Stiffies Review – Magnetic Metal Collar Stays

White TM Lewin Shirt With Stiffies

Reviewing anything related to suits is the most arousing thing since lasagne, almost enough to give you a stiffy, pun intended. As much as I like black socks, I can’t be bothered writing about them. New innovations like these from small start-ups is what I’m all about. It’s simple, it’s cheap, its cheerful, just what the doctor ordered. This review I’m going to have some fun with and try something new. In the first half of this post, I’ll review the magnetic collar stays before wearing them, just giving my initial thoughts on the product, idea, price, appearance etc. Then I’ll give them a spin for a week and then write the second half of this review. Which will be my exact true thoughts on Stiffies and if its worth buying them or not.

Before Wearing Stiffies

I recently lost a lot of my collar stays in a trip to the dry cleaners and was planning to buy a pair of metal ones from TM Lewin or John Lewis. So the email asking me to review a pair of Stiffies came at the perfect time. I’d like to thank the guys at Stiffies for sending me these, as always I’ll be brutally honest and mention all the good & bad, hopefully they don’t mind.

The Idea

The concept is simple, they’re metal collar stiffeners, that go into your collar and then you place a magnet under your shirt that pulls your collar towards it and holds your shirt collar firm in place.


I’m a price man, I’m all about price and saving money where I can. I love looking good but I refuse to be wasteful with my money. Thankfully £20 isn’t a painful amount of money. Having metal collar stiffeners (collar bones) is an absolute must for me and should be for you so the fact these are metal is a big deal for me. Never will plastic do as good a job as metal!


The delivery was super quick, took two days to get to me. I didn’t pay for my delivery so I’m not entirely sure on the delivery charge but it looks like it is free.


I’m not a fan of having a small magnet on me, I just get the feeling it can easily come off throughout the day, if that happens you’d have to buy replacements which are sold by Stiffies. To be fair to them, it looks like they supply some spares in the package. I suppose that tells us they’re aware the magnets may be easy to lose. The idea behind it being magnetic isn’t something that has sunk in with me yet and I’ll go into more detail about how the magnet works and is used once I get my head around it all.

There are actually some health and safety rules about these things which I’d definitely recommend reading; here.

A Week Later

Well what a difference a week makes. I’ve gone from being a doubter to being a possible lifetime customer. I’ll elaborate…

I’m a skeptic, I look at adverts and think, yeah right, does it really do that or is this just over exaggerated. The trick with collar stays is if you wear a cheap shirt with nothing in the collars, then add in some plastic £2 collar stays, the collars would look much better. That’s what I thought was happening here. I’m glad I was wrong.

I took Stiffies to work everyday for a week, except on casual Friday, while wearing my normal plastic collar stays for the first half of the day and then the Stiffies the second half. The results were pretty impressive, here’s an example of one of my shirts;

Me With TM Lewin Plastic Collar Stays - Stiffies Review
Me Wearing My TM Lewin Shirt With Plastic TM Lewin Collar Stays

TM Lewin Plastic Collar Stays Abovetheankles

Me With Stiffies Magnetic Collar Stays - Stiffies Review
Same Shirt Now With Stiffies Magnetic Collar Stays

I had some reservations as all my shirts are from TM Lewin, I know they’re made very well so my collars look good even without wearing any collar stiffeners. I did not expect Stiffies to improve the look of the shirt. With my collars placed firmly in place and me never having to readjust them meant I realized just how much I touch my collars throughout the day. On one day I touched my collar seven times over 3/4 hours. The novelty hasn’t quite worn off yet, so I’m still aching for someone to comment and ask my shirt looks so damn good, unfortunately no compliments or questions yet.

How It Works

How the magnet works is simple. You place the magnet underneath your shirt and then position the collar where you want it to stay and the magnet will click onto your collar from under your shirt, thus holding everything in place. Probably the best bit about this is the fact you can take off the shirt and the magnet will stay attached so as long you don’t lift up your collars.

Silver Stiffies - Magnetic Collar Stays

Was I Able To Lose Any Magnets?

I wanted to see what it would take to lose the magnets so did a few tests to see if they would survive. In my first test, I decided to do some running, not like miles or anything, just sprinted for the bus and stuff. I purposely ran kind of all over the place to see if it would fall but to no avail, 1-0 to Stiffies .

Next I decided I would wear my duffel bag across my shoulder (I normally carry it in my hand.) I fidgeted about with my bag while it was on, I took the bag off and then on a few times expecting for the magnet to fall down my shirt during this process – it stayed put. 2-0 Stiffies.

