How Long Should My Socks Be?

How Long Should My Socks Be 2

No Sock Look? How Long Should Socks Be? Socks Bunched Around Ankles? Let’s touch on some important points here and some not so important points. Here’s everything relating to socks.

1. Should I Try The No Sock Look?

Some could also ask should you wear socks at all, the simple answer is, if you’re employed – yes. The no sock look is great for walking around on holiday or relaxing in a park somewhere but at work, socks are an absolute must. If you insist on the no sock look then give your colleagues their right to odourless air by wearing invisible socks.

Should I Try The No Sock Look?
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2. Whats The Deal With Stretched Out Socks?

Quality is important in every aspect of your wardrobe, from your suit to your shoes. It’s a widely accepted assumption that the more expensive the item, the better the “quality”. Since more expensive materials were used then the item must be better for the user. This may be the case in general but just because your socks cost the price of most peoples shoes doesn’t mean they are actually good quality.

Many socks lose their tightness (elasticity), thus resulting in the sock rolling down your leg and bunching up around your ankles. The sock can also bunch up in your shoe which can easily make you uncomfortable when walking. I’ve found this most commonly in cheap cotton socks but it still definitely happens with the expensive branded socks that are made cheaply.

This can be easily resolved by getting a pair of socks that are a blend of cotton and lycra. It will cost you slightly more in the short term but you will end up buying less pairs of socks thus resulting in everything balancing out.

3. How Long Should Socks Be?

Now onto the discussion of how long your socks should be. If you are going to take anything from this then let it be the following. Keep all the hair on your legs hidden at all times. When you sit, your trousers will raise and your sock should at all times prevent your lovely hair legs from being on show.

How High Up Should My Socks Be

The issue of white socks is well established so I’ll mention it briefly, if you’re an Michael Jackson fan and couldn’t care less what some humans think about you, then go for it.

Regardless to how beautiful your legs are, they are not appropriate for the work place. Save them for the beach when you can really turn some heads.

Also bear in mind, none of these rules really mean anything, enjoy yourself and have fun with your socks. Trial and error is the way forward my friend.

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Keep Clean

above the ankles keep clean

If there’s something women love more than a man in a suit, then it is a clean and well groomed man in a suit. As men we tend to be a little lazy and we often can’t be bothered to do some of the absolute basic things. Breaking that tendency is the hard part but once you do you will find your sex appeal will shoot through the roof.

Being clean and well groomed actually means different things to different men so I won’t dive too deep into the details of what you should and shouldn’t do, what ever suits you go with it. It is however important that you are constantly thinking bot just about your outfit but your hygiene. Are you wearing deodorant? Have you cut your nails recently? Whens the last time you had a haircut?

Those are the basics I’m sure you all know and hopefully if you are reading this you already have these things in the bag. How about do you wash your mouth out after eating or do you check your teeth for food in the mirror when you go in the toilet/bathroom at work or in a restaurant. Do you clean your shoes only at home or do you ever notice dirt on your shoe and get it off.

It may sound like a lot of work but eventually being hygienically clean and groomed will become second nature. In your careers and jobs people will trust you more. Their faith in you will increase because they see a guy who looks after the finer details and goes the extra mile.

If you have any other not-so obvious tips then please feel free to comment below.

White Shirts

white shirt above the ankles

Many people get away with this, well at least they think they do. I have fallen victim to this and have learnt the hard way and the worst thing about this problem is chances are no one will tell you about it. You’re probably thinking why wouldn’t your friends tell you, well to be honest; they probably don’t fully realise themselves. The problem with having a dis-coloured white shirt is no-one really notices consciously. However without them knowing; they probably think a lot less of your outfit thanks to your “white” shirt. Have you ever looked at someone and thought, wow his shirt is really bright? Chances are you liked the rest of his outfit too. I have had so many conversations with different people about why my shirt’s are so bright, especially in summer when the suns shining.

Now unfortunately I’m not going to tell you how to look after your shirts, I don’t use daz or any other stupidly expensive washing powder or anything like that. If you really have no idea then google how to look after white shirts. I have only two tips for you.

Open Your Wardrobe

Open your wardrobe and look at your shirts, how do they actually look. Do they look good, are they worn out. A good place to start is with your oldest shirt, compare it to your newest. Are there any rips or bits that are tethered? Chances are if you can’t remember buying the shirt then it’s probably faded and has that second-hand white/grey look.

Don’t Be Lazy

Actually make an effort to look after your shirts. Wash them when they are dirty. Get stain remover (I use vanish) and get rid of the stains the same day they happen! Don’t leave them on the floor ever! Once they are washed; hang them up. You’re not a child anymore (even if you live with your mum), it’s time to step up and look your best.

Your Image

The way you look always reflects on how you feel. When you buy a brand new white shirt and put it on fresh from the packet, you automatically feel a lot better. You feel rich, you feel like you’re ready. You can always go out and constantly buy brand new shirts, if you’re blessed with that kind of money then well done. In my case I make my shirts last between a year and 18 months. After about 18 months it’s time for me to visit the charity shop then visit the shopping centres.

Remember people are watching, if you just want to dress well and get compliments – great! If you want more from life, if you want to go places and achieve something, people are looking at the finer details. If you take care of yourself and your possessions chances are people will entrust you to take care of them.

Keep em white!

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Keeping Your Trousers Above Your Ankles

socks above the ankles

I’ve had many people, especially my work colleagues, ask me why my suits are all cut above my ankles. They ask me if I bought them that way or tailored them. A lot of people also wonder why I don’t do the clean-shaven look, and choose to don a beard.

My normal response is; I like showing off my cool socks, yes I did get them tailored to be cut above my ankles and no I don’t want to have a baby face. Most accept that and move on.

Anyways, considering my aim is to inspire some of you I figured I’d dive into more detail so you guys can get a better understanding of who I am and why I do what I do.

So why above the ankles? There are actually probably five to ten reasons why but I’ll do my best to explain my two main reasons.

So firstly as I am from the Islamic faith, Muslims believe that God told us not to wear our clothes below the ankle or dragging along the floor. Funnily enough, as a rowdy teenager I wore my trousers below my bum and dragged them along the floor so I could fit into my council state surroundings. So to follow the practices of my faith, I began rolling up my trousers.

As I progressed in my sales career, earning more and more I decided my appearance didn’t match my ambition. I needed to look like the young entrepreneur I aspired to be. So I started following all these men’s fashion Instagram accounts as well as constantly checking online for what celebs and wealthy businessmen were wearing.

At the time, very few of them had their trousers above their ankles but there were enough to get me excited. So I went and got my suits cut above my ankles. Then gave all my jeans and chinos away to charity and bought myself a whole new range of chinos and jeans that were above my ankles.

Seeing the confidence in the men who wore their suits like this was the main thing that appealed to me and made me go from rolling them up to having them cut expertly above my ankles. To be able to sit on a busy train or bus with your black suit cut nicely and your bright blue and yellow polka dot socks takes a lot of confidence. You know when you walk on the bus, or into work, people will be staring. You might even find that you will be getting tons of people talking to you about it.

The confidence I feel wearing my trousers above my ankles makes me feel like I am closer to my goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you haven’t already started wearing your trousers above your ankles, start now.