FCUK – Powder Blue

powder blue suit fcuk cover

We all know FCUK, they were particularly big 10 years ago when everyone was wearing their white branded t-shirts. Now they have lost their hype amongst most of us but still remain a very popular brand in the world of fashion. I’m not the biggest fan of the brand, they are more expensive than Topman & Zara but to be fair to FCUK, they are definitely a band above most retailers in terms of quality. I’m not really a fan of the whole controversial branding variation of “f***”.

Branding name aside, have you ever tried on a french connection suit? They feel great. This powder blue suit is exactly what you would expect from a £250 purchase. Its comfy, the fabric breathes and is quite flexible. The annoying thing about french connection is most of their suit blazers are paired with trousers, meaning you don’t get to pick your size. What happens is; you pick your blazer size and they automatically give you a trouser size six inches smaller than your jacket size.

Aside from the annoying picking of trousers I can’t fault the FCUK Powder Blue Suit. Three piece suits are fantastic for dressing up or dressing down and can be worn in so many variations. Made from a mixture of wool and polyester the suit shouldn’t be too hot during the summer, while also keeping you warm during the winter months. Obviously tweed and cotton would be better for winter & summer respectively.

Pair this with a plain t shirt or jumper for a casual look and a dress shirt and tie for a perfect formal look.

FCUK Powder Blue Suit

River Island Brown Check Three Piece Suit

River Island Brown Check Three Piece Suit 5

I’ve noticed recently people pretty much wearing the same type of suits with similar colour schemes. Obviously blue, black and grey suits are standard but who wants to look like everyone else. I definitely don’t like it. So I figured today I would bring you something different. Something that doesn’t look like its off the rack, yet still won’t actually break the bank.

This Brown Check Three Piece Suit is from an unusual source for myself, River Island. I’m not the biggest banner holder for River Island but I must admit there suits aren’t too bad. The quality you will get from River Island suits is similar to the suits you would get from Next or Burton.

This three piece suit is quality and for quality you will definitely have to pay a bit more than average. Made from mostly polyester but combined with wool, known as a polyblend suit, this isnt one of those lightweight summer suits. Polyblend suits are incredibly comfortable and do tend to mainly worn in winter but really and truly, we live in the UK, it’s always winter here except in July. So this polyblend suit will cost you £135 for the suit and an extra £40 for the waistcoat. Whether you choose to go for the two-piece or go all out with the three-piece, you definitely won’t regret it.

The whole suit has this beautiful brown checked design, which really makes the suit look and feel vintage. That vintage look just gives off this persona about it’s wearer as being a man of absolute class. If you are going to wear the suit on a weekend, please don’t wear the trousers, the blazer by itself is perfect for the weekend. The full suit with waistcoat is perfect for formal events, while the two piece is great for everyday work.

You really can’t go wrong with this River Island Brown Check Three Piece Suit