Where To Put Your Sunglasses When Indoors

where to put your sunglasses when inside
[Photo Credit: www.gentlemansgazette.com]

Spring has finally rolled around, yet all I can think of is summer.

You can’t really blame me though, the past week here in England has been glorious in terms of sunshine, and I think all of us are dreaming of the summer holidays already. Before the beautiful weather fades away, I thought I’d write a post on sunglasses, and where they should go once you head inside again.

For example,you could always hand them to your nephew so he can clean them for you.

What else is he good for anyways? They could also go in your chest pocket or a jacket/blazer pocket like so:

where to put your sunglasses when inside
where to put your sunglasses when inside

Or better still, into the Pandora’s Box that is your girlfriend/wife’s handbag (that’s if you never want to see them again)

womens handbag designer

You could also put your sunglasses in between your shirt placket- the bit of fabric on your shirt that your buttons are sewn onto, or just leave them on your table if you’re at home. They could also go in your workbag or briefcase if you use one, or just on the top of your head.

Now we head to the faux pas in order of decadency, no fashion article would be complete without them:

✘ Putting an earpiece through a belt loop or waistband

✘ Putting an earpiece through a trouser pocket

✘ Putting your sunglasses inside your cargo shorts pocket (burn those ghastly things if you own a pair)

✘ Around your neck on a chain or cord, if librarians can’t get away with it then neither can you

✘ Attempting a Masaai warrior look by putting an earpiece through a gauge earring (seriously?)

✘ Keeping your sunglasses on indoors

✘ Keeping them in a fanny pack, or even having a fanny pack in the first place

✘ And finally, having them on the back or your shirt or head like this:


Unbutton Your Suit Jacket

ryan gosling crazy stupid love edited above the ankles

Obviously when it comes to you standing or walking around then obviously you want to keep your suit jacket buttoned up. Depending on whether its a two or three button suit you only ever do the top buttons up. It just fashion suicide to do so. So when it comes sitting down then you absolutely 100% have to unbutton your suit jacket. I’ve seen men do everything perfectly right in terms of their outfit and then sit down and look silly with their suit jacket still buttoned up.


Good question, you have to unbutton your jacket because otherwise the jacket will bunch up or be pulled around and undoubtedly it will completely lose the shape of the jacket. A suit jacket with no shape just looks cheap – don’t do it.

Ryan Gosling

So if any of you have watched Crazy, Stupid, Love then you know Ryan Gosling is like the alpha male when it comes to talking to women and looking great doing it. In the picture he stands there with his suit jacket buttoned up and then as he pulls up his chair to sit down he unbuttons his jacket perfectly.