WeirdApe – Excelsior Black & Gold Watch Review!

Excelsior Black & White - Mechanical Skeleton Watch

WeirdApe Excelsior Magnum Gold – Mechanical Skeleton Watch

Excelsior Black & White - Mechanical Skeleton Watch
There are some amazing small companies out there doing very innovative and crazy things for great prices. WeirdApe is one of them, considering all their watches range from £25 to £35 and they have over two-hundred different styles – they’re doing really well.

WeirdApe have chosen some really creative designs that go really well, you’ll be spoilt for choice. As they all look pleasing and can go with many outfits. You get the choice of many colour sets along with strap colour and material. Some of their designs are in every sense of the word – WEIRD.

First Impressions: Wow what a piece of art!


Once you catch the Excelsior in your eye-sight it automatically makes you go for a double look, you get a craving to want to peer inside it. The kid inside me came out when I first took it out the packaging, I wanted to see it ticking away with all the mechanics moving around.

The design is simple, gold and silver with a black synthetic leather strap. Anyone could see that the designs at WeirdApe are well thought of while at the same time being kind of crazy. The choice of gold and silver is well combined, for example the gold could be seen on the buckle, head, time-winder and inner clock work. The the silver stainless steel is then added to help make those small details stand out and be easily visible.

With the gold skeleton design you can see right though the background into the inner clock work, allowing you to see the magic behind how the clock maintains its time. Seeing the magic is my favourite feature, it just amazes me. Undoubtedly most watches in this sort of design will cost you into three figures.

The clock work can be viewed from the front and back, as there is a clear glass which allows you to look in. Now although it is so cool to have a watch were you can see the clock work, there really isn’t much you can actually see. Still amazing to look at none the less, on the first observation as the WeirdApe have put a skeletal background with static dials and gears to help enhance this feature.

WeirdApe Cover

General Use / Description

The watches dials consist of a hour, minute and second ticker which can be set from the pin on the right hand side. The pin also needs to be used to wind up the clock work as this watch is not battery powered. This can be done by twisting the pin clockwise. You know you are doing this right when you can see the gears moving in the back. Its important to point that out as it did take me a little time to work out how to actually get the watch ticking. I must admit for the first twenty minutes I thought I had been sent a broken watch. Now this function is really unique and gives an old fashioned feel to the watch, however I’d rather just have a battery or even better, a decent watch that ticks away with out the need for batteries or a daily wind-up.

This is my first mechanical powered watch, I’m not a fan. I’m not sure if this is the norm but since the watch does not have a battery or self winder, the mechanical wind up itself will only last around two days. In a way its still impressive and gives you the chance to crank it up when putting the watch on in the morning. That however is being really positive, in reality I can’t be asked to check the time on my phone then crank my watch up and get it to work accordingly.

Excelsior Magnum Gold - Mechanical Skeleton Watch


Upon getting this watch I was really excited to wear it and did hope to wear at on any occasion. I soon realised that this was not the case and the watch is really just a show piece, to grab peoples attention and rake in the compliments. This mainly is because of the type of style along with it being mechanically powered, which will get annoying when you forget to crank it back. I wore it wherever I could and showed many people to get their opinions on it, the compliments came flying in and people assumed the watch was an expensive timepiece. So thumbs up on the reasonable price tag.

Durability and Quality

For the average price tag of a non branded watch, you get a beautiful crafted watch made out of stainless steel with a high grade synthetic leather strap. Only shame for me was that the strap was very stiff and tough from new and even after wearing the watch after a week, it still struggled to fit my hand snugly. I will definitely be replacing the strap with a genuine leather strap. WeirdApe, if you’re reading, fix the straps, they’re horribly uncomfortable.

Excelsior Magnum Gold - Mechanical Skeleton Watch


I really do love this watch and putting the obvious downfalls aside, I would highly recommend getting one for the watch collection. At only £35, you can’t go wrong. The WeirdApe Excelsior is not a watch to wear on a daily basis but it is a great go-to watch when looking to switch things up and grab a few compliments. As a first watch, I’d steer clear and get a reliable watch, but to add to the collection.. Perfect.

Excelsior Magnum Gold - Mechanical Skeleton Watch

Get The Look – #5 Lambo

get the look #5

I’m sure the majority of you will click on this one just because the Lamborghini looks amazing. Unfortunately I don’t know many places to get one so I’ll leave that up to you. You could probably try The flashy car aside, this weeks look is an extremely basic but extremely useful look especially for summer. You can tweak this outfit just by switching the trousers and the outfit will look different every time.

