Winter Coats – What To Wear This Winter?

what to wear this winter

All of those blessed enough to live in hot countries, can get away with wearing their blazers throughout the year. Those of us that have to grow our hair for a few months just to have some extra insulation, know all about wrapping up this time of the year. The cold in the UK is no joke, and wrapping up is essential, but so is looking good.


The Perfect Winter Coat

Most of us don’t give a monkey’s about comfort, we just want to look great. With winter in full effect, and every other day the rain beating down on my hairless head, there shouldn’t be a doubt in anyone’s mind that for you to look great this season it’s all about the coat you wear. There are many different types, some will suit you perfectly and others you may look out of place. Regardless of the type of coat, the most important thing you need to get right is the combination of three;

– Fit
– Warmth
– Style


Having a coat that fits, is imperative. Its the same with all outer garments. When out shopping we sometimes fall too deeply in love with something and are willing to sacrifice how well it fits. This is pretty much always a bad idea. If you’ve tried on both the Medium & Small and they’re not quite working for you, as much as it hurts – move on. We’ve all been there, trying to force our way into an item we love, then a week later we end up hating it. Be patient.


Now the coat fits, you need to make sure it’s actually worth wearing. No point wearing a thin layered coat that won’t keep you warm or dry. Get yourself a nice thick jacket that will be your saviour on that rainy day, so when you get back in from lunch you won’t have to sit at your desk dripping wet. Not only that but who wants to get ill?


Realistically, we are all here to look good, if the jacket keeps you warm and dry and fits well but looks like it belonged to your grandmother – eww. I recommend two coats this winter; the bomber jacket and the trench coat.

Undoubtedly trench coats are the way forward this season. They cover your top-half as well as most of your bottom, so if you ever get caught in the rain, your coat will bear the brunt of it. The wool trench coats will keep you warm from the blistering winds, plus most come with added fur for that extra softness. They go perfectly well with the office look and will set you levels above the rest. A good trench coat should cost around £100, while the more designer ones are upwards of £500.

Bomber jackets are fantastic for the casual look, the days I wear chinos and a shirt, I usually complete the look with one of my Zara bomber jackets. Most bomber jackets will keep you dry through light rain but once the amazon showers start, you’re likely to get soaked. You’ll pick up a good bomber jacket for around £50.

A great winter coat, should keep you dry, warm and make you look fantastic. Don’t compromise, spend a little more, you’ll thank yourself in February when you’re standing in the snow.

Reiss Unstructured Wool Overcoat

ASOS Double Breasted Overcoat In Black Boucle

Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Jumper

Although the weathers heating up its not exactly leave your jacket at home kind of weather and I find spring is generally the best times to buy winter things like jumpers & coats, as they are always cheapest coming up to summer. If you go shopping in london often then you definitely know Uniqlo, mostly popular in the asian countries but have grown massively in recent years. Generally known for their lightweight clothes and rainbow like colours. Sounds like a great company, it is, I bought a jumper from them 4 years ago and still wear it often these days and hasn’t lost it’s colour or shape, unlike my Zara jumper I bought for double the price two months ago.

MEN Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Sweater cover 2
Jumper Under Your Suit.

Wearing jumpers is a fantastic way to look dapper and add a layer onto your outfit. They can be worn under your suit or over a t shirt with some dark jeans, great for smart & smart/casual outfits. This Uniqlo jumper is actually fantastic, made from 100% fine merino wool, which may not sound that nice as the wool we think of is the itchy one people wear on TV. This wool is really fine, compact and really thin making it feel exactly like a cotton jumper except when you stretch the fabric it will bounce back into shape unlike cotton ones which just stay stretched out. The jumper feels soft inside and out so feel free to give your belly a rub after lunch.

The V-neck neckline allows you to wear this over a shirt with a tie on without the jumper covering your beautiful windsor knot you spent 5 minutes getting perfect in the morning.

Priced at £24.90, ranging in sizes from XS to XXL and in every colour under the rainbow, you really can not fault this wonderful jumper. I would definitely recommend grabbing a few while you’re at it.

Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Sweater

Ralph Lauren Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit

Ralph Lauren Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit 3

So after a long time I have given in to a lot of your requests. I was always adamant that I wouldn’t post products that were considered luxury but rather just stick to retail items. However it seems that you guys enjoy spending money on yourselves and too right. Ralph Lauren UK have had their Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit on their site now for such a long time and I’ve just been watching it, thinking I’d love to write about this beauty. So as soon as I decided to do a luxury product, this one immediately popped into mind.

The Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit is an masterclass in tailoring. The suit is made from high quality wool so as you would expect, it is extremely comfortable. The black fabric used on the suit is a beautiful dark colour which looks solid and won’t be like those cheap black suits that look brown in the sunlight. The pinstripes are a nice cream colour, not too bold or not too thin, just right.

A lot of Ralph Lauren UK suits are three buttoned, which I just don’t like, this beauty however is a standard two button suit. Designed to be a professional slim fit, it’s perfect for events or just a normal day at work. The suit is finished with the little details that make this suit really worth the money, among them are; four buttons on the cuff, the jacket being double vented at the back and the trousers having buttons on the inside ready to be combined with braces/suspenders.

This suit really is quality combined with quality – perfection and definitely one of those suits that will last you well into 2020. So for this kind of suit, you can expect to pay more than most peoples first car. A suit is a man’s modern day armour and the Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit priced at £495, it’s definitely what I would call my suit of armour.

Get your’s here; Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit

Ralph Lauren Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit 4
Ralph Lauren Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit – £495.00
Ralph Lauren Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit 5
Ralph Lauren Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit – £495.00
Ralph Lauren Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit 1
Ralph Lauren Polo Beaded-Stripe Wool Suit – £495.00

ASOS Slim Fit Blazer In Tweed

I don’t believe there is a person on the planet who doesn’t like tweed blazers. If you happen to be the exception then please leave a comment below. For the rest of us, we love wearing tweed and we love looking at others in tweed also. The problem is most tweed blazers or even tweed suits are generally quite expensive. Here’s where my budgeting skills come into play.

After having a look around I found the perfect one – ASOS Slim Fit Blazer In Tweed!

The Blazer

If you have any doubts about ASOS and the quality of their clothing, remove them asap by buying this blazer. This blazer is made from a mixture of wool, acrylic and polyester to create the perfect tweed blazer. The inside is lined with polyester to ensure you have comfort while wearing it, I mean it’s not just about looking good is it? This blazer is designed the same way as your normal slim fit blazer with notched lapels, back vents and flat pockets.

What To Wear It With

Tweed blazers are fantastic for the simple reason they are ridiculously versatile. One of my favourite looks of the tweed blazer is to have a crisp white t-shirt underneath with some black jeans and plain black trainers or shoes. It’s so casual yet so smart and absolutely perfect for the weekend day and night.

Another look is to go smart and wear it with some plain trousers, a white shirt and if you want, throw on a skinny tie and some brogues or oxfords.

Which ever way you choose to make the ASOS Slim Fit Blazer In Tweed work is entirely up to you. Make it your own!

Grab this from ASOS for £75 and complete one more missing piece from your wardrobe.

ASOS Slim Fit Blazer In Tweed

asos tweed blazer abovetheankles

My Newest Wool Addition

The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit

So I was out shopping the other day for shoes and I decided to pop into Next to check the sales and as always I hated it completely. So I decided to skip past the sale section and just head over to the normal bit where it’s a bit more civilised. So I decided to walk around all the normal section where I would normally get my suits from and they all just looked a bit off. So then it came to me that I actually don’t actually own a wool suit. So literally as soon as I thought that, I saw the perfect suit.

The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit

When I initially walked into the store I was only looking to spend about £50, so I find myself holding a £130 suit and still intending to also get the waistcoat as well. At this time I didn’t even know how much the waistcoat was but decided to ask. After a very long wait (long queues) I finally got to the checkout to find the waistcoat came in at £40. Since I originally only intended to spend £50, looking at spending £170 on the till was a bit much for me so I decided to skip the waistcoat this time.

This wool suit is fantastic, it is a warm suit which is obviously great for winter, the wool makes it really comfortable and the detail within the stitching of the fabric is beautiful. The only issue with wool is when you wear the suit jacket with a short-sleeve shirt you can feel the wool on your arms which is uncomfortable but with a long-sleeve shirt it’s completely fine.

Wool suits can generally be a problem to clean and brush off but thankfully this suit isn’t 100% wool – if it was I would have paid probably well over £200 for it so this suit only requires a simple dry cleaning, the same as the rest of your suits.

One little extra is it comes with a pocket square that matches the lining on the inside of the suit which is fantastic obviously.

next wool suit above the ankles

Here’s the specifics – 52% wool 38% polyester 6% nylon 4% acrylic. Lining 100% polyester

Here’s the link – The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit
The suit is also available in brown – Click Here