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There are a million style tips you can start applying in order to make yourself look better. In my old job, we used to always say that if you could improve 50 things by 1% you are now 50% better off – true stuff! So who wears a t-shirt under their shirt? I definitely do. Living in the UK, its cold 300 days a year and the need to put on another layer is real.

The problem with wearing a t-shirt under your shirt is that if you don’t wear a tie, it can end up poking out of your shirt. I wear t-shirts outside which is fine if your casual but the moment you wear it under your dress shirt, your t-shirt automatically becomes underwear. Sounds weird but it’s true, whether man or woman, your underwear is to be as hidden as possible and if you want to be a man of class then this is completely necessary.

Having your t-shirt poking out under your dress shirt looks sloppy and is similar to a woman who bends over and shows off all her backside & her thong – not a good look! If you want to be known as a well dressed individual then hiding your undergarments is essential.

The easiest way to hide your t-shirt is to not wear one, but living in the UK between october and june would mean you would be pretty cold. The best option is to do what I do, wear a v-neck t-shirt. They aren’t expensive and it really depends how many times you go out in a shirt without a tie. I only leave the house without a tie twice a week so I only own about three or four v-neck t-shirts. I save all my crewneck t-shirts for the days I wear ties and you should do the same.

I’ve added two items to my shop in order to give you guys the perfect v-neck’s to be worn with your outfits to ensure you won’t end up looking sloppy.

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See the difference a v-neck makes for yourself;

Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Jumper

Although the weathers heating up its not exactly leave your jacket at home kind of weather and I find spring is generally the best times to buy winter things like jumpers & coats, as they are always cheapest coming up to summer. If you go shopping in london often then you definitely know Uniqlo, mostly popular in the asian countries but have grown massively in recent years. Generally known for their lightweight clothes and rainbow like colours. Sounds like a great company, it is, I bought a jumper from them 4 years ago and still wear it often these days and hasn’t lost it’s colour or shape, unlike my Zara jumper I bought for double the price two months ago.

MEN Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Sweater cover 2
Jumper Under Your Suit.

Wearing jumpers is a fantastic way to look dapper and add a layer onto your outfit. They can be worn under your suit or over a t shirt with some dark jeans, great for smart & smart/casual outfits. This Uniqlo jumper is actually fantastic, made from 100% fine merino wool, which may not sound that nice as the wool we think of is the itchy one people wear on TV. This wool is really fine, compact and really thin making it feel exactly like a cotton jumper except when you stretch the fabric it will bounce back into shape unlike cotton ones which just stay stretched out. The jumper feels soft inside and out so feel free to give your belly a rub after lunch.

The V-neck neckline allows you to wear this over a shirt with a tie on without the jumper covering your beautiful windsor knot you spent 5 minutes getting perfect in the morning.

Priced at £24.90, ranging in sizes from XS to XXL and in every colour under the rainbow, you really can not fault this wonderful jumper. I would definitely recommend grabbing a few while you’re at it.

Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Sweater

Over Your Shirt & Under Your Suit – Ben Sherman

When it comes to wearing dressing smart and looking dapper, without a doubt you are going to need a few different pieces of clothing. It’s just not enough to have one £150 suit from M&S and a couple of ties. As humans we love change, how nice is it to see your girl change her hair colour? We love seeing different things and different styles, even if you own 5 suits but wear them all the same way people will get bored of your outfits. Here’s where jumpers come into play; people want to see that you can dress well with different styles. Jumpers can look amazing over a shirt with no tie and some dark jeans or they can be worn under your suit with your sharp shoes and perfect tie.

We know Ben Sherman, we expect quality from them and the Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman is one of my favourites. Finding a quality cotton jumper that won’t stretch or wear out is difficult nowadays, especially because you can easily buy a jumper from H&M for a tenner.

This jumper is made from a lightweight cotton, which will keep you cool in the summer and adds an extra layer to your outfit during the winter. The whole jumper has a ribbed hem and ribbed cuffs along with elbow patches made visible from stitching which contrasts the general stitching of the jumper.

V-neck jumpers are really not my thing, it doesn’t really suit my character, however with this jumper comboed with a shirt it looks great and even suits me. Whether you want to go for the casual weekend look or add to your work outfit, the Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman is perfect for you.

Cotton V-Neck Jumper by Ben Sherman

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ben sherman v neck
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