Diversity In Suits

mens wardrobe suits

If you want to look dapper and be known as the guy who dresses really well then; open your wardrobe and have a look at your suits. Have a nice good look at each suit. You should see a great range of colours, designs and fits. If all your suits are summer colours, skinny fit, single breasted, single vented and one buttoned, then you have done something wrong. Similarly if you have all tailored fit suits, all black, grey and navy, then yes you have also made a mistake.

Looking good is all about being different, never wearing an outfit that was similar to yesterdays outfit. Your wardrobe should consist of, tweed suits, wool suits, polyester blends and cotton. You should also have different fits and colours.

When you switch between fits (tailored, slim & skinny) or between material (wool, cotton, polyester), what you will find is that people will tell you that they love your new suit, then a week later ask you regarding the same suit, if you just bought a new suit and swear they have never seen it before.

There is no “best” material, fit or colour. All are great and as long as you switch it all up you can make 5 suits look like 20.

mens wardrobe suits