Black Friday Deals – The Best Of The Crop

black friday

It’s that time of the year when our inbox’s get spammed with deal after deal about the wonderful Black Friday. All the deals start to get a bit confusing after awhile. Mainly due to the fact most of deals available aren’t actually deals. The usual tell-tale signs are “UP to 40% OFF” banners, meaning four products are 40% off and the others are normal price. Another trick is the whole “25% off today only.” All of these types of sales I dislike and never use. Everything you like on sale will probably be ridiculous sizes or utterly hideous.

To help you out,I figured I’d combine a list of all the best deals that are actual deals. Most of the deals below will be site-wide discounts meaning you can use the discount code on ANY product on the website.

Please note all of these offers were sent to my email and I strongly advise signing up to your favourite companies newsletters so you can receive these offers throughout the year.

Black Friday Deals

Click either the banners or the titles below and you will be redirected to their website. Hope you enjoy the list and I’ll see you after this madness that they call Black Friday.

Ben Sherman

30% off everything!!!
no code needed!

ben sherman

The Hut Group

30% off Everything this Black Friday.
Valid: 27/11 – 30/11

the hut group


20% off Everything.
Enter Cyber at Checkout.

asos banner

The Idle Man

20% off Everything.
No code needed!

the idle man


20% off Everything
Remember to enter BL20 at checkout

dobell mr tuxedo


30% off everything
Use the code “BLACKFRIDAY”


Moss Bros

30% off everything
Use the code “FRIDAY20”
Dates: 26th – 29th November

moss bros black friday

Happy Socks

40% Off + Free Shipping On All Orders
No Code Needed

happy socks black friday

Jake’s Shoes

20% off everything!
No code needed!

jake shoes

Office Shoes

20% off with free delivery online and in store
Valid from: Wednesday 25th Nov until Monday 30th November (23.59).

office shoes trainers sale

Create The Illusion You Have More Suits Than You Actually Do


Many people used to ask me how I have so many suits and how they all look so new – not a question I’m asked much these days. Unfortunately I have outgrown most of my suits and I need to spend some well needed time in the gym. Shopping was easier when I was slim, I would buy a new suit every three to five months. Finding off the rack suits that fit me perfectly was a piece of apple pie. Nowadays I have to spend a lot more money and look a lot harder to get that perfect fit. I’ve come up with a trick to create the illusion I have more outfits than I actually do and it also saves me a lot of cash as well.

shirt and trousers no tie

We all love change and wearing different outfits will definitely make you stand out amongst the others. Suits are expensive so we can’t always afford to buy a suit regularly, I simply buy nice trousers and forget all about the blazer. Trousers usually cost a third of the price of the suit, so if you buy two different trousers you’re still in pocket.

Combine your new trousers with a good quality shirt and people won’t notice your suit jacket missing from the back of your chair. Usually when I do this I end up with a enough compliments about my shirt to make my head explode.

Warning: don’t cheap out on badly made trousers. Leaving the suit jacket puts more attention on your trousers so you better make sure they are quality.

Not only does having more options when you get dressed in the morning help you look great, it increases the lifespan of your outfits, since you’re not wearing that suit you love three times a week anymore.

Two Moss Bros Chinos For £30

chinos display pic cover

So not all of us wear suits to work, I know some of you actually don’t dress smart at all for work. So I figured I’d do a post for you. Whether you wear suits to work or you dress smart/casual or just casual then chinos are absolutely fantastic for that look. Chinos go perfectly with a tucked in shirt and no tie, a polo shirt or a normal crew neck t-shirt. Which ever way you want to wear them, go for it.

Moss Bros are normally known for their quality in suit tailoring but they do make a few mean pairs of chinos. There currently is a sale on, two for £30 or one pair for £20.

These Moss London Slim Fit Chinos are pure cotton and feature side slant pockets, a ticket pocket, two back pockets and a stripe lining. They are available in a variety of different colours for you to pick from. My personal favourites are the dark red chinos.

Enjoy & let me know how you will wear them.


How’s The Fit? A Simple Guide To Suit Sizes

how a suit fits above the ankles

We all want to look good, we always hear people say; “It’s all about the fit” but what does that actually mean. The only time you really have an excuse for not wearing a nicely fitted suit is in school. Once you leave education you should really know how to buy clothes that are fitted well and look great. Your suits are the most important part of your wardrobe, people can tell a lot about you based on how the quality of your suit and how well it fits.


When it comes to buying a suit online or in store, you need to buy your size. Don’t be tempted to buy a suit that’s on sale for a great price but its a 38L and your only 5″10. If you’re short make sure you buy short sizes, if you’re tall then buy the tall/long sizes. I know it can be hard to say no sometimes but if they don’t have your size, walk away or close that tab.

Sleeve Length

how a suit fits above the ankles

This is one that people over look too often, if you’re shopping in store then put the suit on and check the sleeve length, if you’re online then check the sizing guides to see how many inches the arms are. There are some basic rules:

1. The end of the sleeve should rest in the area where the bottom of your thumb meets your wrist.

2. When your arms are by your side your knuckles should be in line with the bottom of your suit jacket.


Wide shoulders are just terrible, everyone hates a suit that’s just too wide for the person wearing it. I advise everyone to get measured by a tailor and know the width of your shoulders. The shoulders of your blazer need to end at your shoulders.

