Ted Baker Spotted Print Umbrella

ted baker spotted umbrella

So it’s pay day, and in the spirit of spending money for no logical reason what so ever, I have the perfect buy for all of you. What’d you think about Ted Baker? Love it right? Well, ever thought about owning a designer umbrella?

Sometimes buying designer socks, scarf’s, hat’s and other accessories including umbrellas can be cheesy and tacky. I absolutely hate when people wear designer clothing or accessories that are just plastered in the designer’s label or logo. Gucci or Louis Vuitton are great quality products yes, but when their items are covered in the LV badge or the Gucci ‘G’ it just looks cheap. There are other designers that aren’t as expensive but look better with their simplistic look. Obviously you want people to know you are wearing something designer, so you still want the brand to be visible enough for everyone to know just not too obvious. Ted Baker are great at doing that and this umbrella is a great example of it.

Ted Baker Umbrella

So guess what? £20 for a designer Ted Baker Umbrella, what’d you think?

Well the umbrella isn’t anything flashy, it’s just a simple compact umbrella that closes up into one of those pouches combined with a basic plastic handle. So as you can imagine it’s pretty easy to carry around and you can just leave it in your draw at work for that unexpected shower at 5pm on your way home form work.

To keep things simple and elegant; the umbrella is plain black with a Navy/Purple Ted Baker logo on one side. On the inside lining are light purple polka dots.

If you own some nice shirts, some decent shoes and some dapper suits then this umbrella is for you. It completes you!

However, if your wardrobe isn’t up to scratch yet, then don’t waste £20 on an umbrella, go invest that on the necessary items like suits, shirts & ties.

Ted Baker Spotted Print Umbrella

ted baker spotted umbrella
ted baker spotted umbrella

Moss Bros 20% Off Code

Moss bros discount on accessories

Accessories make the outfit, we all know that but not many of us are actually bothered to add the different accessories. So to give you a bit of motivation to go out and get some pocket squares and ties Moss Bros are giving 20% off all accessories. To get this deal all you need to do is enter AST20 at checkout and you’re winning. Expires on 03/03/2015!

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My Recommendations

I’d recommend going for some of the simple accessories like pocket squares and bracelets.

Moss London Navy Stitch Border Handkerchief – £7.00

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Moss 1851 Wine Velvet Bow Tie – £30.00

Moss 1851 Black 2 in 1 Braces – £22.00

Moss London Silver Playing Cards – £20.00

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Moss 1851 Silver Metal Collar Stiffener – £15.00

Moss London Black And White Houndstooth Bow Tie – £12.00

Moss London Black 3 Loop Braided Leather Bracelet – £12.00

Moss London Navy With Red Border Knitted Handkerchief – £12.00

Remember to enter the code: AST20 at checkout. Expires on 03/03/2015!
Moss bros discount on accessories