My Newest Wool Addition

The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit

So I was out shopping the other day for shoes and I decided to pop into Next to check the sales and as always I hated it completely. So I decided to skip past the sale section and just head over to the normal bit where it’s a bit more civilised. So I decided to walk around all the normal section where I would normally get my suits from and they all just looked a bit off. So then it came to me that I actually don’t actually own a wool suit. So literally as soon as I thought that, I saw the perfect suit.

The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit

When I initially walked into the store I was only looking to spend about £50, so I find myself holding a £130 suit and still intending to also get the waistcoat as well. At this time I didn’t even know how much the waistcoat was but decided to ask. After a very long wait (long queues) I finally got to the checkout to find the waistcoat came in at £40. Since I originally only intended to spend £50, looking at spending £170 on the till was a bit much for me so I decided to skip the waistcoat this time.

This wool suit is fantastic, it is a warm suit which is obviously great for winter, the wool makes it really comfortable and the detail within the stitching of the fabric is beautiful. The only issue with wool is when you wear the suit jacket with a short-sleeve shirt you can feel the wool on your arms which is uncomfortable but with a long-sleeve shirt it’s completely fine.

Wool suits can generally be a problem to clean and brush off but thankfully this suit isn’t 100% wool – if it was I would have paid probably well over £200 for it so this suit only requires a simple dry cleaning, the same as the rest of your suits.

One little extra is it comes with a pocket square that matches the lining on the inside of the suit which is fantastic obviously.

next wool suit above the ankles

Here’s the specifics – 52% wool 38% polyester 6% nylon 4% acrylic. Lining 100% polyester

Here’s the link – The Grey Donegal Slim Fit Suit
The suit is also available in brown – Click Here

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