Third and final test, I decided to leave the magnets on, take off the shirt, roll it up and throw it in the wash basket. Now I would never advise rolling your shirts up, I always hang my shirts up, even dirty ones. Anyways I threw it into the wash basket and needless to say, the test went in favour of the Stiffies. 3-0.

Magnet Strength Fading

In terms of magnet strength fading overtime, I’m not sure if that’s possible. I’ve only had these little over a week so this isn’t something I can comment on.

The Two Sizes

Of the two sizes, I use the smaller ones, the longer pair didn’t work at all. The longer pair looked ridiculous in my shirt. I wear a 15.5/16-inch collar with relatively long collars so I’d expect the longer pair to fit. I’m not sure I’d ever need the longer pair but for now the small ones are perfect.

Silver Stiffies - Magnetic Collar Stays

Metal Quality

To be honest, I’m more of a fabric kind of guy, metals are not my thing so discussing how good the metal used to make Stiffies is, is pointless. I have no idea if it’s strong enough to build a house with or survive extreme heats so if you’re planning on going near a volcano, to be on the safe side, leave these at home. I will however say that they are definitely aesthetically pleasing.

A Must Have Or A Luxury?

I can’t say that an accessory is a must have, the reason why is because your shirt doesn’t need collar stays, especially if you wear a tie. Most shirts come with plastic collar stays so you could just use those. You could also buy normal metal collar stays. Then we come to the question;

Why Should I Buy Stiffies?

I’ll attempt to answer whether you should buy them or not in the most simple way. If you work in an environment where a tie is required, then just pass on these. If the shirts you wear are worth less than £20, then I wouldn’t advise spending £17.99 on collar stays, makes more sense to invest in a decent collection of shirts.

If like me, you don’t wear a tie to work, and you own good quality shirts with decently made collars – then yes, get these and don’t delay. Honestly just in terms of confidence, it’s worth the £17.99. Not to mention you can go about your whole day not worrying about your collars moving, even a little.

I’m incredibly pleased with Stiffies, companies like these deserve the recognition they get. They have found a way to improve every mans outfit without breaking any bank accounts and with little effort. I personally will be ordering another pair myself as a present for a friend. I would recommend you pick some up for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed my review of Stiffies and if you have anything to add from your own experiences then please comment below.

Get Your Own Magnetic Collar Stays Here – Stiffies!

White TM Lewin Shirt With Plastic Collar Stays

White TM Lewin Shirt With Stiffies

What Colour Shirt Should I Wear With A Grey Suit?

grey suit what colour shirt

Figuring out what colour shirts go with what suit can get a little overwhelming sometimes. I learnt mainly through trial and error. Grey suits are fantastic and are now widely accepted as work appropriate. I remember one of my bosses many years ago advising me not to wear grey, as it was “too informal” – ridiculous.

As I stand outside, with no blazer and the sun beating down on my near bald head, I’m happy to say it’s pretty much spring. With spring comes colour, the time for dressing dull and quiet is leaving us quickly. Grey suits make us men look a lot more friendly and approachable. As with all light colours, grey suits are most appropriate when the sun’s out. This doesn’t mean you can only wear a grey suit in spring and summer, however it’s preferred. Which brings me to the colour shirt we should pair with it.

grey suit blue shirt instagram

Quick side note: By “grey suit”, I intend a light grey suit, one that is fashionable and looks great like the above. Not those horrendous dark grey suits some people wear.

The grey suit is almost like the jolly cousin of the firm/strict navy suit. To keep up that joyful look, wear a friendly light colour shirt with the suit. Think of a spring colour palette, all those soft light colours. If you’re thinking, light blue, light purple or pink – you’re on the right track. These shirt colours will keep you looking young, jolly and free.

grey suit pink shirt coffee

For many of us we want to be approachable, we want the world to like us and one great pathway for that is through what we wear. Get the right combination of grey suit, pink shirt, loafers & a big smile and everyone will be chatting away with you like they’ve known you for years.

Metal Collar Stays

Collar stays (also known as collar stiffeners) should be a part of your life, you should be sliding them into your collars whenever you finish your ironing. They are small in size but very important, without them, even the best of shirts look cheap and battered after a few wears. Cheap shirts have “built-in” collar stays, while decent dress shirts will have removable ones. If you don’t already use them often, you need to start – now.