How Tight

To know if your suit jacket is too tight, slide your hand into your suit under your lapels, check how it feels. If you can slide your hand in and out with ease then you know it fits well. Do your buttons up, if you can’t breathe freely then the jacket doesn’t fit you. If your suit is too tight then you will feel uncomfortable and you won’t get the results you want.

Two Or Three Buttons

Whether you want to wear a two or three buttoned suit it’s completely irrelevant. There are obviously some rules when it comes to buttons. If you’re wearing a three buttoned blazer then make sure the middle button is just above your belly button. However, if its the general two buttoned suit then the top button should be just above it.


how a suit fits above the ankles

The way trousers fits are just entirely up to you, it depends on your style. For me, a good fitting trouser shouldn’t be too loose that someone could put their arm up your trousers and go all the way up to your bits. It also shouldn’t be too tight that you keep ripping your trousers every time you bend down. They should also be cut above your ankles to show off your socks or your ankles.


The most important thing without a doubt when it comes to wearing a suit is the way it fits. Obviously when you’re just an average joe with some loose change like me then you can’t really go to the tailor and get a bespoke suit. So what do you do? You try your absolute best to meet as many of these requirements as possible!

Sounds like a lot of work? When people can’t stop complimenting you, it will all be worth it.

how a suit fits above the ankles

Keeping Your Trousers Above Your Ankles

socks above the ankles

I’ve had many people, especially my work colleagues, ask me why my suits are all cut above my ankles. They ask me if I bought them that way or tailored them. A lot of people also wonder why I don’t do the clean-shaven look, and choose to don a beard.

My normal response is; I like showing off my cool socks, yes I did get them tailored to be cut above my ankles and no I don’t want to have a baby face. Most accept that and move on.

Anyways, considering my aim is to inspire some of you I figured I’d dive into more detail so you guys can get a better understanding of who I am and why I do what I do.

So why above the ankles? There are actually probably five to ten reasons why but I’ll do my best to explain my two main reasons.

So firstly as I am from the Islamic faith, Muslims believe that God told us not to wear our clothes below the ankle or dragging along the floor. Funnily enough, as a rowdy teenager I wore my trousers below my bum and dragged them along the floor so I could fit into my council state surroundings. So to follow the practices of my faith, I began rolling up my trousers.

As I progressed in my sales career, earning more and more I decided my appearance didn’t match my ambition. I needed to look like the young entrepreneur I aspired to be. So I started following all these men’s fashion Instagram accounts as well as constantly checking online for what celebs and wealthy businessmen were wearing.

At the time, very few of them had their trousers above their ankles but there were enough to get me excited. So I went and got my suits cut above my ankles. Then gave all my jeans and chinos away to charity and bought myself a whole new range of chinos and jeans that were above my ankles.

Seeing the confidence in the men who wore their suits like this was the main thing that appealed to me and made me go from rolling them up to having them cut expertly above my ankles. To be able to sit on a busy train or bus with your black suit cut nicely and your bright blue and yellow polka dot socks takes a lot of confidence. You know when you walk on the bus, or into work, people will be staring. You might even find that you will be getting tons of people talking to you about it.

The confidence I feel wearing my trousers above my ankles makes me feel like I am closer to my goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you haven’t already started wearing your trousers above your ankles, start now.

Zara Review – One Of The Greatest Highstreet Stores

zara store - zara review menswear

Zara Review

This is by no means an exaggeration when I say Zara is 100% the best men’s retailer in the UK. I Suppose that’s the Zara review over.

You won’t be buying many suits and shirts from Zara as they don’t sell work wear. They do blazers and shirts but they’re for smart/casual occasions. Not only is Zara a fairly cheap company to shop at, it’s also a fairly expensive one. It accommodates for both the rich and the poor. They sell different types of clothes, generally ranging from smart tracksuits (that you wouldn’t work out in as they look too good) to £200 trench coats with white fur.

zara review inside store

What Makes Them Unique?

You know what you’re going to get in Zara, they change their stock every season, yet if you walk in, everything looks the same. Sounds like a bad thing right? Once you walk around you realise every item is different. It’s definitely a work of art.

Why I Love Zara?

1. Zara is a non judgmental brand – your friends who have millionaire fathers shop at Zara & so do your council estate buddies.
2. You look classy – Zara don’t do baggy and they don’t do cheap. I bought H&M jumpers recently and they literally fell apart with thread flying out left, right and centre. In all my years of buying from Zara, not once have my threads come out (none that I’ve noticed anyways.)
3. They pretty much only sell Black, Blue or Grey clothes which works out perfect me!
4. They have unique clothes you wouldn’t find in most stores – no lie. I recently bought these amazing chinos that feel like their made out of the softest carpet, absolutely perfect.

What I Buy From Zara

Whenever I need a jacket or coat of any kind I stop off at Zara first. Usually after 15/20 minutes of looking I’ll find the perfect jacket/coat for under £80.

Whenever I need trousers that are smart but not too smart like suit trousers, I ONLY go to Zara. Very rarely will I venture out and buy chinos from somewhere else. I can usually get a pair of really nice trousers or chinos for around £25. What an absolute bargain!

What They Sell

Smart Clothes – Mainly either smart casual clothes or dinner/evening wear.

Go to the Zara website.

Zara Mens

Zara is definitely one of the best places on the high street, they don’t need a review but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed our Zara review. I’ll be adding more to this in time to come as well. Feel free to leave a comment below.