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Men's Black Leather Driving Gloves cover

Do you drive? If so, do you own leather driving gloves? If you don’t drive, I ask you the same question…

Do you own leather driving gloves?

As a kid we all watched the movies and saw the main actor speeding in his ferrari/aston martin with some suave leather gloves, and then pulled out the automatic gun and started kicking ass. Well leather driving gloves make you feel like that. When I wear them I feel like at any moment a 4×4 truck is going to swing around the corner shooting at me and I’m going to have to pull out my assault rifle and end them.

Is that feeling of badass’ness worth the £45 these leather gloves would cost? Hell yeah.

Men’s Cognac Leather Driving Gloves

The Company

Black.co.uk is among the more unknown companies in the UK probably because they don’t have any retail stores. They look after their customers pretty well and if you sign up to their newsletter you receive 10% off which is £4.50 off these gloves. They also deliver to anywhere in the UK for free, which would normally cost like £3.50.

The Gloves

You could probably get these in fake leather for like £10 on the market. These gloves are made from 100% real hairsheep leather which is strong yet really soft on your skin. The gloves have the standard design you would expect from driving gloves with knuckle vents and perforated fingers which is used both for comfort and ventilation.

Available in two sizes, small & medium and in two colours, black and brown. I personally recommend brown.

Men’s Cognac Leather Driving Gloves

Click the images below.

Men's Black Leather Driving Gloves 1
Men’s Black Leather Driving Gloves – £45.00
Men's Cognac Leather Driving Gloves 2
Men’s Cognac Leather Driving Gloves – £45.00

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