Black Ash Wooden Belt Hanger


Once you get to a stage where you own quality clothing and accessories, you now need to look at how you are actually taking care of them. We have all been at a stage where we just cram everything into little boxes or draws around our room. Eventually you will need to break these habits because the £35 belt you bought a year ago after being crammed in a draw or rolled up constantly it will start to show very quickly.

Belt hangers are not a necessity but when you consider they cost £10, it’s really not that much money so don’t be stingy and grab one as soon as possible. When you hang up a belt, you allow the leather to breathe and go back to its normal state.

You could go on ebay and buy these from china for half the price but I recommend paying the extra £3 and getting a quality one that will last you your life time and maybe even your kids.

Black Ash Wooden Belt Hanger

Mens Suspenders/Braces

mens suspenders above the ankles 3

So it’s fair to say; no-one needs suspenders (braces) anymore, neither women nor men. So as with most things we own, we use them as a stylish accessory instead of an outfit necessity. To start this I’m going to answer three questions and I think you will all agree with me on these.

Do you need suspenders? – No not at all.
Are suspenders in fashion? – No they’re not.
Will you stand out in them? – Yes absolutely.

mens suspenders above the ankles 6

In the interest of standing out and being unique I’m going to talk you through why you should be looking to get yourself some suspenders and also some do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing them.

Firstly they are definitely not for everyone so I would advise trying them on and seeing how comfortable you feel in them. The main thing here is confidence, you need to quite sure in yourself to be able to pull off your suit jacket and attract all those eyes over to what you’re wearing.

Do’s & Don’ts

When wearing suspenders with a suit, always wear wide suspenders, thin suspenders look silly with a suits (unless it’s a skinny fit suit) and should only be used with casual outfits. Stick to thick!

mens suspenders above the ankles

Choose one or the other – either wear a belt or suspenders, never both at the same time. It’s one of those fashion suicide things.

Check your trousers, some trousers have buttons on the side of the waist for suspenders to be attached to, others don’t have this so you will need to buy clip on suspenders in order to clip them onto your waist.

When initially starting to wear suspenders choose neutral colours that go with everything, such as black or grey. Once you’re comfortable then move onto the browns and reds.

My Recommendations

MOSS 1851 clip-on braces

MOSS 1851 clip-on 2 in 1 braces

NEXT Black Braces

NEXT Grey Puppytooth Braces

M&S Self Cross Checked Adjustable Braces

M&S Adjustable Braces

JOHN LEWIS Narrow Braces, Black

My Favourite

These stylish and quirky braces from John Lewis feature an interesting polka-dot print which is sure to jazz up any suit. The braces also feature metal clips and adjustable straps.

John Lewis Men Spot Patterned Braces

John Lewis Men Spot Patterned Braces

John Lewis Review

john lewis store logo
John Lewis is a weird store for me to talk about. (Warning – I’m going to rant for two paragraphs in this John Lewis review) Now I am going pretty sure most of you will disagree with me here but I absolutely hate shopping in department stores. Selfridge’s, House of Fraser, Debenhams and even TK Max – I hate them. Selfridge’s is perhaps the only one I can bear, Harrods is not too bad as well.

You’re probably wondering why I don’t like them. It’s pretty simple really. The layout of the stores themselves are pretty annoying. I’m looking at boss suits and then somehow I’m in Primark. Aside from the layout, the mini-stores inside department stores just don’t know what they’re selling, they never carry a lot of stock so sizes are very limited. My main problem however is just the lack of variety of styles as they generally try to have a little bit of everything.

John Lewis is a little bit different. I actually only buy Ted Baker & John Lewis Suits from John Lewis, I generally just don’t find the rest of their suits that special. The suits I do buy from them are pretty unique though. My favourite thing about John Lewis is being able to buy last seasons Ted Baker suits for almost half the price it was originally being sold.

I know I went on about the negatives of a department store but at the same time you can also get some great shirts, ties, socks and shoes from John Lewis. What I generally do is to go into the store and try on a whole outfit, regardless of whether I’m looking to get just a suit or a suit plus accessories.

Below are some of my favourites from John Lewis.

Kin by John Lewis Slim Fit Stamford Tonic Suit Jacket, Midnight Blue

Bertie Aston Leather and Suede Brogue Derby Shoes, Black

Dune Runway Patent Loafers, Black

Kin by John Lewis Mercer Knitted Tie, Navy

Gant Dot Diamond Silk Scarf, Midnight Sky

John Lewis Fleece Lined Leather Gloves, Black

Kin by John Lewis Reversible Belt, Black/Red