If however, you are among the few men who take care of their clothes and pay attention to the “silly” things most men ignore, then you probably already wear collar stays. Chances are they’re plastic, am I right? Time to step it up.


Why Should I Upgrade To Metal Collar Stays?

The same way plastic collar stays transform a normal shirt great. Metal collar stays take the shirt to another level again. There is something about a man’s clothes looking rigid and sharp that just make him look the business. Metal collar stays make the collars on your shirt look sharp and when you move around they won’t. You won’t be able to feel the difference when wearing them but take a picture with plastic collar stays vs metal collar stays and you will see the difference clearly.

How Much Are They?

Some companies can go to the extreme with their collar stays and have some £200 silver stays. Other companies are more accommodating for us normal lads with prices around £10/£15. I strongly recommend grabbing yourself a pair, you only need one since you only wear one shirt at a time (I hope.)

I wouldn’t bother getting them engraved with anything, except of course, if you’re buying them as a gift for someone.

I personally prefer the pair from Moss Bros as they are cheap but solid/quality. I’ve added a few more collar stays to my store in order to spoil you for choices. Buy one pair of collar stays that will last a life time, trust me you won’t regret this purchase.

[products ids=”3408,3405,3403,3401″]

T-Shirt Under Your Shirt

v neck & suit

There are a million style tips you can start applying in order to make yourself look better. In my old job, we used to always say that if you could improve 50 things by 1% you are now 50% better off – true stuff! So who wears a t-shirt under their shirt? I definitely do. Living in the UK, its cold 300 days a year and the need to put on another layer is real.

The problem with wearing a t-shirt under your shirt is that if you don’t wear a tie, it can end up poking out of your shirt. I wear t-shirts outside which is fine if your casual but the moment you wear it under your dress shirt, your t-shirt automatically becomes underwear. Sounds weird but it’s true, whether man or woman, your underwear is to be as hidden as possible and if you want to be a man of class then this is completely necessary.

Having your t-shirt poking out under your dress shirt looks sloppy and is similar to a woman who bends over and shows off all her backside & her thong – not a good look! If you want to be known as a well dressed individual then hiding your undergarments is essential.

The easiest way to hide your t-shirt is to not wear one, but living in the UK between october and june would mean you would be pretty cold. The best option is to do what I do, wear a v-neck t-shirt. They aren’t expensive and it really depends how many times you go out in a shirt without a tie. I only leave the house without a tie twice a week so I only own about three or four v-neck t-shirts. I save all my crewneck t-shirts for the days I wear ties and you should do the same.

I’ve added two items to my shop in order to give you guys the perfect v-neck’s to be worn with your outfits to ensure you won’t end up looking sloppy.

[products ids=”2063,2053″]

See the difference a v-neck makes for yourself;

Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Shirt White


I suppose you don’t always have to wear a dress shirt to work, and even if you do, then you might want to wear a different type of shirt on the weekend. I love my dress shirts that I wear to work but on dress down day or if I’m going out to eat then I love wearing my other formal shirts that ARE NOT meant to be worn with a tie.

Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Shirt White

Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Shirt White – £85.00

This Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Shirt White is the perfect shirt for those of you who want to look smart and fresh without feeling like you need to put on a tie. Ralph Lauren is probably one of the most well known brands, we know what to expect from them and if you have ever owned a ralph lauren polo shirt then you will know; they last a long time. This shirt is made from 100% cotton so the white colour will be easy to look after & maintain.


The collars are pointed button down collars which pretty much mean that they must be worn with the shirt fully done up and can not be worn with a tie. On the left side of the chest is the trademark Ralph Lauren Polo logo in a sharp blue.


Priced at £85, the Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Shirt White is definitely going to be one of those stand out items in your wardrobe.

How To Wear This

Depending on what you do for a living, you could wear this to work or to study, I would recommend mainly wear this out to dinner with a blazer and some chino’s/dark jeans. Add a pair of boat shoes/loafers or dark trainers and you are winning.

Get yours here; Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Shirt White.

If there are any discount codes available for this you can find them; here.

Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Shirt White - £85.00
Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Shirt White – £85.00

Get The Look #4

get the look #4

I haven’t done a get the look post in awhile and you guys have been bugging me for it, so here it is.

