Penfield Stapleton Insulated Jacket

Penfield Stapleton Insulated Jacket

When it comes to dressing well, without a doubt, outer garments make all the difference. We live in the UK, we need to wear a coat or jacket in the mornings and afternoons. The jacket we choose to wear is so important for us in UK, it’s the first thing people notice about us. You walk into a room, people see your jacket, then your shoes and then everything else (suit, tie, haircut etc.)

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Penfield Stapleton Insulated Jacket

The Stapleton Insulated Jacket from Penfield is unlike your usual jacket, it’s one of those vintage style jackets. It’s a tight fitted quilted jacket that’s padded and shaped like a blazer to give it a smart finish. The shiny black shoulder pad is perfect to stand out from all the boring black and navy jackets in your wardrobe.

Ribbed cuffs get a bit annoying with double cuffed shirts, thankfully these aren’t ribbed but the jacket cuffs are still a little tight. The jacket comes with a zip and buttons, your choice. I think this jacket looks amazing left open with your shirt and tie showing so I’d avoid doing it up as much as possible. Obviously, we live in UK and it get’s ridiculously freezing here so when that happens you can obviously zip up and keep warm with the padded filling inside the jacket.


You have to understand that when it comes to Penfield you are paying for quality and brand. The jacket comes with a leather logo badge on the left arm. That badge is a sign that you have taste, both men and women will see that logo and appreciate it.

So considering all of this, this jacket is £600. Well that’s a lie, it’s not £600. As always I’m trying to find the best deal online and I probably wouldn’t post this if it was £600. That’s actually another lie, I probably would still post it but thankfully it isn’t.

The kind and lovely marketing people at Penfield priced this wonderful jacket for £240. Expensive? Hell yeah. Worth it? Well it depends, this jacket isn’t a going to go in and out of fashion. You can wear this everyday for the next 5-10 years. Worth it? Well that’s your call.

Penfield Stapleton Insulated Jacket

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