25% Off Burton

Whether you like Burton as a company or not is irrelevant, why you ask? Well if you use the code “STYLE25” at checkout you get 25% off. Now I don’t know about you but 25% off anything in store regardless whether its on sale or not, is an absolute bargain to me. I just bought a new purple polka dot tie and a new suit last night, all three adding up to £42. I’m excited!

Burton is not the greatest company in the world for clothes but considering they are definitely one of the cheapest, chuck in an extra £25 off a £100 suit, you are definitely winning.

So as mentioned above, enter “STYLE25” at checkout to get 25% off your entire basket.

Also if your basket total reaches above £30, enter “FREEDEL” at checkout to recieve free standard delivery as well.

Here’s the tie I bought;

Red Geo Print Tailored Tie

Red Geo Print Tailored Tie

Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit

grey checked suit abovetheankles 3

As we all know the main part of a man’s outfit is his trousers & jacket/coat. The suit you wear is obviously the most important thing, if your suit is quality, chances are you can get away with a cheap shirt. However, I doubt you could wear a Primark suit, a Rolex and a TM Lewin tie and look that good.

As many of you know I only just recently found out about Suit Direct and since then I have been shopping on their website non-stop. It’s a great site, not filled with top quality Prada & Boss suits but just normal suits like Ben Sherman and similar brands.

Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit

Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 7
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 6
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 7
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 2
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 3
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 4
Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit 5

We all know Ben Sherman, they aren’t Tom Ford but they are definitely good quality products. I think it’s fair to say you can imagine that considering the Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit is designed by them we can expect a certain level of quality in the suit.

Priced at £129.00 for the whole suit.. Totally worth it!

The ‘Kings Fit’ may not be a term you are used too but to simplify it for you, it’s basically a slim fit suit but not too slim. It’s generally designed for men moving up in their career and not really for an 18 year old starting out in suits. However if you want to be taken serious in your role, then I definitely advise this fit.

Single Breasted Two Button Jacket • Slim Fit • Notch Lapel • 4 Button Cuff • Slanted Pockets • Side Vents

Made from 100% wool this suit is guaranteed to last you 5-10 years. Most ‘wool’ suits you find in retails stores are generally a poly-wool blend, meaning a mixture of polyester and wool. What you can expect from a suit that’s 100% wool is a soft thick feel. Not ideal for summer but absolutely perfect for spring, autumn or winter.

The check design of this suit is perfect for standing out and looking dapper whether at the office or at a special occasion. The check design on the suit is quite large and clear, this design is often known as window pane. Window pane checked suits go amazingly well with bow ties and look perfect with some nice hi-shine oxford shoes.

Ben Sherman Grey Prince Of Wales Check Kings Fit Suit

grey checked suit abovetheankles
grey checked suit abovetheankles

Diversity In Suits

mens wardrobe suits

If you want to look dapper and be known as the guy who dresses really well then; open your wardrobe and have a look at your suits. Have a nice good look at each suit. You should see a great range of colours, designs and fits. If all your suits are summer colours, skinny fit, single breasted, single vented and one buttoned, then you have done something wrong. Similarly if you have all tailored fit suits, all black, grey and navy, then yes you have also made a mistake.

Looking good is all about being different, never wearing an outfit that was similar to yesterdays outfit. Your wardrobe should consist of, tweed suits, wool suits, polyester blends and cotton. You should also have different fits and colours.

When you switch between fits (tailored, slim & skinny) or between material (wool, cotton, polyester), what you will find is that people will tell you that they love your new suit, then a week later ask you regarding the same suit, if you just bought a new suit and swear they have never seen it before.

There is no “best” material, fit or colour. All are great and as long as you switch it all up you can make 5 suits look like 20.

mens wardrobe suits

Skopes Madrid Suit

Skopes Madrid Suit

Shopping in department stores can be a little tricky because there are tons of brands and you never really know if everything you’re looking at is of the quality you would expect. A great example of that is Primark have stores inside Selfridges so you can’t always trust department stores. House Of Fraser is no different, so I’m generally a bit picky when shopping with them.

Skopes Madrid Suit 3
Skopes Madrid Suit 4
Skopes Madrid Suit 5
Skopes Madrid Suit

Skopes As A Brand

While browsing through the website I was looking for a suit that’s different to what I’ve been posting recently and I realised I haven’t actually posted a decent black suit. Skopes as a brand is a trusted brand in the suit tailoring world. They are not known for skinny or slim fit suits that portray you as a young person starting out in your career. However their suits are almost all tailored fit to give you that well established in the suit wearing world look.

Skopes Madrid Suit

The Skopes Madrid Suit is made from a super fine twill cloth, which is a very practical and comfortable suit. It feels very light weight yet still feels like it will last a long time. The lapels are your standard peak lapels but not the skinny ones, nor are they too wide, they are just the middle width – perfect for average/wide ties.

Three piece suits are amazing and the Skopes Madrid Suit is no different. Available in black, grey, charcoal and navy in jacket, trousers and waistcoat all for only £118. You can also buy it without the waistcoat for under £100. I must warn you though that House Of Fraser sell out on suits very quickly, I’ve lost suits by waiting too long.


I picked out two reviews of the suit from the house of fraser website for you guys to have a look at.

Very Good Quality
The delivery was superbly on time considering the item was ordered late Saturday night and arrived as promised Sunday night. The quality was excellent and fit was perfect.

Unbeatable Value
Great slimmer fit suit at an amazing price! Durable finish with luxurious lining optimizing on attention to detail. Great for work or occasions. Jacket true to size, trousers slightly generous on waist but a nice tailored fit.

Skopes Madrid Suit

Skopes Madrid Suit 2