This weeks Get The Look is based upon two of my favourite colours. Black & White! These two colours aren’t generally consider to be peoples favourite colours but could you live without them? Black and white are the two most simple colours you could ever wear. They fit perfectly into all outfit combinations and are almost completely neutral. This outfit today is very simple and won’t cost much at all, but if you get it right, it will look amazing!

get the look #4

The Suit

Wearing a black suit is really easy, theres not much thought needed with it, simply just wear black socks. The only problem with black suits is finding a quality one, there’s too many cheap ones out there. The two suits I’ve added below are from Moss Bros and TM Lewin – two giants in the suit retail world. Both of these suits are quality, I personally prefer the Franco Suit from TM Lewin as it’s a blend of polyester and wool. The Moss London Black Mixer Suit is still a quality suit, however as its a blend of polyester and viscose it falls slightly short compared to the Franco Suit.

Franco Suit Jacket
Franco Suit Jacket By TM Lewin – £149.00
Moss London Slim Fit Black Mixer Suit Jacket
Moss London Slim Fit Black Mixer Suit Jacket – £129.00

The Shirt

The shirt is very simple black and white checked shirt. However purchasing a black and white checked shirt isn’t an easy choice and it should be done with care. You need to know the difference between a weekend/summer checked shirt and a business formal checked shirt. In this look, the shirt is single cuffed, although I believe a double cuffed would suit better, both are fine. Understand that in order to pull off this look, you need a firm shirt, with solid collars that are not flimsy and look like you mean business. I found it really difficult to find shirts that are similar quality to the one in this picture. I did however manage to find one I really liked from ASOS.

ASOS Smart Shirt with Long Sleeves in Gingham Check – £20.00

ASOS Smart Shirt with Long Sleeves in Gingham Check
ASOS Smart Shirt with Long Sleeves in Gingham Check – £20.00
ASOS Smart Shirt with Long Sleeves in Gingham Check
ASOS Smart Shirt with Long Sleeves in Gingham Check – £20.00

Bow Tie

The bow tie in this outfit is really simple, its a basic black bow tie with white polka dots. You could also wear a grey bow tie with white polka dots and that would go perfectly with this outfit as well. Where you buy your bow tie from is pretty irrelevant really, you can buy them from many different retail stores but I’ll be nice and offer you a few.

Black with White Polka Dots Bow Tie
Black with White Polka Dots Bow Tie – £8.99
Reclaimed Vintage Polkadot Bow Tie 2
Reclaimed Vintage Polkadot Bow Tie – £16.00
Ted Baker Spotted Print Bow Tie
Ted Baker Spotted Print Bow Tie – £40.00
Jack & Jones Knitted Bow Tie
Jack & Jones Knitted Bow Tie – £15.00

The Bracelet

Bracelets are easy to come by and not a necessity in your outfit. However, you can wear whatever type of bracelet you prefer with this outfit and it will pretty much go. In this look, the wearer is wearing a plain bead bracelet and a metal link bracelet. Here’s a few;

Tassel Bead Bracelet
Tassel Bead Bracelet – £5.00
Beaded Tassel Bracelet Multipack
Beaded Tassel Bracelet Multipack – £10.00
Lovebullets Barrel Bead Bracelet
Lovebullets Barrel Bead Bracelet – £35.00
Designsix Chain Bracelet
Designsix Chain Bracelet – £12.00

The Lapel Pin

Lapel pins are a great way to add something special to your outfit. In this look it’s just a simple musical note pin but you could replace it with any silver lapel pin. Don’t spend too much money on these, you can get them for pretty cheap. I would recommend having a look on ebay here so you can find your taste.

The Pocket Square

Pocket squares are among my favourite pieces of an outfit and are so simply to apply. This look is no different, just a simple checkered pocket square.

Black Bow Tie And Pocket Square
Black Bow Tie And Pocket Square – £10.00
ASOS Pocket Square With Polka Dot
ASOS Pocket Square With Polka Dot – £6.00

That’s All

Have fun creating your own look and let me know how it goes.

My Top Picks – Jumpers

list of jumpers

I have received a lot of direct messages from you guys on Instagram and Twitter asking me about the different jumpers I would recommend. I’m glad you all liked my post and it was great to see some pictures of you in your jumpers and suits. So continuing from that I have decided to compile a list of jumpers from ASOS that are a priced very reasonably under £40.

ASOS Jumpers

River Island Duffield Jumper

River Island Duffield Jumper
River Island Duffield Jumper 4
River Island Duffield Jumper 3
River Island Duffield Jumper 2

A Lightweight, soft-touch knit and ribbed texture crew neck jumper. It is cut slim fit to make sure you don’t get that weird baggy jumper look. This beautiful purple 100% cotton jumper from River Island is priced nicely at £26.