The Look

get the look #5

The main piece to this outfit is the blazer, this is the centerpiece, the main event if you like and if you get this right then its pretty much impossible to fail in the rest of the look. The blazer is a solid navy blue, not too dark so it will look perfect for those sunny days and won’t look like a black blazer on those dark nights out. Being a double breasted blazer, it is very easily converted from a work blazer by adding a shirt and tie although nowadays the double breasted is usually more associated to smart/casual events and weekends. Pair this beauty with some white chino trousers and a white cutaway shirt and you get the perfect summer casual outfit. To complete the whole outfit, grab some shades, slap on a watch, stick a white pocket square in the blazer and add some bracelets.

Sounds simple right? It is.

So where would you wear this? Anywhere – whether out shopping or off to the beach. I’d probably wear this look with some loafers or boat shoes, but you can even throw on some trainers.

The Blazer

So for this look you need a blazer with a solid blue, which isn’t too dark and not too bright that it looks like you can only wear it during the day. On top of that it needs to be double breasted and have a nice slim fit to it. I recommend grabbing this beauty while it is in stock at House of Fraser; Corsivo Redi Double Breasted Peak Lapel Panama Jacket for only £72.99. If you want a slightly darker or lighter one then I’ve added three nice blazers, each of different shade.

The Shirt

When it comes to quality white shirts I just can not seem to fall in love with any shirts as much as I love TM Lewin shirts. If you want another shirt aside from TM Lewin, then I recommend Moss Bros or GANT. Personally, I own TM Lewin shirts and nothing beats them on price or quality. Here’s my two favourite white shirts.

The Trousers

White trousers are pretty unique and you generally have an option between going for some white chino’s which are quite thick but are generally pretty comfy. The alternative to that is to get some white formal trousers, which are designed to be suit trousers, they look and feel like suit trousers, generally quite light and great for summer. Which ever one you choose won’t matter too much, they look the same its just about your own comfort.


To complete the look, add your favourite watch, some sunglasses and a bracelet or two, check out the bracelets I posted on the last issue of get the look. Finally to finish things off, you need a nice white pocket square. You can opt for a plain white one or even a polka dotted one, entirely up to you. Might not seem like much but trust me, a white pocket square works wonders.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks get the look, please feel free to rate the look at the top of the post and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Citizen Eco Drive Men’s Two Tone Bracelet Watch


I love watches, however I haven’t been looking at normal watches recently as my LG G Watch R has become my baby. None the less, I still want a another watch as I happen to really love metal bracelet watches. I don’t know about you guys but if I’m looking to buy some jewelry then H.Samuels is definitely one of my first stops. They currently have a sale on and wanted to share it with you – my lovely readers – as I figured even if you don’t want a watch, you might be able to grab a bargain on something else.

The watch that stood out for me is the Citizen Eco Drive Men’s Two Tone Bracelet Watch.

Run on Citizen’s innovative solar powered Eco-Drive technology, this bold men’s watch offers the perfect balance of style and function. Sleek in brushed stainless steel with accents of yellow gold plating, the two tone bracelet is teamed with a silver tone chronograph dial complete with striking black sub dials. Distinctive design for everyday timekeeping.

Brand – Citizen
Case material – Two Colour
Face shape – Round
Model number – BL5458-52A
Movement – Eco-Drive
Strap material – Stainless Steel
Strap style – Bracelet
Watch feature – Chronograph

Citizen Eco Drive Men’s Two Tone Bracelet Watch

Citizen Eco Drive Men's Two Tone Bracelet Watch

5 Chronograph Watches Under £60


So I’ve had a few people ask me about watches, what watches I recommend and if I can find some great watches for a great price. Well I’m currently only wearing my LG G Watch R. I decided to compile a few watches that I would buy for under £60 that can pretty much go with most outfits as I know not everyone can afford expensive watches yet.

When buying a watch you have so many different ways to buy a watch. I suppose what I generally do is find a watch I love then do a google search on the name and find the cheapest possible price for the watch. One Warning though – be careful about ordering from China or buying watches at ridiculously low prices as they will generally just be cheap knock off versions of the real watch you want.

So for this post I decided to use one website which I know to be trustworthy but also to be quite cheap.

House Of Watches

I will be compiling a list of six different watches that I think are great first watches or even cheap replacements to your broken watch.

1. Timex Mens Expedition Chronograph Bracelet Watch T49904

Timex Mens Expedition Chronograph Bracelet Watch T49904
The Timex Mens Expedition Chronograph Bracelet Watch T49904 is a stainless steel watch which is a great look on almost all outfits. The metal bracelet and the black face looks stunning too. It’s waterproof down to fifty metres which to me is probably irrelevant to you and me. Normally priced at £89.99 it’s now on sale for £53 so this would definitely be my number one choice.

2. Sekonda Mens Chronograph Watch 3375

Sekonda Mens Chronograph Watch 3375
The Sekonda Mens Chronograph Watch 3375 is one of those slim steel watches with a Chronograph blue watch face. This a superb watch for under £40 it would be extremely difficult to get a better deal than this. This watch has a ridiculous amount of 5 star reviews online all you have to do is google the watch.

