ASOS Brogue Shoes in Leather

ASOS Brogue Shoes in Leather

Since I bought my new The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit (Read my post here) I decided I needed new shoes that perfectly match my new suit. I’m ashamed to say I am actually yet to own a pair of brogues (I know right.)

So as you probably guessed, I jumped online and started looking at some shoes. Now the last 2-3 weeks I have bought some shirts, a new suit, a new watch and countless other little things so I suppose the idea of spending more money on new shoes I don’t actually need was a bit daunting. So considering I’m slightly addicted towards looking my best I knew I had to get some shoes so after scrawling through ASOS, I eventually picked out 10 different brogues I would buy.

These brogues are 100% real leather so you know you’re getting real quality. Priced at £40 I definitely grabbed myself a bargain on these brogues. These are great for men who wear slim fitted suits as they aren’t very wide shoes which is pretty much the main reason I didn’t get brogues in the first place. When buying brown shoes it’s a lot more risky in comparison to black shoes. Black shoes are just one set colour, but when it comes to brown, there’s so many different shades of brown and you need to make sure you have the right shade along with the right belt. I decided to get these as they are a dark and light shade of brown at the same time – It’s like the perfect middle colour.

If you want them as well – here’s the link.

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