wall street suit cover photo

TM Lewin 4 Shirts Offer

I’m sure there’s not many of you who don’t own TM Lewin shirts, I can only imagine my non UK/US readers not owning shirts from this amazing store. Then again, even if you’re not from UK/US, you still should grab yourself a couple of these shirts. Very rarely will you be able to find a shirt at around twenty or thirty pounds at the quality and consistency of TM Lewin.

We all know about their 4 shirts for £100 promotion which is on all year round, well as you probably know this time of the year is the perfect time for offers and saving some money. TM Lewin thankfully is no different and they currently have their shirts on sale.

4 Shirts For £80

I have nothing but praise for TM Lewin’s shirts, I generally don’t but their ties or cufflinks from them as they’re usually more expensive than the shirts themselves and I know I could get similar ties from other stores for a much lower price. I definitely will be ordering my TM Lewin shirts online this week, make sure you do as well.

My Recommendations

I have owned two of these shirts in the past which I lost (don’t ask how), my close friend also bought the other two a few years ago and still wears them regularly so I highly recommend these four.

Slim Fit Plain White Luxury Twill Shirt

Slim Fit Plain White Twill Non-Iron Shirt

Slim Fit Navy Bengal Stripe Poplin Shirt

Slim Fit Plain Pink Luxury Twill Shirt