3. Sekonda Mens Two Tone Chronograph Watch 3878

Sekonda Mens Two Tone Chronograph Watch 3878

The Sekonda Mens Two Tone Chronograph Watch 3878 is everything you would want from a watch. It’s beautiful to look at, it looks expensive, it has that “look at me I’m two toned gold and silver” feel. With the white face and the roman numerals, you know this watch is special. Sekonda definitely did a great job with this. Usually priced at £79.99 this beauty is now on sale for £59. Also water resistant up to 50m, same as the others.

4. Sekonda Mens Chronograph Bracelet Watch 3419

Sekonda Mens Chronograph Bracelet Watch 3419

The Sekonda Mens Chronograph Bracelet Watch 3419 is definitely a gentlemans watch. Everything steel makes it one of those durable watches you can feel on your wrist at all times. The steel bracelet with the black watch face make it the perfect partner for all your outfits. I’d definitely recommend this as a first watch as you can wear this in the gym, out to the cinema and most importantly with your suit to work.

5. Lorus Mens Bracelet Watch RS929BX9

Lorus Mens Bracelet Watch RS929BX9

The Lorus Mens Bracelet Watch RS929BX9 is the black sheep (literally) to this list. It’s not a chronograph watch but I feel like a lot of you will love this watch. If you want to be subtle in your class and appear to be normal from a distance but look great from up close, then this is your watch. Priced at £53 its something we all can afford. It’s minimalistic design with the dials and simple date window is great for those guys who like to keep it simple.

Return Policy

House Of Watches offers a 30 day returns policy so purchases that do not meet requirements or are simply unwanted can be returned for a full, hassle-free exchange or refund within 30 days of receipt.

48 Hours Later… LG G Watch R Review

lg g watch r review above the ankles

So I’ve been using the LG G Watch R for over 48 hours now and I must say I’ve noticed some great things and some really crap things. Smart watch technology is clearly something new and you can tell there’s still many things all these geeky tech people need to work on.

So as I’m a little different, I’m going to start of with all the negatives of this watch and really just explain all my frustrations with the LG G Watch R.

What’s Annoying

Although this watch has one of the biggest screens in comparison to other smart watches, it’s still not big enough meaning there’s not really enough space to move things around using your fingers.

You have to actually talk to the watch more than you use your fingers to swipe which can get a little weird saying “ok google” into your wrist.

The battery will drain in 6 hours if you have the brightness up and the screen always on. This means you’re basically have to use your watch carefully and not just leave everything on when you’re not really using it.

The watch works via Bluetooth which means if you want to receive notifications your phones Bluetooth will need to be on constantly. So as you can imagine your phone’s battery will take a beating.

What I Love

Aside from all the negatives, this watch/piece-of-technology is absolutely amazing! I can turn off my WiFi, put my phone on silent, start/stop music, change the volume, read/reply to texts, browse the internet, check my heart rate, show me workout routines on my wrist, set reminders/alarms and most important – It tells me the time!

Everything you ever wanted from a watch right? Well to be fair, there’s many more features like sending tweets, checking likes/comments on Instagram and play little silly games on your wrist.


At the end of the day, I don’t actually care about all of the features and benefits of this watch, I care how I look and will I inspire others when they look at me. Trust me when I say, this is watch that completes my outfit. The watch has an amazing glow that attracts people to stare at it while I walk. You can even change the straps to make it fit specifically to one of your outfits.

If you want it – here’s the link.


My New LG G Watch R

LG G WATCH R vs moto 360 smart watch

So in the spirit of spending all your money in december I figured I would add some more things to my list of things I’ve spent money on this month. Now I have always wanted a smart watch since I first heard about them a few years ago. I love technology, I’m not old fashioned in any way shape or form.

Now anyone who knows anything about fashion and dressing well in a suit, it is imperative that you have a good watch on your wrist. Does having a good watch mean you have to spend £2000 on the watch? No, not at all, I have a great Emporio Armani watch that I bought for £330 and everyone loved it!

If you’re into technology then chances are you will know the only two smart watches worth buying right now are;

So deciding on which watch to buy was a no brainer for me – the LG G Watch R! Some may disagree with this but I only wear a watch because of how it looks. I have my phone for the time so I’m not bothered if my watch is off by two seconds every 6 months or if my watch can dive 100m below the surface. I just want a watch that looks great with my suit. The LG G Watch R is definitely one of those watches that will make some heads turn.


I love the look, it looks like a standard watch with its circular face and its minute markers. You can change the watch face to many different looks to make it suit your style and your outfit. You also have the option of using the leather strap, rubber strap or the metal links.


  • Heart rate sensor for us fitness freaks
  • Always on display feature so you can always see the time
  • Water and dust resistance

Buy Now

Priced at £219.95 this watch was an absolute bargain for me, I absolutely love everything about the LG G Watch R.

LG G Watch R