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Hello guys, welcome to Above The Ankles, I hope you enjoy your time here and learn a bunch of stuff about men’s fashion that you can apply day to day.  I started my career as a door to door salesperson originally wearing the worlds most baggiest suits from Primark. Thankfully I was fortunate to work in an industry with multi-millionaires that dressed amazingly well. This got me thinking that possibly I could dress like them but spend less than £150 on my whole outfit. After spending hours every couple of nights reading mens fashion blogs back in 2010, I learned a lot and eventually became the lad with the awesome socks and fresh shoes.


Now I’m a Men’s Fashion Blogger & a B2B Salesman but I like to think of myself as an Entrepreneur. Some say entrepreneurship cannot be taught. Some say it can. Some say you’re born with it; some say you acquire it! I believe I am a mix of both. I was born with the passion, vision and with the clarity of mind that Entrepreneurship is the only flavour of tea I like and it’s been twenty-three years and yet I have not tried any other flavour.

So just sipping away on this journey of life while acquiring the tunnel-vision, discipline, creativity and the set of leadership skills required as important ingredients for my cup of tea to be a perfect blend.

Cheers to Entrepreneurship!

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Hope you enjoy my blog and learn loads and if you want to get in contact with me please do. There’s a bunch of ways you can get in contact with me if you want, I’m not exactly the top fashion blogger in the world but I like to think I know a thing or two about suits and dressing like a gentleman. If for any reason you want to message me you can email me at admin@abovetheankles.co.uk or you can message me on Instagram @above_the_ankles.

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