How Long Should My Socks Be?

How Long Should My Socks Be 2

No Sock Look? How Long Should Socks Be? Socks Bunched Around Ankles? Let’s touch on some important points here and some not so important points. Here’s everything relating to socks.

1. Should I Try The No Sock Look?

Some could also ask should you wear socks at all, the simple answer is, if you’re employed – yes. The no sock look is great for walking around on holiday or relaxing in a park somewhere but at work, socks are an absolute must. If you insist on the no sock look then give your colleagues their right to odourless air by wearing invisible socks.

Should I Try The No Sock Look?
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2. Whats The Deal With Stretched Out Socks?

Quality is important in every aspect of your wardrobe, from your suit to your shoes. It’s a widely accepted assumption that the more expensive the item, the better the “quality”. Since more expensive materials were used then the item must be better for the user. This may be the case in general but just because your socks cost the price of most peoples shoes doesn’t mean they are actually good quality.

Many socks lose their tightness (elasticity), thus resulting in the sock rolling down your leg and bunching up around your ankles. The sock can also bunch up in your shoe which can easily make you uncomfortable when walking. I’ve found this most commonly in cheap cotton socks but it still definitely happens with the expensive branded socks that are made cheaply.

This can be easily resolved by getting a pair of socks that are a blend of cotton and lycra. It will cost you slightly more in the short term but you will end up buying less pairs of socks thus resulting in everything balancing out.

3. How Long Should Socks Be?

Now onto the discussion of how long your socks should be. If you are going to take anything from this then let it be the following. Keep all the hair on your legs hidden at all times. When you sit, your trousers will raise and your sock should at all times prevent your lovely hair legs from being on show.

How High Up Should My Socks Be

The issue of white socks is well established so I’ll mention it briefly, if you’re an Michael Jackson fan and couldn’t care less what some humans think about you, then go for it.

Regardless to how beautiful your legs are, they are not appropriate for the work place. Save them for the beach when you can really turn some heads.

Also bear in mind, none of these rules really mean anything, enjoy yourself and have fun with your socks. Trial and error is the way forward my friend.

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Sioux Couture – Fancy Socks

sioux couture cover image above the ankles

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile and have just been putting it off for so long. I was approached awhile ago by Sioux Couture (I have no idea how to pronounce it) and they asked me to have a look through their site, pick some socks and review them. Obviously I weren’t going to turn them down so I figured I would give them a try and then write a review on their socks. I would just like to apologise to the guys and girls at Sioux Couture as I’m going to be brutally honest and say exactly what I love and don’t love about the socks.

Sioux Couture Review

In this review I’m going to go over five different areas; my first impressions, the look, the comfort, the practicality and the price.

First Impressions – 8/10

On first opening the package, I thought thank God it’s finally here. As its made in Italy and shipped from Spain it does take awhile to get through customs. So expect a week or two for delivery. Once opening the package I was quite impressed with the packaging. Each sock is packaged in a pocket like cover, which I now use them for other handy stuff around the house.

Sioux Couture - Customs Package
Sioux Couture - Pocket Packets

The Look – 10/10

The socks look amazing, when you wear them you literally draw compliments toward you. The colour is fantastic and vibrant. I enjoy standing out with my outfits and these socks really help me be seen a mile off. I have two blue socks, a red one and a purple (see below) and they are absolutely stunning. I’ve worn them and washed them each between 5-6 times so far and they still look brand new. Sioux Couture have done an amazing choice in picking the correct colour combinations, my favourite being the purple/pink.

sioux couture purple blue and red socks by above the ankles

The Comfort – 9/10

The feel of these socks can easily be described as incredibly soft and comfortable due to them being made from egyptian cotton. Once you put them on you can really feel the difference in quality compared to your normal five navy socks you got for £3. Wearing them throughout the day is refreshing as they aren’t too tight and you get the feeling that your feet are being allowed to breathe. I also walked around the house in them and they did the job of keeping my feet warm in my not so warm flat.

The Practicality – 6/10

Here’s where the socks lack in awesomeness. What do I mean by practicality? How well they do their job. The job you expect from winter socks is to keep your feet warm. The job of invisible socks aka ballerina socks, is to be invisible when worn with trainers. The job of colourful socks is to look great and be seen. The colour of the socks are fantastic but where Sioux Couture have slipped up is how well the socks stay up throughout the day. I find myself every hour or so pulling my socks up, which considering I sit down at my desk in a call centre all day, it’s really unexpected. To be fair to them, this is a problem a lot of socks companies have, my TM Lewin socks are even worse than them, but regardless – it’s still a problem. Socks really don’t look attractive on a smart or smart/casual look if they are rolling down and getting bunched at the ankle.

above the ankles - Sioux Couture

The Price – 7/10

How much will one of these bad boys set you back? £10.73

Nope not for two pairs, just one pair, £10 for a pair of socks is a bit steep. I have owned a fair amount of socks in my time and these are among the most expensive. I do own socks that are much more expensive than Sioux Couture’s but I still get the feeling their over priced.

