Metal Collar Stays

Collar stays (also known as collar stiffeners) should be a part of your life, you should be sliding them into your collars whenever you finish your ironing. They are small in size but very important, without them, even the best of shirts look cheap and battered after a few wears. Cheap shirts have “built-in” collar stays, while decent dress shirts will have removable ones. If you don’t already use them often, you need to start – now.

If however, you are among the few men who take care of their clothes and pay attention to the “silly” things most men ignore, then you probably already wear collar stays. Chances are they’re plastic, am I right? Time to step it up.


Why Should I Upgrade To Metal Collar Stays?

The same way plastic collar stays transform a normal shirt great. Metal collar stays take the shirt to another level again. There is something about a man’s clothes looking rigid and sharp that just make him look the business. Metal collar stays make the collars on your shirt look sharp and when you move around they won’t. You won’t be able to feel the difference when wearing them but take a picture with plastic collar stays vs metal collar stays and you will see the difference clearly.

How Much Are They?

Some companies can go to the extreme with their collar stays and have some £200 silver stays. Other companies are more accommodating for us normal lads with prices around £10/£15. I strongly recommend grabbing yourself a pair, you only need one since you only wear one shirt at a time (I hope.)

I wouldn’t bother getting them engraved with anything, except of course, if you’re buying them as a gift for someone.

I personally prefer the pair from Moss Bros as they are cheap but solid/quality. I’ve added a few more collar stays to my store in order to spoil you for choices. Buy one pair of collar stays that will last a life time, trust me you won’t regret this purchase.

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Collar Stays/Bones

tm lewin collar bones abovetheankles

Maintaining the appearance of your clothes should be a top priority for all of us. Looking after our clothes is often so simple to do yet so many of us slack in it. Little things like brushing our clothes, using a lint roller or shoe trees can really make all the difference. One thing that many people miss out on is collar bones. Collar bones are the hard things in your shirt collar that stop your collar from loosing it’s shape. Many of you won’t actually need these because your shirts won’t actually have the space in your shirt collar for it. If you have a quality shirt from TM Lewin, M&S or Hawes & Curtis then you will definitely know about collar bones.

The important thing to know is; always take out your collar bones before putting your shirt in the wash. Collar bones come in either metal or plastic, I prefer the plastic ones but both are equally as good really.

Ensure your shirt collar stays flat and crisp with this set of collar stays. Designed to slot into the specially-made pockets on the underside of the shirt’s collar. Not every shirt is fitted with these pockets, so best check your shirt beforehand.

collar bones abovetheankles shirt and tie 2
collar bones abovetheankles shirt and tie 3
collar bones abovetheankles shirt and tie
collar bones abovetheankles
tm lewin collar bones abovetheankles

Where To Buy Them?

I personally would recommend eBay, you can get them for like £2-5 but I know some of you aren’t really big fans of eBay so if that’s the case then here’s some other links.

Moss Silver Metal Collar Stiffener – £15

John Lewis Rhodium Collar Stay – £18

M&S Collar Brass Stiffeners – £9.50

Classic Collar Bone Gift Set – £25