What Are Shirts Designed To Be?

shirts are designed to abovetheankles cover

Can you guess what shirts are designed to be?

This might seem ridiculously obvious but unfortunately I see it everyday at work for some strange reason. By shirts I mean dress (formal) shirts. So what were dress shirts designed to do?

Dress shirts are designed to be tucked in, they are made long with extra material so that when they are tucked into the trousers, they stay there. Whether you plan on wearing a full suit or some casual jeans without a tie, your shirt should be tucked in – it just looks better.

Have a look for yourself;

tucked in or not 3
tucked in or not 3
tucked in or not 3

Regardless of whether you want to look casual or just feel relaxed, if you are going to be wearing a suit, your shirt absolutely has to be tucked in. If you are going for a more casual jeans or chinos look then understand that you can’t wear an ordinary dress shirt untucked. If you want to go and get it tailored for like £5 and the shirt will get shortened and look better. Alternatively, of course you could just buy a formal shirt that isn’t long and keep that untucked if you wish.

shirts are designed to abovetheankles