Moss Bros Review

moss bros review

If I was to sum up this Moss Bros review in one word, it would be ‘brilliant’. What can I say, without a doubt I absolutely love Moss Bros Great company, great retail stores, great staff. Moss Bros know just what they’re doing. It’s almost like walking into a privately owned tailor for a bespoke suit. Obviously it’s not as good as going into a tailor’s for a bespoke suit but you get my point.

If I judge them based on their diversity of suits they would do very well. They have everyday work suits, evening wear and casual suits. Sometimes however, their diversity of suits lets them down as they have some crazy silver and gold suits – yuck.

The quality of their suits is pretty much standard as you’d expect from any standard high street retailer. Moss Bros’s designer suits are of a much better quality than the rest though. I bought my first suit from them 4 years ago, and so far, I am yet to rip or wear away any of the fabric in my suits.

moss bros review inside store

If you’re anything like me, (I have a weird body shape), the majority of the suits you buy wont fit you (perfectly) as most suits are shaped for “normal body shaped people.” Great thing about Moss Bros is they 99% of the time have a qualified Tailor to make the suit YOURS!

Moss suits are consistent, they have very strong stand out suits and very nicely fitted suits. You know what you’re getting from them. You have the choice of hiring a suit or buying it, I have never hired a suit in my life but I know some people are into that so go for it if you need an emergency suit.

They have some luxurious brands such as Calvin Klein, Ben Sherman, French Connection, DKNY, Ted Baker, Canali, Zegna and Cerruti, these are all available in store and online. Not only do they offer fantastic suits at great prices, they also have extremely nice accessories and shoes. I will be selecting a few to write about in the future so stay tuned.

Moss Bros – Suits

Moss Bros – Accessories

Moss Bros – Shoes

If you sign up to their newsletter they send amazing deals, I received a 50% off voucher this morning!

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