The Gekko Shirt

wolf of wall street above the ankles

Every man loves wolf of wall street, why? I suppose for various different reasons. Maybe we all want to be in the movie because of the money, the cars, the girls or the fame. Whatever the reason, none of us can deny the outfits in the movies or on the actual wall street. These guys dress pretty well, my favourite look is definitely without a doubt the ‘Gekko’ shirt. For those who don’t know what the gekko shirt is, it’s basically a shirt that has a collar and cuff colour that contrasts the colour of the shirt. [See Below]



Wearing the Gekko Shirt is a statement, the moment you put it on you get that banker feel. Makes me feel like I need to make more money. So the question is; should you buy one?

Well it depends on your job and where you plan on wearing it. Contract shirts are great with navy suits, especially pin stripes so if where you work its acceptable to look that dapper, then go for the contrast shirt. Unfortunately my Gekko shirts don’t have a place in my workplace so I’m only able to wear them on a weekend.

Grab A Bargain

So to actually buy a quality contrast shirt like Gekko then you’re going to get set back £40 or £50. Luckily for us we don’t have to pay that kind of money. Thanks to Moss Bros I have found three variations of the Gekko shirt that are absolutely stunning.

Two of these shirts are £12 each and the other £15 so you know you’re getting a great bargain.

Blue & White Double Cuff Contrast Collar & Cuff Shirt

This regular fit Moss Esq. shirt has a special non iron treatment and taped arm seams means that only a minimal run over with the iron is needed to ensure a crisp, smart look.

60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Double Cuff
Non Iron
Regular Fit

Blue & White Double Cuff Contrast Collar & Cuff Shirt

gekko moss 1

Single Cuff Stripe Contrast Collar Shirt

This Moss London slim fit shirt with single cuffs is ideal for everyday work wear. Team with a skinny ties and a tie pin for an on trend, stylish look.

100% Cotton
Single Cuff
Slim Fit
White Contrast Collar

Single Cuff Stripe Contrast Collar Shirt

gekko moss 2

Tailored Fit Navy Double Cuff Striped Shirt

This Moss 1851 tailored fit shirt is made from 100% cotton. This shirt is great for either work wear or for special occasions.

100% Cotton
Double Cuff
Tailored Fit

Tailored Fit Navy Double Cuff Striped Shirt

gekko moss 3