48 Hours Later… LG G Watch R Review

lg g watch r review above the ankles

So I’ve been using the LG G Watch R for over 48 hours now and I must say I’ve noticed some great things and some really crap things. Smart watch technology is clearly something new and you can tell there’s still many things all these geeky tech people need to work on.

So as I’m a little different, I’m going to start of with all the negatives of this watch and really just explain all my frustrations with the LG G Watch R.

What’s Annoying

Although this watch has one of the biggest screens in comparison to other smart watches, it’s still not big enough meaning there’s not really enough space to move things around using your fingers.

You have to actually talk to the watch more than you use your fingers to swipe which can get a little weird saying “ok google” into your wrist.

The battery will drain in 6 hours if you have the brightness up and the screen always on. This means you’re basically have to use your watch carefully and not just leave everything on when you’re not really using it.

The watch works via Bluetooth which means if you want to receive notifications your phones Bluetooth will need to be on constantly. So as you can imagine your phone’s battery will take a beating.

What I Love

Aside from all the negatives, this watch/piece-of-technology is absolutely amazing! I can turn off my WiFi, put my phone on silent, start/stop music, change the volume, read/reply to texts, browse the internet, check my heart rate, show me workout routines on my wrist, set reminders/alarms and most important – It tells me the time!

Everything you ever wanted from a watch right? Well to be fair, there’s many more features like sending tweets, checking likes/comments on Instagram and play little silly games on your wrist.


At the end of the day, I don’t actually care about all of the features and benefits of this watch, I care how I look and will I inspire others when they look at me. Trust me when I say, this is watch that completes my outfit. The watch has an amazing glow that attracts people to stare at it while I walk. You can even change the straps to make it fit specifically to one of your outfits.

If you want it – here’s the link.