Don’t Match Pocket Square & Tie

Don't Match Pocket Square & Tie

Sounds weird right? Why wouldn’t you match your pocket square with your tie. Some say that’s the whole point of wearing them. Well I disagree – kind of. Let me explain..

If you buy a tie and it comes with a pocket square, don’t wear them together. Instead mix and match your pocket squares and ties. A black and white polka dot tie might look great but when paired with a black and white polka dot pocket square, its a bit too much.

I obviously understand that if you only have a few pocket squares and ties then you can get away with it. But eventually you want to build up a big enough collection that you can constantly keep mixing things up and keeping your outfits forever changing.

I wouldn’t advise going out and buying 10 pocket squares, however it wouldn’t hurt to spend £8 once every payday and grab yourself a good quality pocket square.

Remember you want to coordinate in your colors and fabrics but not be too robotic and matchy.

Don't Match Pocket Square & Tie