River Island Duffield Jumper

United Colors Of Benetton Jumper With V Neck

United Colors Of Benetton Jumper With V Neck 2
United Colors Of Benetton Jumper With V Neck 3
United Colors Of Benetton Jumper With V Neck

This lightweight knitted V-neck navy blue jumper is made from 100% Acrylic. This jumper is very light and will appear kind of see through. The V-neck is great when combined with a tie. It comes in a regular fit so you may get a bit of leeway in terms of extra material. Priced at only £20, its a bargain!

United Colors Of Benetton Jumper With V Neck

ASOS Merino Crew Neck Jumper

ASOS Merino Crew Neck Jumper 2
ASOS Merino Crew Neck Jumper 3
ASOS Merino Crew Neck Jumper 4
ASOS Merino Crew Neck Jumper

This soft merino wool jumper designed by ASOS is one of the most ridiculously comfortable jumpers. As the jumper is regular fit it’s comfortable and not tight, yet because it is 100% merino wool it won’t stretch out and lose it’s shape. With a regular crew neck it will fit perfectly with a nice slim tie. Priced at only £30 it’s well worth it for a wool jumper.

Also available in grey..

ASOS Merino Crew Neck Jumper

ASOS Lambswool Rich Crew Neck Jumper with Elbow Patches

ASOS Lambswool Rich Crew Neck Jumper with Elbow Patches
ASOS Lambswool Rich Crew Neck Jumper with Elbow Patches 3
ASOS Lambswool Rich Crew Neck Jumper with Elbow Patches 2

Have you ever had a lambswool jumper? If you have then you will know that they are super comfy. This sharp blue jumper looks and feels soft, yet still looks formal. Being 80$ lambswool and 20% nylon it is guaranteed to keep you warm. The contrast brown elbow patches suit the smart casual week look you want but can also be hidden by your suit jacket to look like an expensive part of your suit. Grab this bad boy for £34.

Super soft-touch knit
Crew neck
raglan sleeves
Contrast elbow patches
Ribbed cuffs and hem
Machine wash
80% lambswool, 20% nylon

ASOS Lambswool Rich Crew Neck Jumper with Elbow Patches

Only & Sons Knitted Waffle Jumper With Raglan Sleeves

Only & Sons Knitted Waffle Jumper With Raglan Sleeves
Only & Sons Knitted Waffle Jumper With Raglan Sleeves 3
Only & Sons Knitted Waffle Jumper With Raglan Sleeves 2
Only & Sons Knitted Waffle Jumper With Raglan Sleeves 4

This slim fit body hugging jumper is great for all of you who are in shape and want others to be able to see it. It’s waffle textured knit look, looks superb both paired with a suit and worn by itself. When wearing it with a shirt; make sure it’s a single cuffed shirt, double cuffed shirts won’t work with the slim fit sleeves and ribbed cuffs. Only & Sons (The designers) are a Danish brand known for using high quality materials in their jumpers so I’d say this 100% cotton jumper is well worth the price tag of £30.

Only & Sons Knitted Waffle Jumper With Raglan Sleeves

French Connection Cotton Crew Neck Knitted Jumper

French Connection Cotton Crew Neck Knitted Jumper
French Connection Cotton Crew Neck Knitted Jumper 2
French Connection Cotton Crew Neck Knitted Jumper 3
French Connection Cotton Crew Neck Knitted Jumper 4

We all know and love FCUK and this jumper is no different. Made from 100% cotton and made in regular fit it’s perfect for wearing over your double cuffed shirt. The cuffs on the jumper are ribbed which is fine because you are still able to roll up the sleeves with ease so you can show off your shirt and cufflinks under your suit. Priced slightly higher than the other jumpers at £40, I don’t really think it’s worth it but if you like designers then I guess you’re paying for the logo.

French Connection Cotton Crew Neck Knitted Jumper

Over Your Shirt & Under Your Suit – Ben Sherman

When it comes to wearing dressing smart and looking dapper, without a doubt you are going to need a few different pieces of clothing. It’s just not enough to have one £150 suit from M&S and a couple of ties. As humans we love change, how nice is it to see your girl change her hair colour? We love seeing different things and different styles, even if you own 5 suits but wear them all the same way people will get bored of your outfits. Here’s where jumpers come into play; people want to see that you can dress well with different styles. Jumpers can look amazing over a shirt with no tie and some dark jeans or they can be worn under your suit with your sharp shoes and perfect tie.