Overall – 8/10

Well in all the four areas I covered, you must say, Sioux Coutures fancy socks did a pretty decent job. I wouldn’t say they are the best socks in the world. However, they are pretty damn good and paying £10.73 for pretty damn good is in my opinion – worth it. I don’t recommend these if you are only just dipping your toes in the big pool of colourful and playful socks. On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned veteran in this sock game, then you really don’t have any excuse not to grab four of these beautifully crafted socks.

To sum it all up, if you want compliments and socks that will grab people’s attention and don’t mind paying a premium for them or having to pull them up every so often, then grab yours here;

Sioux Couture - three stacked up
Sioux Couture - socks lined up on a bench

Polo Ralph Lauren – Pack Of Three Socks

Polo Ralph Lauren - Pack Of Three Socks

So I’m at home thinking should I go into town and do some shopping on this lovely bank holiday monday or should I have a look online first and then go out shopping. So naturally I decide to have a look online for some ralph lauren socks. After scrolling through google’s shopping list I noticed these three pretty standard Ralph Lauren socks. I was really phased until I noticed they were only £21. I had a feeling there would be some stupid delivery charge and I was right, then as I changed tab, a promo box popped up offering me free delivery. (The code saved me £4.90.)

So long story short, I am now waiting for three Ralph Lauren socks to appear in the post in the next few days. Being the nice guy that I am, here’s the link to MenLook website where you can grab these as well;

Polo Ralph Lauren – Pack Of Three Socks

Enjoy, I’m off out shopping now.

Polo Ralph Lauren - Pack Of Three Socks
Polo Ralph Lauren – Pack Of Three Socks – £21.00

Polo Ralph Lauren Two Pack Blue Socks

POLO RALPH LAUREN two pack socks 3

The iconic American brand Polo Ralph Lauren exudes youthful, athletic energy and this two-pack of cotton-blend socks will pep up your everyday wardrobe. One pair is patterned with polka dots and the other with rugby stripes.

POLO RALPH LAUREN two pack socks

They will comfortably fit anyone from UK size 7 to 11. They come with the standard Ralph Lauren red logo, made mostly from cotton these socks are fantastic for summer and winter. No need to hand wash these as well as they can go straight in the washing machine.

Mr Porter UK is also offering free next day on everything at the moment so grab it while you can. Priced at £22, I’d say it’s a bargain really!

Polo Ralph Lauren Two Pack Blue Socks

10% Off TM Lewin – March

tm lewin 10% off

I do not remember the last time I bought an item for full price, the only time I would ever do that is out of desperation. Why would you? There are discount codes and vouchers all over the internet. Although to be honest some companies like TM Lewin are pretty good at keeping them hidden. Luckily for you guys, I’m here.

Just Enter MARCH10 at checkout and you got yourself 10% off anything online.

Click Here – TM Lewin

tm lewin 10% off

My Four Shirts – 10% OFF

Do you ever just look at someone and think wow they are basically wearing the same thing as me but they look so much better, why? Or that guy looks great but he’s dressed so simplistically. Sometimes it can just be their complexion or their body shape just looks great with their outfit but 9/10 times it will just be the fact that they are wearing quality clothes.

TM Lewin doesn’t fall short in terms of quality. People notice you when you wear a TM Lewin shirt. Your white shirt is leagues above the other guys white shirt. I went into TM Lewin a few times in the last month, trying to match four shirts for £80 but I could never find three shirts I actually liked, let alone four. The problem with TM Lewin is the retail stores are more expensive than the online stores and they have such a small selection in store. The know that the fit of the shirt is the most important thing.


Try It On

Go into the store and try on the different sizes, find your perfect size, ignore the sales reps and walk out. Jump online and order all the shirts you love. Not only are the shirts online cheaper; they have more colours, more designs and you can mix up the sale items with the non sale items.

My Order & Vouchers

I ordered four shirts and two socks online in the exact colours and fit I wanted when I was in the store. Not only did I find my perfect size/design I also ended up paying less for four shirts and two socks than I would have if I just would have bought four shirts in store. When shopping online you have the opportunity to add in discount codes and coupons that you can’t do in store. I used a voucher for 10% off which brought my order from £92 down to £82.80. I sometimes get emails with them offering me 20 or 30% off so you should definitely sign up to their mailing list.

If you want me to send you any voucher codes I get for TM Lewin leave a comment below, I’ll gladly share.

It get’s better…

My order came with £50 wine voucher with Virgin wines, which I threw in the bin as I don’t drink wine. Better than the wine voucher, they sent me two vouchers with £10 off any order over £75.

Want My TM Lewin Shirts

Want to order the same shirts/socks as me, I definitely recommend them. Enjoy…

Fitted Plain White Twill Cutaway Collar Shirt

London Fitted White Curved Cutaway Collar Shirt

Fitted Blue Poplin Double Cuff Shirt

Fitted Plain Pink Luxury Twill Double Cuff Shirt

Navy Blue Stripe Socks

Navy Pink Stripe Socks