Shaving – The Old School Way

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Ever heard of Sweeney Todd? If you have then you know what this post is all about. If you haven’t then not to worry, it doesn’t really matter. So let’s get to it.

shaving the old school way cover photo

Last night I was getting ready for today and figured I’d shave, which by shave I mean shave my moustache and shape up my hair line to get rid of the weird bit of hair that grows on my forehead (I know right eww.) So I normally do all of this with my normal disposable razor but recently I’ve been reading up on how amazing these cut throat razor are and everyone says it’s what a true gentleman would use. So being the aspiring gentleman that I am I felt like I had to actually go and grab myself one and actually see what all the hype is really about.

Usually when it comes to old fashioned things, I just naturally hate all things old. Why? I don’t know really, I love technology and new things, to prove my love for technology I actually even own a smartwatch which I pretty much wear and use everyday. I was a little reluctant to use the blade and not to mention a little scared of slicing up my face. I bought one online for peanuts and decided to give it a try.

It came in the post a few days ago and I figured I’d attempt to shape up my hair line and trim my moustache. So as per usual, I washed my face and then I added all the shaving foam and prepared myself for the worst. Needless to say five minutes later, I had a beautifully shaped up hairline, and a perfectly thin moustache. Then a minute later I was pretty much covered in blood, my skin had like seven different cuts so I ended the night covered in vaseline over every cut. Yes it hurt like hell!

Do I regret doing it? No way, the shave is amazing, it actually removes all the hair and I have so much more control over the blade. It may have hurt last night but now I can’t feel a thing, none of the cuts are visible so it’s definitely a winning situation.

I absolutely advise grabbing yourself one, hopefully you won’t cut yourself as much as I did.

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  1. Definitely true that manual razors provide a much closer shave than most electric shavers. And if you go all the way like you did with an old fashioned blade, you’ll get the most precise result possible.
    May I ask what the price point was for the equipment?

    1. Thanks James for your comment, After using the cut throat blade for the first time a couple weeks ago now I’ve instantly fallen in love with them. The one I’m using at the moment cost me like £3.50 from eBay.

      It was one quite similar to this one;

      By the way, I love your blog, I’ve added it to my favourites and will be having a read through it tomorrow for sure. I should learn a thing or two.

      1. Thanks for the prompt answer Hamed! I’ll definitely give it a spin myself. We wrote a piece on electric shaver vs. razors ( and the verdict is in favour of manual shaving when it comes to accuracy and the initial price point.

        And thanks for the kind words. I also just subscribed to your blog and will swing by frequently!

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