25% Off Burton

Whether you like Burton as a company or not is irrelevant, why you ask? Well if you use the code “STYLE25” at checkout you get 25% off. Now I don’t know about you but 25% off anything in store regardless whether its on sale or not, is an absolute bargain to me. I just bought a new purple polka dot tie and a new suit last night, all three adding up to £42. I’m excited!

Burton is not the greatest company in the world for clothes but considering they are definitely one of the cheapest, chuck in an extra £25 off a £100 suit, you are definitely winning.

So as mentioned above, enter “STYLE25” at checkout to get 25% off your entire basket.

Also if your basket total reaches above £30, enter “FREEDEL” at checkout to recieve free standard delivery as well.

Here’s the tie I bought;

Red Geo Print Tailored Tie

Red Geo Print Tailored Tie

Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat

Here’s a great reason why you should sign up to your favourite retailers newsletters so you get notified of all their sales. Burton at the moment have 25% off literally everything! All you have to do is enter “STYLE25” at checkout. So as I always do when a sale is on, I went through loads of their products and found a really nice trench coat.

Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat

When buying a trench coat you have two options really, either you get a nice thick warm one that kind of works as a blazer at the same time or you get a lightweight trench that is just a throw over your outfit. In this case with the Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat it is a smart lightweight black coat that’s waterproof and perfect for all seasons.

I love lightweight trench coats as I can wear it during summer or winter and it’s really easy to carry around. Trench coats are generally priced quite highly as they everyone wants them. This one is no different, normally priced at £70. It’s now on sale for £49 and if you buy it today you get an extra £12 off.

The jacket has those extra buttons to create that double breasted look, along with the smart black belt to make the jacket look professional, both done up or open. Made from a mixture of polyester and cotton this jacket should last you a couple of years at least.

Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat

Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat
Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat 2
Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat 3
Black Shower Resistant Belted Trench Coat 4

Top Quality M&S Blue Super Slim Fit Suit For £79

wall street suit cover photo

So if you are at a stage where you don’t really have a lot of suits and you read my blog looking for bargains and grabbing some cheap but quality suits – I’ve done a post you are going to love! Well to be fair I don’t know if you will love the post but I know you’ll love the suit.

Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 2
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 3
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 4
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 5
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 6
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 7
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit 8
Blue Super Slim Fit Suit

Blue Super Slim Fit Cross Hatch Suit

So when it comes to buying suits from retail stores, it doesn’t really get better quality at a lower price than Marks & Spencer. When buying a suit, there are so many aspects that come into play and it’s pretty fair to say M&S have most of the boxes ticked.

The Blue Super Slim Fit Cross Hatch Suit comes with a one button, slim lapel suit jacket. The colour of the suit is a navy blue that looks dark but professional at the same time. If you have less than five suits then you need this suit in your life. It’s priced at £99, which is an absolute steal.

This suit isn’t one of those cheap suits you can only wear a few different ways. Because of the style and colour you could wear this suit with black or brown shoes, you could also throw on polka dots, or different coloured ties and pocket squares.

Blue Super Slim Fit Cross Hatch Suit

Monday (02/03/2015) M&S have a 20% off sale which would last 24 hours. That knocked off £20 dropping the price down to £79 from £99 for a M&S suit, I’ve seen shirts more expensive than that in M&S.

wall street suit cover photo

TM Lewin 4 Shirts Offer


I’m sure there’s not many of you who don’t own TM Lewin shirts, I can only imagine my non UK/US readers not owning shirts from this amazing store. Then again, even if you’re not from UK/US, you still should grab yourself a couple of these shirts. Very rarely will you be able to find a shirt at around twenty or thirty pounds at the quality and consistency of TM Lewin.

We all know about their 4 shirts for £100 promotion which is on all year round, well as you probably know this time of the year is the perfect time for offers and saving some money. TM Lewin thankfully is no different and they currently have their shirts on sale.

4 Shirts For £80

I have nothing but praise for TM Lewin’s shirts, I generally don’t but their ties or cufflinks from them as they’re usually more expensive than the shirts themselves and I know I could get similar ties from other stores for a much lower price. I definitely will be ordering my TM Lewin shirts online this week, make sure you do as well.

My Recommendations

I have owned two of these shirts in the past which I lost (don’t ask how), my close friend also bought the other two a few years ago and still wears them regularly so I highly recommend these four.

Slim Fit Plain White Luxury Twill Shirt

Slim Fit Plain White Twill Non-Iron Shirt

Slim Fit Navy Bengal Stripe Poplin Shirt

Slim Fit Plain Pink Luxury Twill Shirt