We know Ben Sherman, we expect quality from them and the Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman is one of my favourites. Finding a quality cotton jumper that won’t stretch or wear out is difficult nowadays, especially because you can easily buy a jumper from H&M for a tenner.

This jumper is made from a lightweight cotton, which will keep you cool in the summer and adds an extra layer to your outfit during the winter. The whole jumper has a ribbed hem and ribbed cuffs along with elbow patches made visible from stitching which contrasts the general stitching of the jumper.

V-neck jumpers are really not my thing, it doesn’t really suit my character, however with this jumper comboed with a shirt it looks great and even suits me. Whether you want to go for the casual weekend look or add to your work outfit, the Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman is perfect for you.

Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman

ben sherman v neck 6
ben sherman v neck
ben sherman v neck 5
ben sherman v neck 4
ben sherman v neck 2

Get The Look – Issue 1

get the look #1

Since this is the first issue of get the look I thought I would start off with something simple yet beautiful. I will provide three to five different links to products that similar to what the model is wearing in the picture. This should give you enough options to buy things within your price range and also from companies you prefer.

The Look

get the look issue 1 above the ankles

This look is beautifully dapper, the colours are a variety of different blues. The shirt is a cutaway contrast colour, which provides that modern gekko shirt look. The paisley pattern on the tie is simple but goes perfectly well with the shirt. The navy braces are nice and thick, removing that casual look and creating that “ready for work” look.

The Shirt

ASOS Smart Shirt In Long Sleeve With Curve Collar – £22

John Lewis Contrast Collar Stripe Tailored Shirt, Blue/White – £20

John Lewis Fine Stripe Contrast Collar Shirt, Blue – £40

M&S Pure Cotton Winchester Shirt – £45

TM Lewin Slim Fit Plain Blue End-on-End Double Cuff Shirt – £29.95

The Tie

John Lewis Made In Italy Dot Print Wool Tie, Teal – £17.50

TM Lewin Khaki Paisley Print Slim Tie – £20

The Suspenders/Braces

M&S Self Cross Checked Adjustable Braces -£19.50

TM Lewin Navy Pink Spot Braces – £29.50

TM Lewin Navy Braces – £29.50

ASOS Braces – £8

get the look issue 1 above the ankles

The Gekko Shirt

wolf of wall street above the ankles

Every man loves wolf of wall street, why? I suppose for various different reasons. Maybe we all want to be in the movie because of the money, the cars, the girls or the fame. Whatever the reason, none of us can deny the outfits in the movies or on the actual wall street. These guys dress pretty well, my favourite look is definitely without a doubt the ‘Gekko’ shirt. For those who don’t know what the gekko shirt is, it’s basically a shirt that has a collar and cuff colour that contrasts the colour of the shirt. [See Below]



Wearing the Gekko Shirt is a statement, the moment you put it on you get that banker feel. Makes me feel like I need to make more money. So the question is; should you buy one?

Well it depends on your job and where you plan on wearing it. Contract shirts are great with navy suits, especially pin stripes so if where you work its acceptable to look that dapper, then go for the contrast shirt. Unfortunately my Gekko shirts don’t have a place in my workplace so I’m only able to wear them on a weekend.

Grab A Bargain

So to actually buy a quality contrast shirt like Gekko then you’re going to get set back £40 or £50. Luckily for us we don’t have to pay that kind of money. Thanks to Moss Bros I have found three variations of the Gekko shirt that are absolutely stunning.

Two of these shirts are £12 each and the other £15 so you know you’re getting a great bargain.

Blue & White Double Cuff Contrast Collar & Cuff Shirt

This regular fit Moss Esq. shirt has a special non iron treatment and taped arm seams means that only a minimal run over with the iron is needed to ensure a crisp, smart look.

60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Double Cuff
Non Iron
Regular Fit

Blue & White Double Cuff Contrast Collar & Cuff Shirt

gekko moss 1

Single Cuff Stripe Contrast Collar Shirt

This Moss London slim fit shirt with single cuffs is ideal for everyday work wear. Team with a skinny ties and a tie pin for an on trend, stylish look.

100% Cotton
Single Cuff
Slim Fit
White Contrast Collar

Single Cuff Stripe Contrast Collar Shirt

gekko moss 2

Tailored Fit Navy Double Cuff Striped Shirt

This Moss 1851 tailored fit shirt is made from 100% cotton. This shirt is great for either work wear or for special occasions.

100% Cotton
Double Cuff
Tailored Fit

Tailored Fit Navy Double Cuff Striped Shirt

gekko moss 3